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Articles from World Literature Today (September 1, 2006)

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A dagger cuts in both directions: a controversy in Britain reveals changes in Global Publishing. Davis, J. Madison 1639
A look back on our 80th anniversary. 169
An identity crisis for the United States. Boren, David L. 1826
Asada Jiro. Sogen kara no shisha: Sakoro kitan. Samuel, Yoshiko Yokochi Book review 497
Aziz Chouaki. The Star of Algiers. Welch, Tim Book review 400
Banned films. 528
Censorship in the 21st century. Clark, David Draper 645
Defending freedom of speech on the world's stage: an interview with playwright Kevin O'Morrison. Johnson, Michelle Interview 2041
Dora Rosetti. I eromeni tis. Dokou, Christina Book review 408
Duong Thu Huong. No Man's Land. Allen, Esther Book review 2119
Edna Mazya. Love Burns. Cohen, Leslie Book review 372
Francis Ponge: The Table. 1337
Free speech in Zimbabwe: the story of the blue-stomached lizard. Chikwava, Brian 2293
Gustavo Perez Firmat. Scar Tissue. Corral, Will H. Book review 540
Hartmut Lange. Der Wanderer. Williams, Andrew Book review 499
Hazel Rowley. Tete-a-Tete: Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. Regier, Willis G. Book review 380
Ismail Kadare: modern Homer or Albanian dissident? Morgan, Peter 3042
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Brief article 235
Leanne O'Sullivan. Waiting for My Clothes. Kay, Magdalena Book review 521
Luis Fernando Verissimo. Borges and the Eternal Orangutans. Vieira, Nelson H. Book review 496
Ma Jian. Stick Out Your Tongue. Wu, Fatima Book review 506
Nikita Nankov. Eto taka. Taikova, Marta Book review 554
Patrizia Carrano. Donna di spade. d'Angelo, Giovanni Book review 484
Post or past Borges? The writer as literary object. Brescia, Pablo 2838
Power Daemons. Thiong'o, Ngugi Wa Fictional work 3807
Pramoedya Ananta Toer. All that is Gone. Stalling, Jonathan Book review 436
Recently banned books. 324
Rein Raud. Hector ja Bernard. Kronberg, Janika Book review 488
Removing the grime from Scandinavian classics: translation as art restoration. Nunnally, Tiina 2967
Review of Everyman. Cheuse, Alan Book review 469
Review of High Lonesome: New and Selected Stories, 1966-2006. Cheuse, Alan Book review 628
Review of Skinner's Drift. Cheuse, Alan Book review 477
Riek Landman. De striid fan Marte. Baron, Henry J. Book review 569
Runar H. Vignisson. Feigoarflan: Skaldsaga. Wolf, Kirsten Book review 387
Sava Jankovic. Proticevi. Mataric, Mira N. Book review 584
Suzanne Marrs. Eudora Welty: A Biography. LaHood, Marvin J. Book review 694
Tanure Ojaide. God's Medicine-Men and Other Stories. Furusa, Munashe Book review 533
Tarun J. Tejpal. The Alchemy of Desire. Agarwal, Ramlal Book review 734
The Blinding Order. Kadare, Ismail Excerpt 1660
The Golden Dome. Varsavsky, Paula Short story 1571
The perils of world literature. Atkinson, William 2673
The politics of character. Dawes, Kwame Letter to the editor 660
Tzeng Ching-wen. Magnolia: Stories of Taiwanese Women. Chiang, Pao Chai; Rollins, J.B. Book review 506
Ursula Krechel. Stimmen aus dem harten Kern. Williams, Andrew Book review 453
Yuri Andrukhovych. Perverzion. Chernetsky, Vitaly Book review 594
Zakaria Lahlou. The Opposite Program. Munro, Ian Book review 396
Zimbabwe's battle for press freedom. Meldrum, Andrew 2132

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