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Would you want to adopt a dung beetle?

THERE are charities dedicated to saving whales, gorillas, pandas and all things magnificent or cuddly.

It helps if it has either the awe or aw factor. Donkey sanctuaries are popular and who can resist a lost puppy in need of care.

For a fee, you can adopt one and receive cards, photographs and reports.

"It's not fair," I said, in a discussion at the bar.

"There's not the same sympathy for the cockroach. No-one is up in arms trying to save the dung beetle."

"And what about slugs?" said Charlie.

"You do realise a slug is a homeless snail," pointed out Alan, and therefore in need of help.

"The difference between a slug and a snail is the shell on its back. And it can't be fun living life in the slow lane."

He was on a roll. "Did I tell you about the snail with no shell? "His friend said, 'you don't seem to have much energy today'.

"'No', he said. "'I'm a bit sluggish.'" Yes, we groaned as well. "I've got it," said Charlie.

Confirming what we had always suspected: he had something - we just didn't know what.

"A slogan for save the gastropods."

Which has a ring to it.

"Shell Out For A Snail." Which actually isn't bad. Now if we could only do the same, in the spirit of fair play, for the dung beetle. Except that, when I looked on the internet I found there already is a campaign to save it.

According to research it's the environment's best friend.

Writing on one website, Michelle C Hollow says: "A life surrounded by, and living in, crap has its benefits if you're a dung beetle.

"That life is also a boon to livestock, us, and our planet. The dung beetle is a master at waste management."

Personally, I have nothing against dung beetles. But I wouldn't want to adopt one.

The difference between a slug and a snail is the shell on its back. And it can't be fun living life in the slow lane.

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:May 29, 2017
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