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Worth all the effort.

It's not for nothing that there's a "cliff" in Cowcliffe. When I finally slumped into a pew in Cowcliffe Methodist Church, having walked up from town, the effort left me wheezing.

Almost immediately Joan Milnes, an octogenarian local preacher who had recently suffered a serious fall, was ushered into the hall on crutches and yet still sprightly sprung up the steps of the pulpit.

The congregation was in admiration and I felt at my age, to say the least, mildly ashamed.

Joan may be made of sterner stuff than later generations but the service she led this morning was anything but stern and austere. It was easy-going, enlightening and relaxed.

The first hymn "Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven" was belted out with enthusiastic gusto and even a hint of harmony and there was also a touch of variety too in the scripture readings they'd chosen.

After the readings Joan Milnes confronted us with a simple challenge.

"How often do we make superficial judgements? God however looks into our hearts and inspite of everything always gives us his love. Let us not judge or condemn but bring love and understanding to all we meet."

During the service the organist's wife, Margaret Burnitt said a prayer for this chapel, "May our chapel be a starting place for life's pilgrimage and a treasure store for life's adventures".

My advice is that if anyone's looking for a spiritual starting place for life's adventure and the love and support of friendly chapel folk climb that cliff and make Cowcliffe Methodist Church a destination and a starting point. You won't be disappointed.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jun 18, 2005
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