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Articles from World and I (September 1, 2002)

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A Festival for the Soul. BROOKS, IRIS 2747
A Long Montana Winter - Thomas McGuane returns with a tale of the Old and New West. PILKINGTON, TOM 2348
A New Century of Refugees - Exiles in Their Own Land. Newland, Kathleen 509
A New Century of Refugees. Newland, Kathleen 2235
A New Century of Refugees. Newland, Kathleen Brief Article 128
A Plan for Peace in Kashmir. Letter to the Editor 1182
Adventure Afloat - The classic tradition of castaway tales and survivor stories will never be the same. RUBENSTEIN, ROBERTA Book Review 2258
Amazonian Arts. HOLSTON, MARK 1874
Curiosity after september 11 - Making the Foreign Familiar. Trachtenberg, Stephen Joel 2904
Debunking an Urban Legend. Koomey, Jonathan G. 3177
Democracy in Palestine? 643
Driven to Chaos. UTLEY, JON 329
East Meets West Once Again - An original and striking picaresque novel takes an untried approach to the clash between the British Empire and India. ROSS, ROBERT Book Review 1980
Ecuador's Crowns of Straw - Panama Hats Were Never Made in Panama. Englebert, Victor 2387
Editor's note. Editorial 322
Fear and Loathing in the New Nation - A law professor examines the decades-long conflict between the states-rights views of Thomas Jefferson and the Federalist beliefs of John Marshall. SARRACINO, CARMINE Book Review 3138
Fighting for Peace - Change as well as continuity best describes the conflict between Israel and its Arab enemies. SHAPIRO, EDWARD S. Book Review 3221
Fire Technology Saves Lives - Southwest Research Institute. Wenzel, Alex B. Brief Article 139
Five Important Points. TELHAMI, SHIBLEY 329
FROM THIS MONTH'S MENU - Making the Foreign Familiar: From Samoa to Nepal. 708
Germany's Fairy-Tale Road - To see the places that inspired the grimm brothers' fairy tales, take the deutsche merchenstrasse near frankfurt and travel some four hundred miles north to bremen. gordan, lucy 2371
How to Reach Israeli-Palestinian Peace. QUANDT, WILLIAM B. Brief Article 271
Icon of 'Cool' - An American historian documents the life of jazz musician Lester Young. CONRADS, DAVID Book Review 2529
Icon of 'Cool' - Lester Young on CD: A Sampler. CONRADS, DAVID Brief Article 241
Is a Middle East Peace Possible? 612
It Is Immoral and Ineffective. Hawkins, Steven W. 1569
It Is Immoral and Ineffective. Hawkins, Steven W. Brief Article 112
Learning styles - What Are They? How Can They Help? Lamarche-Bisson, Diane 2870
Learning Styles. O'Hara, Patricia 1864
My Way of Talking - Life Lessons in Mexican-American Proverbs. Cantu, Tony 2554
Negotiation and Bargaining. PIPES, DANIEL Brief Article 165
Negotiations in the Middle East. HERSCHENSOHN, BRUCE Brief Article 258
Nor Shall They Grieve - Death and Afterlife in the Qur'an: Part One. Wasilewska, Ewa 2184
Nor Shall They Grieve - Submission to Allah. Wasilewska, Ewa 815
Nor Shall They Grieve - The Qur'an. Wasilewska, Ewa 475
Peace Through Freedom and Democracy. WURMSER, MEYRAV Brief Article 323
Perceptions and Prospects. ALEXANDER, YONAH Brief Article 161
PLO a Terrorist Organization. MYLROIE, LAURIE 230
Poland's Fiery Dance Master - Jacek Luminksi. WINDREICH, LELAND 2272
President Bush's peace plan. 3083
Rebuild Trust and Confidence. WALKER, EDWARD S. Brief Article 266
Robert Carlson - 'The Power of Being'. 374
Samoa's Rain Forest Savior - Looking for a cure for breast cancer, Paul Cox harnessed the wisdom of women in the forest he loved and discovered a promising anti-hiv compound instead. Haapoja, Margaret A. Biography 2555
Serving America as Soldier, Senator, Educator. Selle, Robert R. 1788
Sorting Out Bill Clinton - This reflective attempt to assess the Clinton presidency offers provocative messages about Clinton--and America. ATTARIAN, JOHN Book Review 2252
Still Necessary. Sharp, Dudley 1862
Stop Teaching Hate. LANTOS, TOM 412
Talking Peace, Waging War - The present hostilities stem from the second Palestinian intifada that erupted in September 2000, sparked by Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount. JOYNER, CHRISTOPHER C. 2645
Talking Peace, Waging War. JOYNER, CHRISTOPHER C. Brief Article 157
The Ascent of Latin Cinema. EBY, LLOYD 3051
The best chess player ever - How Paul Morphy Was Cheated Out of the World Chess Championship. Hemphill, Thomas 3090
The Demoralizer - A profile of Gustave Flaubert. SIMON, LINDA 2374
The middle east - The Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong. Blank, Stephen 4450
THE MIDDLE EAST DISASTER. Kaplan, Morton A. Editorial 963
The Possibility of Partition. LUKACS, YEHUDA 495
The Rocks That Roared - Freed from Japanese rule after World War II, the islands of Saipan and Tinian welcome tourists with a unique charm and firsthand accounts of U.S. history. Byrd, Laura 2583
The Ugly World of Ticks - Avoiding Ticks. Smith, Dwight G. Brief Article 187
The Ugly World of Ticks - Removing Ticks. Smith, Dwight G. Brief Article 326
The Ugly World of Ticks. Smith, Dwight G. 2441
When Will Peace Come? COHEN, ARIEL 387
Without the Forest, There Is No Life - Encountering the Raute of Western Nepal. Fortier, Jana 4231

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