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Worth repeating.

"It's (reinsurance) a little bit like the roach motel. It's very easy to get in. It's very difficult to get out."

Patrick Thiele

President and CEO


"Without wishing to offend any regulators here today--I do enough of that without trying--markets are not driven by regulation. It is business and consumers who drive markets and who create economic success."

Sandy Crombie

Group Chief Executive

Standard Life, U.K.

"Consumerism is a train that has already left the station."

Anthony Stevens, Head of Global Insurance, Mercer Oliver Wyman, in reference to the challenges facing the life insurance industry

"There have been abuses of chiropracty in the past, and unfortunately we see this new law as payback time"

Wayne Whalen, chairman of the workers' compensation committee for the California Chiropractic Association, referring to a new California law that limits visits to chiropractors
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Title Annotation:Upfront: news, updates and other emerging strategies from around the world
Publication:Risk & Insurance
Date:Dec 1, 2004
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