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World encyclopedia of political systems and parties, 4th ed.; 3v.


World encyclopedia of political systems and parties, 4th ed.; 3v.

Ed. by Neil Schlager and Jayne Weisblatt.

Facts On File, Inc.


1584 pages




Written by political scientists and other scholars, this three-volume encyclopedia covers some 180 countries and dependent territories, describing their political systems and parties. Each article is presented in a standard format that provides a basic description of the institutions of government and the relevant historical background. The relative powers of the executive, legislative, judicial powers of government are then discussed. Issues of suffrage, registration, balloting processes, geographic electoral organization, and apportionment of office are then considered. Major parties, including those in one-party states, are then described in term of its history, organization, policy, membership and support, financing, leadership, and prospects for retaining or gaining power. Minor parties typically receive extremely brief description. The length of the articles was determined by whether the country was deemed important, rather than by the complexity of the political system. There is little in the way of ancillary material, with the exception of an index.

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