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Articles from World and I (December 1, 2001)

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A Great and Monstrous City : A zestful exploration, both humane and humorous, of life in Samuel Johnson's London. THORPE, MICHAEL Book Review 2631
A Thoroughly Modern Metal : A Power-Hungry Metal. Voynick, Steve Brief Article 248
A Thoroughly Modern Metal. Voynick, Steve Statistical Data Included 3116
Agricultural Genomics : The Genome Front Series. Eckhardt, Robert B. 170
Agricultural Genomics : The StarLink Problem. Eckhardt, Robert B. Brief Article 196
Agricultural Genomics. Eckhardt, Robert B. 2881
Amazing Architects of the Avian World. Smith, Dwight G. 1455
Amazing Architects of the Avian World: Raising the Brood. Smith, Dwight G. Brief Article 173
Arctic national wildlife reserve and the economy. Reynolds, Douglas B. 2059
At Journalism's Pinnacle. Selle, Robert R. 1647
Behind the Mountains : Folklife. Hicks, David Brief Article 118
Behind the Mountains : Life in Portugal's Remote Tras-os-Montes. Hicks, David 2255
Behind the Mountains : The Tras-os-Montes. Hicks, David 104
Beyond 'Good' and Evil : Nick Hornby moves past thirtysomething adolescent characters and offers a serious, political, yet comic novel about marriage, kids, and the evils of being good. DEIGNAN, TOM Book Review 3298
Bruce Ricker : Epic Visionary. Brief Article 344
Can Putin Pull It Off? : President Putin's more pressing problems include a decline in population, the continuing war in Chechnya, and a stagnant military-industrial complex. STAAR, RICHARD F. 2516
Can Putin Pull It Off? : Selected Soviet Combat Operations, 1946--1982. STAAR, RICHARD F. 133
Cooler Than Ice. WINDREICH, LELAND 2456
Disney Betrayed. GOODE, STEPHEN 2314
Dunes, Diamonds, and Dolphins : Formerly known as south west africa, namibia is famous for its moving dunes and giant diamonds, but it also has captivating wildlife. mcquillan, deirdre 2289
Edible Art : German springerle cookies are a christmas tradition for both the table and tree. hudgins, sharon Recipe 2463
Fells Point Carolers : Polish Christmas in East Baltimore. Connery, William S. 1466
Fells Point Carolers : The Katyn Memorial. Connery, William S. Brief Article 581
Great House : Fortress of Oppression, Symbol of Progress. Olsen, Eric P. 1648
In a Den of Lions : Iran's Ancient Jewish Community. Barber, Ben 1910
Iraq and America's Terrorist Threat : Cheers From Beirut on September 11. MYLROIE, LAURIE Brief Article 819
Iraq and America's Terrorist Threat : Rocked by Iraq? MYLROIE, LAURIE Brief Article 123
Iraq and America's Terrorist Threat. MYLROIE, LAURIE 2045
Is American Policy in the Middle East Evenhanded? Kaplan, Morton A. 1754
Is the Military Prepared? TAYLOR, WILLIAM J. Brief Article 209
Is the Military Prepared? : Lead-in. TAYLOR, WILLIAM J. 1717
Jackson and the 'Savages' of America : Was Jackson an unwitting benefactor of the Indians? SHAPIRO, EDWARD S. Book Review 2440
Narcoterrorism as a threat to international security. Blank, Stephen 4743
Nobody's Buckaroo : In his re-creation of the life and times of Doc Holliday, Bruce Olds calls into question basic assumptions about historical fiction, the form a novel should take, and the relationship between author and audience. SECREAST, DONALD Book Review 2222
On the Path of Persian History : The Islamic Republic of Iran may impose its will on a reluctant population, but this does not deny its glorious past as one of the greatest empires history has known. harnik, eva 2736
One Step Forward ... : After many ups and downs over the past decade, Russia appears to be evolving into an authoritarian democracy. CLARK, JOHN 1629
Pakistan's Jihad Hatcheries : The Mother of All Madrasahs. Barber, Ben Brief Article 432
Pakistan's Jihad Hatcheries. Barber, Ben 2108
Population Pressures and Public Policy. 1274
Pushing the Envelope in the Drug War. Slade, David C. Brief Article 979
Russia Since the End of Communism. Brief Article 471
Teen Wars : The young adult fiction of Robert Cormier. CHEANEY, J.B. 3173
The media and human rights. Abrams, Elliott 3329
The Transformation of Russia and American Policy. Brief Article 659
The Underside of Paradise : A social critic investigates--and experiences- -the lives of the "invisible" working poor. HOWER, EDWARD Book Review 2846
The war begins. 4420
The war begins. Brief Article 1014
Twenty-Seven Kinds of Loneliness : The short fiction of Richard Yates--one of the most acclaimed writers of America's postwar generation--has at last been collected in a single volume. SIMON, LINDA Book Review 2038
Walk Ten Miles Before a Game : Soccer and Social Change in Rural Zambia. Tembo, Mwizenge S. 1974
Walk Ten Miles Before a Game : Where Used Jerseys are 'Gold'. Tembo, Mwizenge S. Brief Article 663
What Should America Do? : Russia. BJORKMAN, TOM Brief Article 194
What Should America Do? : Russian Foreign Policy and U.S. National Interests. BJORKMAN, TOM Brief Article 650
What Should America Do? : The United States retains a substantial influence in Russia and can have a signficant impact on economic and political reform there. BJORKMAN, TOM 2522
Why dickens wrote a christmas carol : Fancy and Fact. Timko, Michael 3784

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