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Articles from World Literature Today (May 1, 2018)

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"The Big Thing" A Conversation with Masatsugu Ono. Bartholomew, Reid Interview 2377
5 Favorite Literary Instas. Bartholemew, Reid Recommended readings 524
5 Favorite Literary Instas. 144
A Dedication Poem. Metwalli, Mohamed Poem 678
A Perfect Wife. Gorodischer, Angelica Short story 1957
A Periodic Table of Books. Chimal, Alberto; Henson, George Critical essay 847
A.M. Bakalar: Children of Our Age. Book review 121
Alessandra Barbero: The Athenian Women. Beck, Melissa Book review 431
An International Speculative Fiction Rading List. Bibliography 576
Ancient History: Would it be easier to save his marriage or save the Aztec Empire? Fresan, Rodrigo Short story 411
Annus Mirabilis (Anus Horribilis): Outside the Special Instrument Factory, protesters rally against war, corruption, and the latest in protective head gear: the Ex-Box. Lukyanov, Aleksey Short story 2527
Banthology: Stories from Unwanted Nations. Riggs, Claire Book review 451
Bessora & Barroux: Alpha: Abidjan to Paris. Brief article 104
Carl Phillips: Wild Is the Wind. Book review 119
Carmen Boullosa: Heavens on Earth. Haas, Felix Book review 523
Chris Arthur: Reading Life. Brown, Greg Book review 443
Chuma Nwokolo: The Extinction of Menai. Book review 113
Crossing Borders: Stories and Essays about Translation. Zuckerman, Jeffrey I. Book review 567
Dag Solstad: Armand V. Tankard, Lanie Book review 520
David Bowles: Feathered Serpent, Dark Heart of Sky: Myths of Mexico. Guynes-Vishniac, Sean Book review 1003
Dietmar Dath: The Abolition of Species. Morrison, Michael A. Book review 608
Domenico Starnone: Trick. Book review 106
Donia Maher Ganzeer & Ahmad Nady, illus.: The Apartment in Bab El-Louk. Brief article 120
Dubravka Ugresic: Fox. Levy, Michele Book review 958
Dunya Mikhail: The Beekeeper: Rescuing the Stolen Women of Iraq. Clarke, Rosie Book review 481
Dust and Bones. Shiferraw, Mahtem Poem 198
EDITOR'S NOTE. Simon, Daniel Editorial 760
EDITOR'S PICK: SUMMER READS. Johnson, Michelle Recommended readings 365
EDITOR'S PICK: SUMMER READS. Simon, Daniel Recommended readings 399
EDITOR'S PICK: SUMMER READS. Vollmar, Rob Recommended readings 315
Emmanuelle de Villepin: The Devil's Reward. Book review 126
Eugene Vodolazkin: The Aviator. Johnson, Emily Book review 460
Fady Joudah: Footnotes in the Order of Disappearance. Schatzman, Grant Book review 574
Features. 114
Gabor Schein: The Book of Mordechai and Lazarus. Brief article 117
Galway Kinnell: Collected Poems. Dings, Fred Book review 729
Gershom Scholem: Greetings from Angelus: Poems. Constantine, Peter Book review 637
Gerty Dambury: The Restless. Book review 115
Ghada Samman: Farewell Damascus. Brief article 102
Gyorgy Konrad: Falevelek szelben (Asatas I). Gomori, George Book review 798
Hristo Karastoyanov: The Same Night Awaits Us All. Brief article 121
In Memoriam Claribel Alegria: Amor sin fin. Zamora, Daisy; Evans, George (American poet) In memoriam 1380
Inside the Bilingual Writer. Gleibermann, Erik Critical essay 3879
Ishaq Imruh Bakari: Without Passport or Apology. Brief article 116
Javier Marias: Berta Isla. Ferreira, Cesar Book review 505
Jo Nesbo: Macbeth. Book review 119
John Porcellino: From Lone Mountain. Doane, Alan David Book review 477
Join the conversation. Recommended readings 148
Kamel Daoud: Zabor: ou Les psaumes. Ousselin, Edward Book review 504
Kevin Hart: Barefoot. Myers, Benjamin Book review 509
Ko Hyeong-Ryeol: Grasshoppers' Eyes. Disney, Dan Book review 485
Kristin Svava Tomasdottir: Stormwarning. Kay, Magdalena Book review 464
Lidia Ostalowska: Watercolours: A Story from Auschwitz. Book review 126
Linda LeGarde Grover: Onigamiising: Seasons of an Ojibwe Year. Brief article 108
Liu Zhenyun: Someone to Talk To. Brief article 125
Love Makes Woman a Man and Man a Woman. Makaddem, Lamia Poem 476
Luljeta Lleshanaku: Negative Space. Book review 122
Maria Jose Silveira: Her Mother's Mother's Mother and Her Daughters. Brief article 136
Maria Laina: Rose Fear. Book review 124
Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno: There Are No Dead Here. Book review 101
Masatsugu Ono: Lion Cross Point. Bartholomew, Reid Book review 490
Mercedes Roffe: Ghost Opera. Brief article 121
Mia Couto: Woman of the Ashes. Bokemper, Daniel Book review 539
Mieko Kawakami: Ms Ice Sandwich. Lofgren, Erik R. 373
Migrant Shores: Irish, Moroccan and Galician Poetry. Book review 106
Moriel Rothman-Zecher: Sadness Is a White Bird. Book review 115
Nausheen Eusuf: Not Elegy, But Eros. Warren, Sarah Book review 510
Negar Djavadi: Disoriental. Missaghi, Poupeh Book review 550
Nomenclatures II. Shiferraw, Mahtem Poem 254
Nora Ikstena: Soviet Milk. Venner, Catherine Book review 461
Nothing Extraordinary. Sanchez, Juan Bello Poem 206
Paolo Maurensig: Theory of Shadows. Fifer, Elizabeth Book review 389
Paul Colize: Back Up. Brief article 102
Poetry Was Created to Solve Family Problems. Makaddem, Lamia Poem 496
Ramin Jahanbegloo: On Forgiveness and Revenge: Lessons from an Iranian Prison. Brief article 104
Roma Tearne: Brixton Beach. Book review 106
Sergio Chejfec: Baroni:A Journey. Kratli, Graziano Book review 537
Short Circuits: Aphorisms, Fragments, and Literary Anomalies. Book review 117
Sligo, Ireland: CITY PROFILE. Schatzman, Grant 597
Sophia Naz: Pointillism. Shanker N., Ravi Book review 478
Susanna Tamaro: The Tiger and the Acrobat. Book review 103
The Cattle Farmer. Shiferraw, Mahtem Poem 249
The Eucalyptus Tree. Shiferraw, Mahtem Poem 225
The Green Cafe. Sanchez, Juan Bello Poem 280
The House. Fleutiaux, Pierrette Short story 1423
The Languages I Speak. Shiferraw, Mahtem Poem 308
The Mandala (from Amor Sin Fin / Forever Love). Alegria, Claribel Poem 823
The Mysterious Bookshop. McElroy, Tyler 557
The Power of Normal: Exploring the Notion of Story Structure. Parkes, Nii Ayikwei Critical essay 1506
The Tenants: After refusing to sell his large house or rent out any of its many rooms, a man begins to notice he's not alone. Richter, Anne (Belgian writer) Short story 3574
The White Chalk of Days: The Contemporary Ukrainian Literature Series Anthology. Singer, Andrew Book review 616
Tom Sleigh: The Land Between Two Rivers: Writing in an Age of Refugees. Book review 102
Umberto Eco: Chronicles of a Liquid Society. Martino, Andrew Book review 588
Unhomed: TRANSLATOR'S NOTE. Gauvin, Edward 855
Unrequited Love: WHAT TO READ NOW. Feathers, Lori Recommended readings 793
War. Shiferraw, Mahtem Poem 327
We Learned to Pronounce Brooklyn in the Movies. Sanchez, Juan Bello Poem 224
Where Is a Bad Guy When v You Really Need One? Antagonists and Master Criminals. Davis, J. Madison Critical essay 1936
Yvan Alagbe: Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary Creatures. Burrows, Claire Book review 458

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