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Wrong numbers.

Wrong Numbers

We heard Alltel Mobile was doing $100,000 worth of renovation work to its offices at One Financial Centre in west Little Rock.

This with a move to a new, seven-story office building in the offing?

As it turns out, Alltel Mobile is doing $1,500 worth of remodeling.

"We're a growing industry, and it got to the point where we needed to down-size our work stations to accommodate the growth until we move," says Randy Wilbourn, vice president at Alltel Mobile. "We're trying not to spend money before the move."

Most of the remodeling cost was for turning a conference room into an office, Wilbourn says.

Alltel Corp. recently announced a 5 percent increase in its net income for the second quarter, primarily due to 55 percent growth in subsidiary Systematics Information Services Inc.
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Title Annotation:Alltel Mobile Communications Inc.'s office renovation
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jul 29, 1991
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