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World of anagrams.

Zoran Radisavljevic

Published by Beosing, Belgrade, Serbia 2010

A Word Ways book review by Karen Farrell, Indianapolis, Indiana

Zorn Radisavljevic, a journalist from Novi Sad in Serbia, has created puzzles for more than 25 years and made his first anagram in 1983 at the age of twelve. After becoming champion of the TV quiz show Brojke i slova, a Yugoslav version of a French quiz show, he published a lot of anagram works in magazines and won several national championships.

In 2001 he began exploring anagrams in English and has won 22 'grammies' in Anagrammy Awards competitions. Here is a typical entry.

A set of thirty-six chemical elements, anagrammed into a different set of thirty-six elements.

hydrogen + xenon + barium + tantalum + boron + praseodymium + iridium + hassium + plutonium + thallium + germanium + scandium + thulium + einsteinium + erbium + cadmium + beryllium + tin + actinium + seaborgium + carbon + fluorine + indium + osmium + nitrogen + potassium + lead + protactinium + silicon + lutetium + rhenium + mercury + argon + neodymium + platinum + thorium lanthanum + oxygen + terbium + radon + samarium + dysprosium + iodine + bohrium + aluminium + chromium + palladium + tungsten + lithium + caesium + dubnium + meitnerium + niobium + ytterbium + gallium + arsenic + iron + sodium + nobelium + francium + astatine + strontium + copper + gadolinium + yttrium + selenium + curium + chlorine + promethium + gold + uranium + antimony

Mike Keith

After earning a M.Sc. degree in 1978 from Stanford University, Mike Keith spent most of his career in the computer .software industry, first at the David Sarnoff Research Center in Princeton and then for about a decade at Intel Corporation. in this capacity he was involved in the invention and implementation, in 1987, of the world's first practical digital video system. As a computer scientist by trade but a lover of literature at heart, it was only natural that Mike become interested in the concept of "constrained writing", as practiced most famously by the Oulipo. Though Mike has experimented with many different constraints over the last thirty years, he especially enjoys the [pi] mnemonic, the palindrome, and, of course, the anagram. In 2001 Mike combined his interest in anagrams and software by creating Anagram Artist, an advanced Windows tool for assisting in the composition of anagrams.


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Date:May 1, 2011
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