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Writer's Block Busters.

Writer's Block Busters

Velina Hasu Houston

Smith & Kraus, Inc.

PO Box 127, Lyme NH 03768

9781575255972, $17.95,, 1-888-282-2881

Sooner or later, every author will encounter the dreaded condition called 'writer's block'. This is when no ideas occur to the writer who may well sit and stair at a blank page in the typewriter or a blinking curser on the computer screen for hours, days, weeks, and longer. For just such inevitable occasions, and drawing upon her many years of experience and expertise writing more than 30 plays (including fourteen of which were commissioned assignments complete with deadlines), Velina Hasu Houston has compiled a series of 'user friendly' and real-world productive activities and actions in "Writer's Block Busters: 101 Exercises To Clear The Deadwood And Make Room For Flights Of Fancy". Each exercise occupied a single page and is succinctly presented in one paragraph. Occasionally enhanced with quotable quotes, each exercise is designed to prompt the blocked writer to start composing on the spot. Here's an illustrative example: Homecoming: Character A has suffered torture, enslavement, insults, and disrespect in order to return to the side of a loved one. He or she returns home only to find that his or her loved one is gone. Place that sense of rupture and loss in your protagonist. Write. "Writer's Block Busters" should be on the ready reference shelf of every aspiring or seasoned author--because no matter how gifted or inspired you may be in the pursuit of your craft, sooner or later that dreaded condition known as 'writer's block' will strike. That's when you will reach for your copy of "Writer's Block Busters" and be glad you have it handy!
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Title Annotation:Writer's Block Busters: 101 Exercises To Clear The Deadwood And Make Room For Flights Of Fancy
Publication:Internet Bookwatch
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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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