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World wide hike.

On Walk to School Day last fall, more than 3 million kids learned that a trip to school can be fun on foot.

On Oct. 8, this year's National Walk to School Day, you can too!

Walking exercises the legs, body, and arms, keeps you fit and slim, and helps you avoid the new threat of type II diabetes.

For details about starting a Walk to School project at your school, get an adult to help and check the Partnership for a Walkable America's website at Or, the Centers for Disease Control maintains a Kids-Walk-to-School website at dswalk/index.htm.



It usually hits adults, damaging their vision, circulation, and kidneys.

But now doctors say type 2 diabetes is striking lots of children, and making them just as sick as adults. Too many kids are way overweight, or obese, and develop what used to be called adult onset diabetes--we call it "diabesity"

Help us convince kids to get up and at 'em with exercise, sports, healthy activities, and good nutrition by inventing a really scary diabesity beast that tries to get kids to watch too much television, eat junk food, and avoid exercise like walking to school.

Draw a great diabesity beast--and some kids getting away from it by running or walking to school or doing some other exercise--and we might use it in the magazine.

Send your drawing along with a school photo to Diabesity Beast, Jack and Jill, Box 567, Indianapolis, Indiana 46206.

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Title Annotation:how to prevent obesity and diabetes; walking as exercise
Publication:Jack & Jill
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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