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Wrecker crows in wiper-out.


TWO crows are on a council hit list after causing hundreds of pounds damage to parked cars.

The birds, named Russell and Sheryl, have spent weeks ripping off scores of wiper blades at a council Park and Ride.

Drivers have been advised to wrap wipers in towels. The RSPB has said car owners should smear aluminium ammonium sulphate on them as crows don't like the taste.

But the pair are still attacking cars left at Askham Bar, York, and, after more than 100 complaints, York council has called in pest controllers.

John Foster, of Green Hammerton, near York, has spent pounds 96 replacing six sets of blades. He said: "I noticed bits of rubber on the ground while walking to my car one night and I thought ... this just isn't me is it? I was staggered to find out the crows were responsible."

The RSPB said the birds see their reflections in windscreens and attack the wiper blades believing they are rival crows.


VANDAL: A crow
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 3, 2004
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