Printer Friendly Unveils Most Sophisticated Knowledge Search Technology Ever Designed in KnowAll; Organic Intelligence Leapfrogs Ahead of All Comparable Searching Technologies.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 4, 1999--

As the colossal size of the Internet grows with millions of new Web pages added daily, the concerns of how to search and categorize content have been answered today with the release of KnowAll(TM), a highly sophisticated, Organic Intelligence(TM) searching technology by

"Unlike conventional searching technologies, we created KnowAll using a revolutionary natural language reasoning system that goes far beyond simple word matching, but builds a knowledge base of ideas and concepts that actually answers users questions," said Kevin Kirchman, president and chief executive officer of "We have built for consumers a personal research assistant that redefines how we manage knowledge."

KnowAll version 1.0, an intelligent client-based software application, acts as a tireless personal research assistant scouring the Internet using a proprietary and patent-pending technology to precisely match simple ideas and deliver answers to even the most complex conceptual questions.

In using KnowAll, a user types in a question which the natural language reasoning system acts on by searching multiple Web sites at the same time utilizing literally hundreds of available search engines. KnowAll also extends beyond the obvious to tap the most current information available from the far reaches of the Web using its Organic Intelligence (OI).

KnowAll reads up to 150 relevant sites per minute and within moments begins supplying answers to the query. The information is then integrated into a knowledge base that can be saved and recalled later. This same stored information can also be queried for any kind of related information without conducting another full-scale search.

"The power of KnowAll lies within its ability to understand and learn from any user's personalized needs and provide specific answers to questions and not just compile lists of keyword-matched Web sites," Kirchman said. "The ability to succeed in a complex Web environment lies not in exhaustive searches that result in compilations of useless Web matches, but in analyzing and delivering specific and correct answers to questions."

KnowAll uses a proprietary 90,000-word dictionary with definitions allowing the program to reason. This crucial innovation also incorporates a knowledge base of conceptual ideas, giving KnowAll greater searching power.

A user can modify and build personal profiles the system can use in tailoring its performance in finding the precise answer with an added personalized twist. For example, current search technologies simply keyword match or reorganize user queries and leave the user responsible for additional reviews of matched Web sites to find their answers. KnowAll actually answers the questions posed to it.

All of this is achieved using Kirchman's Epistemological Theory, a new theory of knowledge stemming from 10 years of knowledge research conducted by Kevin Kirchman.

In delving into the origins and nature of knowledge and how we learn, Kirchman's theory explains why Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not worked and why the Organic Intelligence underlying KnowAll will.

"The successful application of knowledge depends on a good theoretical foundation. Today's technological revolution is possible because it is rooted in the successful theories of physics," Kirchman said. "The theories behind artificial intelligence, on the other hand, have been under research and development for the last 40 years without achieving computer behavior that could be considered `intelligent.' A flawed theory of knowledge is the core problem."

KnowAll uses natural language reasoning, the first application of organic intelligence, to literally "read" Web sites. The key to the success of organic intelligence lies in the ability to understand the strict correspondence between words and the experiences those words represent.

Organic Intelligence strips away ambiguity that clouds and confuses language communication and allows a computer to "think" in a manner similar to human reasoning without requiring the experiential learning of words to put them in proper context to their overall meaning. Organic Intelligence is the foundation on which KnowAll is built and separates it from all other search engines and Internet and database research tools.

"Because of the explosion of understanding in neuroscience and computing, we have a whole new perspective in answering challenges to knowledge management," Kirchman said. "'s products use a newly discovered order in the nature of conceptual understanding, an order that can serve as the basis for a science of epistemology. We use this science to move computing from processing data, to processing ideas. Organic Intelligence is about processing ideas as the brain does."

KnowAll's applications range from conventional uses for consumers looking for specific information on the Web to more sophisticated search and knowledge management needs on corporate intranets and extranets.

KnowAll is being demonstrated at Fall Internet World `99 in Booth No. 1045 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center through 4:00 p.m. Friday, Oct. 8. Media interested in demonstrations of KnowAll or interviews with Kevin Kirchman can stop by the booth throughout the show. Companies interested in commercial applications of KnowAll are invited to come by our booth to meet with a corporate sales representative. Inc., is a privately-held company focused on developing sophisticated knowledge management and searching tools. The company is located at 9025 Wilshire Blvd., Suite No. 407, Beverly Hills, CA, 90211. For more information, see our Web site at
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Date:Oct 5, 1999
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