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1. Stalin's Children (2008) by Owen Matthews

Literary somersaults aplenty and a descriptive prowess that includes a memorable description of the shipwreck of the boat that Boris Yeltsin once captained

2. Arabian Sands (1959) by Wilfred Thesiger

The prince of all explorers manages to give an erotic dimension to one of the world's most hostile environments

3. The Seven Pillars of Wisdom (1922) by TE Lawrence

Prose as cold fusion and proof that war is the only thing that really interests men

4. Le Mao (2009) by Claude Hudelot

Mao Zedong left behind some terrible memories, a few nostalgic admirers in Paris and a very fecund, cutting edge iconography

5. Storm of Steel (1920) by Ernst Junger

The war described as a rock opera that one would prefer not to attend

6. Solo Faces (1979) by James Salter

Who says Alpinist literature doesn't exist?

7. Shakespeare's sonnets (1609) by William Shakespeare

I can only say that I've fallen madly in love with my personal copy

8. Memoirs from beyond the Grave (1848) by Chateaubriand

I dare you to find a more romantic book. barring those by Victor Hugo

9. A Sand County Almanac (1949) by Aldo Leopold

It's Thoreau's Walden without all the moral blab blah blah...

10. The Possessed (1872) by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Firearms can only be bought with a permit, and yet this book is freely available in almost any bookstore

Sylvain Tesson is a French geographer and travel writer. His latest book, Consolations of the Forest, describes the six months he spent alone in a log cabin in Siberia

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Author:Tesson, Sylvain
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Dec 1, 2013
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