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World Trip Singapore to Introduce a Brand-New Travel Experience with Blockchain-Powered Platform.

Singapore, Singapore, January 16, 2019 --( What's the best way to explore a city from a local point of view?

For Guy Tan Yong Chuan, the COO of World Trip Singapore, it's travelling with local people.

As an avid traveler and globetrotter who had visited 75 countries, Guy fully believes that the WTS ecosystem will revolutionize the current travel industry.

"The unlimited potential of the blockchain-powered platform will change the way travelers plan and experience every single trip they make," he said.

If you have ever tried to plan a trip, it is not doubt a challenging and arduous task. To book tickets, accommodation and find touristic attractions, you need to check dozens of websites, compare hundreds of offerings and collate everything by yourself. Furthermore, many services take commissions on each booking which means that you are forced to overpay.

This all, however, may not be the case should WTS becomes fully operational.

Like searching for hotels on booking platforms, travelers can find locals who will serve as tour guides of their travel destination. This Customer to Customer (C2C) model to the travel industry lets both travelers and locals use and share information, skills, services and reviews.

Win-win Situation For Travelers and Locals:

Travelers can enjoy a more customized, accurate and ultimately enjoyable travel experience as they can individualize their trip with locals who are knowledgeable about the destination.

At the same time, locals are incentivized to come onto the platform as they will be rewarded with specialized promotions and even compensation in the form of World Trip Xperience (WTX) tokens, WTS' very own digital currency, which can be bought using Bitcoin and Ethereum. WTX tokens are currently in presale. You can get them now with 40% bonus at

WTS solves a multitude of issues that exist within the travel industry today. By decentralizing data such as user reviews, services as well as other relevant information, the platform as well as business model can create a safe and secure environment for both travelers and locals where data is kept impartial and immune to interference.

"It is truly a system that is made for travelers, by travelers!" Guy Tan said.

Partnership With Airlocker:

WTS has partnered with Airlocker, the world's first storage sharing service. By setting up an online account, travelers can check for "stores" that are within the vicinity of their journey and reserve these stores in advance. When they arrive at their destination, they then deposit their bulky luggage, allowing them to travel light. Usage of these stores can be purchased through credit cards, WeChat Pay as well as WTX tokens.

The Road Ahead:

The plan, according to the whitepaper, is to develop WTS' services first in Asia, where the number of tourists are growing in recent years, and subsequently expand to Europe and America.

As mentioned, WTX tokens can be used to pay for WTS and Airlocker's services. WTS is currently negotiating with duty-free shops worldwide to accept WTX tokens as a form of payment. Furthermore, partnerships will be made with budget airlines, sports, fitness centers, etc, to allow payments or discounts with WTXT.

This all, however, is in the future. For now, WTS is in its early development phase. Still, it may soon become a real game changer for the entire travel industry.

Company Profile

World Trip Singapore is a social travel platform connecting travellers and tour guides to create unforgettable travel experiences. It is a brand-new model of travel powered by Blockchain & AI.

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World Trip Singapore

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Date:Jan 16, 2019
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