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Would You Buy A Chinese Car?

With their domestic economy in a downturn, Chinese automakers are aiming for global markets, especially Africa. Chinese car companies must overcome a notoriety for poor manufacturing, complete with slang, including "fong kong" in South Africa and "zhing zhong" in Zimbabwe, that describes Chinese products as unreliable. By building manufacturing plants abroad in countries like South Africa, Chinese manufacturers hope to avoid costs associated with exportation and find favor with the large potential base of Africans seeking inexpensive forms of transportation. Customers remain wary about reliability and availability of spare parts, and may expect long-term warranties before giving Chinese brands a spin. - YaleGlobal

Facing a slow market at home, Chinese auto manufacturers target Africa

Erin Conway-Smith

Salon, 4 June 2012


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Author:Conway-Smith, Erin
Publication:YaleGlobal Online
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:9CHIN
Date:Jun 4, 2012
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