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Articles from World and I (February 1, 2000)

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Title Author Type Words
A Celebration of Life. Trent, Douglas 2088
A Healing Melody : Kent Haruf's unadorned yet elegant novel makes extraordinary music out of the ordinary rhythms of daily life in a small Colorado town. POSTLETHWAITE, DIANA Book Review 3010
A Historical Note on the Graf Spee. 265
A School Prayer: Lord Help Us Win the Game! Slade, David C. Brief Article 935
A Tennessee Original : Nashville's Tuck-Hinton Architects. HENKIN, STEPHEN 2381
America's Longest 'War'. VOTH, ERIC A. 2043
Budding Budapest. GRENIER, CYNTHIA 2301
Can Forbes or McCain Stop Bush? Sammon, Bill 2023
Can Forbes or McCain Stop Bush? : Differences Only in Details. Sammon, Bill Brief Article 418
City of Torment. LOWE, JOHN Book Review 3557
Computer Game Violence. 235
Coping With Terror : Education and Trauma Recovery in Israel. Meyers, Nechemia 1607
Coping With Terror : Palestinians Confront Trauma. Meyers, Nechemia Brief Article 250
Coping With Terror : The Jewish Angle. Meyers, Nechemia Brief Article 225
Coping With Terror : Three Stages of Resolution. Meyers, Nechemia Brief Article 169
Encourage Growth. Simmons, Daniel R. 1487
Enjoying the Suffering of Others. EBY, LLOYD Book Review 2594
Fate and the Imperial Dream. ELSOM, JOHN 2876
Fighting the Real War on Drugs. RITTER, BILL 1273
FROM THIS MONTH'S MENU. Brief Article 545
How Sweet It Is! Trankina, Michele L. 2888
Introduction. Brief Article 163
Is It a War on Drugs? Brief Article 544
Jennifer Markes : Tropic Celebration. Brief Article 614
May the Best Face Win : An unconventional look at the presidential candidates' features reveals much. Rosetree, Rose 2919
May the Best Face Win : Compassionate Conservative. Rosetree, Rose Brief Article 286
Messengers of Culture : The Glory of African Beadwork. Blauer, Ettagale 2606
Mountain Rebels : Nanny of the Maroons. Olsen, Eric P. Brief Article 358
Mountain Rebels : The Flight from Slavery of Jamaica's Maroons. Olsen, Eric P. 2671
Mountain Rebels: Marronage in Spanish America. Olsen, Eric P. Brief Article 363
Musical Manchester : Manchester Ensembles on CD. GREER, HERB Bibliography 329
Musical Manchester. GREER, HERB 2353
Nella Larsen : Voice of the Harlem Renaissance. LARSON, CHARLES R. 1888
Our Deep Blue Cornucopia. Abel, Robert B.; Farr, Sam Brief Article 293
Pagodas and Paradox : Guarded Mystery of Myanmar. Osmond, Stephen J. 2626
Plan Sensibly. Lovaas, Deron 1538
Putting Children First. GELLES, RICHARD J. Book Review 2334
Rockwell Revisited. MAY, STEPHEN 2653
Science Rediscovers Consciousness. BAARS, BERNARD J. Book Review 2803
Setback for World Trade. Feduschak, Natalia A. Brief Article 878
Sweets for the Sweet. Hopley, Claire 3069
The battle in seattle. 2738
The Case for Drug Legalization : We need to make drugs a controlled substance just like alcohol. Johnson, Gary E. 1652
The Isle of No Return. Graham, Chuck 2115
The Land of the Great Heartbeat. Swarts, Frederick A. 3394
The unspeakable pleasure : A Study of Human Cruelty. Sax, Leonard 4678
The unspeakable pleasure. Sax, Leonard 234
THE WAR ON DRUGS. Brief Article 888
Things Change : Alabama and the Struggle for Civil Rights. Sanderson Jones, Iris 1596
Things Change: A Guide to the Movement. Sanderson Jones, Iris Brief Article 296
Tom Wolfe's Epictetus. Dougherty, Jude P. 3485
TV's New Look. GRENIER, CYNTHIA 2375
Veteran of the Cold War. Selle, Robert R. Biography 1771
Voices to the World : Saving Lives Over the Air. Barber, Ben Statistical Data Included 333
Voices to the World. Barber, Ben 2136
We Have No 'War on Drugs'. McCaffrey, Barry 1092
What's wrong with managed care and how to fix it. Makover, Michael E. 5969
Who Sets the Standard for Democracy? 301

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