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Wrong site for gig; LETTERS.

SIR - We write in response to your article about a proposed beach party at Pembrey ("Fears of bright lights and decibels as 20,000 students are set to party on the flora and fauna of a country park", March 15).

Part of our previously submitted letter (which follows here) was attributed to just one of us, so we wish to put the record straight.

The event is scheduled for June, and the park will be subject to activity for up to 15 days with the "party" taking place over a five-day period. Disturbingly, the dates have been fixed and tickets are already on offer on the internet (a bargain at pounds 89!) Both of us spent time on this coast, long before the Country Park was established, to enjoy the swimming, the rich flora and fauna both on land and sea and the peace and quiet.

Sand dunes are crucially important parts of our natural solar-powered coastal defences and can be trashed by human feet.

Please note that the gig (if it gets permission) will take place in the fledging season when bright lights and decibels will disturb not only birds and bats, but also other residents and visitors.

There is the problem of bringing such a huge volume people and cars into this relatively difficult access site, with limited parking. The council should not remain calm at the thought of what would happen if emergency vehicles were to be needed in a hurry.

This proposal is an entirely inappropriate activity for such a site but we hope the Carmarthenshire council does not disappoint the students.

Could it not find a more sustainable site for a five-night biodiversity crunch stand? Dare we suggest that a coastal wind farm would a much better venue, promising good access, miles of hard standing and an already trashed environment. DR DAVID BELLAMY Durham DR JOHN ETHERINGTON Solva, Pembrokeshire
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 18, 2010
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