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Worldtalk E-Mail Security Applications Lead in S/MIME Interoperability; WorldSecure Earns S/MIME Certification from RSA Data Security; WorldSecure Client Takes Editors Choice Award in PC Magazine.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--August 26, 1997-- Demonstrating its continued commitment to promote S/MIME interoperability, Worldtalk Corporation (NASDAQ:WTLK) today announced WorldSecure, e-mail security applications, has earned the S/MIME-Enabled Seal from RSA Data Security, Inc., certifying product interoperability. As the reference implementation used by RSA to test vendor S/MIME compliance, WorldSecure Client is leading S/MIME interoperability and was recently awarded Editor's Choice by PC Magazine for best S/MIME implementation. Customers using WorldSecure Server and WorldSecure Client can safely send and receive secure e- mail messages with trading partners, customers, clients and remote offices over any private or public network, including the Internet, regardless of the S/MIME-Enabled e-mail security application that is used on the other end.

PC Magazine tested six S/MIME e-mail security products, and Worldtalk was awarded Editor's Choice over vendors such as ConnectSoft, Frontier Technologies, Netscape and OpenSoft. According to PC Magazine, "Worldtalk's well-designed WorldSecure Client offers the best S/MIME implementation and all the features needed for secure e-mail. It is easy to use and has a well-thought-out feature set."

"This is a great endorsement of our technology and an acknowledgment of our efforts to promote S/MIME interoperability," said Bernard Harguindeguy, president and CEO of Worldtalk Corporation. "Our WorldSecure products allow organizations to safely use e-mail over the Internet to conduct business transactions, regardless of the e-mail applications they use."

Worldtalk is a co-author of the IETF S/MIME specification -- the secure e-mail standard from a consortium of companies led by RSA -- and has based its WorldSecure family of secure e-mail solutions on the proposed standard. As the reference implementation used by RSA, WorldSecure Client is the product by which all other vendors' S/MIME applications are tested for adherence and interoperability, earning Worldtalk the highest honors in S/MIME compliance.

"With the broad adoption of S/MIME by leading application vendors, RSA has developed the S/MIME-Enabled Certification Program to strengthen and standardize testing of S/MIME applications in order to deliver secure, interoperable e-mail to organizations worldwide," said Jim Bidzos, president of RSA Data Security, Inc. "RSA chose WorldSecure Client as the designated reference implementation because it was one of the first commercial S/MIME applications on the market. Worldtalk is a co-author of the IETF S/MIME specification, in conjunction with other leading application vendors, and we have worked closely to ensure compliance and interoperability."

"Worldtalk is promoting secure worldwide messaging by delivering interoperable products that are easy to deploy and use. We are taking the necessary steps to ensure that users and enterprises can easily exchange encrypted e-mail messages, to help protect them from potential snooping, tampering and forgery," continued Harguindeguy.

About WorldSecure

WorldSecure is a family of security applications that enable organizations to define and enforce security policies for deployed e-mail systems. WorldSecure Server, an e-mail firewall, is a comprehensive solution that integrates a number of security features, including server-based encryption and digital signatures, for existing e-mail networks. This includes the ability for IS organizations to secure e-mail within organizations and between business partners and remote offices for electronic commerce, screen e-mail for virus-free environments, control nuisance e-mail, restrict e-mail rights of employees, workgroups and departments, and deliver a complete audit trail for business transactions. WorldSecure Client helps to ensure that e-mail messages are not tampered with and are read only by designated recipients. The two products can work independently, or in conjunction with one another, to provide a comprehensive e-mail security solution.

Worldtalk Corporation

Worldtalk Corporation is a leading provider of directory-based messaging and security software solutions that support organizations in transforming intranets into secure, robust, and cost-effective platforms for business-critical applications and electronic commerce. Worldtalk's solutions are designed to enable organizations to build, expand, and secure full service intranets, while leveraging their existing infrastructure. Worldtalk is headquartered at 5155 Old Ironsides Drive, Santa Clara, CA and can be reached at (408) 567-1500. Additional product and company information can be obtained at .


Note to Editors:

Worldtalk is a registered trademark and WorldSecure, WorldSecure Server, and WorldSecure Client are trademarks of Worldtalk Corporation. All other product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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Date:Aug 26, 1997
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