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Wrong place for clinic; FEEDBACK.

I AM opposed to Kirklees Council granting planning permission to Marie Stopes International who want to open an abortion or advice centre on Cloth Hall Street.

During this season we recall that King Herod slaughtered the infants of Bethlehem in his failed attempt to kill Jesus.

In Radiant Motherhood, written in 1920, Marie Stopes wrote that: "... society allows the diseased, the racially negligent, the thriftless, the careless, the feeble-minded, the lowest and very worst members of the community, to produce innumerable tens of thousands of stunted, warped and inferior infants."

This lack of respect for the mother and child is clearly found in the agenda and practices of the organisation that now bears her name.

Marie Stopes make its money, and pays its staff, primarily through abortions.

This vested interest means it cannot give advice that is objective or in the physical and psychological interests of pregnant mothers. Apart from the obvious interests and rights of the baby, there are various physical and psychological post abortion syndromes that can result from the procedure and these should be explained to the client.

Cloth Hall Street is clearly an inappropriate place for this kind of centre. It is likely to become a focus for those who are prepared to witness publicly to the sanctity of life and the right of mothers to dignified and ethical care, as well as those who are prepared to abuse them for their courageous stand.

G Roche Huddersfield

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Dec 19, 2014
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