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Articles from World Literature Today (May 1, 2005)

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"Red Gladiola". Beaumont, Jeanne Marie Poem 251
A look back: four polish nobelists. 956
A tribute to Adam Zagajewski. Carpenter, Bogdana Obituary 1255
A tribute to Elfriede Jelinek: Jelinek taps at language to hear its hidden ideologies, much as a doctor might tap on a patients's chest. In her works, the dead return not to comfort but to bear witness. Engdahl, Horace Obituary 847
Adrian C. Louis. Evil Corn. Berner, Robert L. Book Review 509
Afraid so. Beaumont, Jeanne Marie Poem 276
Alice Munro. 334
Alonso Cueto. Grandes miradas. Foster, David William Book Review 561
Altiplano. Cluny, Claude Michel Poem 162
Amy Tan. The Opposite of Fate: A Book of Musings. Knapp, Mona Book Review 517
An interview with Maurice Kenny. Sweeney, Chad Interview 2720
Antonio Skarmeta. Neruda por Skarmeta. Hill, W. Nick Book Review 477
Astrid Lindgren. 281
August 14, 2004. Alexander, Meena Poem 454
Azouz Begag. Le marteau pique-coeur. Koos, Leonard R. Book Review 485
Basim Furat. Here and There: A Selection. Boullata, Issa J. Book Review 475
Bertrand du Chambon. Flavie ou l'echappee belle. Green, Maria Book Review 346
Between the quotidian and the transcendent. Hawkins, Gary 3016
Botho Strauss. Der Untenstehende auf Zehenspitzen. Wolf, Gregory H. Book Review 466
Carlos Fuentes. Inquieta compania. Long, Ryan Book Review 481
Celebrating Witold Gombrowicz. Segel, Harold B. 797
Children's literature matters. Gonzalez, Rigoberto Letter to the Editor 293
Circumference. Beaumont, Jeanne Marie Poem 271
Colorado. Cluny, Claude Michel Poem 300
Dan Sleigh. Islands. Stynen, Ludo Book Review 575
Dino Siotis. Den Gnorizo, Den Apanto. Savvas, Minas Book Review 335
Durk van der Ploeg. Sykjend nei it leste hus. Baron, Henry J. Book Review 493
Dutch pioneers of crime writing. Davis, J. Madison 1145
Echoes to the Amen: Essays After R. S. Thomas. Lloyd, David Book Review 677
Editor's note. Clark, David Draper 1044
Editor's welcome. Beach, Sara Ann 168
Evgenii Rein. Nadzemnyi perekhod. Kryzanowski, Jerzy R. Book Review 410
Experimental music in 2005. Burt, Warren 2478
Fleda Brown. The Women Who Loved Elvis All Their Lives. Dings, Fred Book Review 337
Forests. Cluny, Claude Michel Poem 260
Forum: poetry and torture. Ball, David; McClennen, Sophia A.; Dorfman, Ariel; Taylor, Gordon O. Letter to the Editor 1435
Freddy Fjellheim. Kristus kommer og Maria. Sjavik, Jan Book Review 418
Fresh Cuttings. Scheckter, John Book Review 403
From the sideline: an excerpt from the 2004 Nobel lecture. Jelinek, Elfriede 862
Gabriel Liiceanu. Usa interzisa. Dorian, Marguerite Book Review 606
Gao Xingjian. Snow in August. Williams, Philip F. Book Review 759
Gina Berriault. The Tea Ceremony. Garrett, Daniel Book Review 505
Grigorii Mark. Glagolandiya. Dukas, Vytas Book Review 396
Grozdana Olujic. Snezni cvet i druge bajke. Mihailovich, Vasa D. Book Review 484
Gyroir Eliasson. Tvifundnaland. Gunnars, Kristjana Book Review 695
Henryk Grynberg. Monolog polsko-zydowski. Maciuszko, Jerzy J. Book Review 477
Homeland. Morejon, Nancy Poem 274
Huu Thinh. The Time Tree. Bich, Nyugen Ngoc Book Review 547
In the World of Fancy. Amakhanova, Amina Poem 169
Instant. Morejon, Nancy Poem 284
Introducing Kazakhstan and its People. 1194
Jacques Reda. L'affaire du Ramses III. De Julio, Maryann Book Review 327
Janina Degutyte. Poezija/Poems. Ciplijauskaite, Birute Book Review 592
Joseph Hahn. Die Doppelgebarde der Welt: Gedichte, Prosa, Zeichnungen. Rosenfeld, Sidney Book Review 405
Kees Visscher. Martha. Baron, Henry J. Book Review 382
Kristjan Kartsson, Kvaecoi 03. Gunnars, Kristjana Book Review 603
Literary Amazonia: Modern Writing by Amazonian Authors. Tiner, Jubal Book Review 476
Long Street. Zagajewski, Adam Poem 192
Looking inside. Morejon, Nancy Poem 214
Lorenzo Silva. Carta blanca. Gerling, David Ross Book Review 491
Lyric and public: the case of Adam Zagajewski. Cavanagh, Clare 3227
Maria Aurora Couto. Goa: A Daughter's Story. Nazareth, Peter Book Review 757
Mario Vargas Llosa. La tentacion de lo imposible: Victor Hugo y Los Miserables. Corral, Will H. Book Review 549
Markus Werner. Am Hang. Schwarz, Robert Book Review 469
Michel Deguy. Poesie et valeur / Poetry and Value. Bishop, Michael Book Review 362
Mykola Luhovyk. Hrafiti ta fresky moho khramu. Zurowsky, Jaroslaw Book Review 377
Naguib Mahfouz. Biography 590
New York variations. Dao, Bei 1711
Nico Orengo. L'intagliatore di noccioli di pesca. Klopp, Charles Book Review 515
Per Olov Enquist. Boken om Blanche och Marie. Paterson, Anna Book Review 499
Perpetuum Mobile: the literary travels of Claude Michel Cluny. Carls, Alice-Catherine 3194
Place and imagination in the poetry of Adam Zagajewski. Kay, Magdalena 2488
Poetry for beginners: the 2004 Neustadt lecture. Transcript 948
Prelude. Morejon, Nancy 338
Radmila Lazic. A Wake for the Living. Obradovic, Biljana D. Book Review 530
Robert Gernhardt. Die K-Gedichte. Grawe, Christian Book Review 546
Roger Lewis. Anthony Burgess: A Biography. Hutchings, William Book Review 592
Ruben Palma. Fra lufthavn til lufthavn og andre invandrefortaellinger. Patterson, Anna Book Review 575
Runaway. 333
Sandor Marai. Casanova in Bolzano. Gyorgyey, Clara Book Review 745
Seventy-five years ago in the pages of Books Abroad, forerunner of World Literature Today. 278
Siege. Morejon, Nancy Poem 259
Simona Vinci. Brother and Sister. Gathercole, Patricia N. Book Review 291
Stuart Dybek. I Sailed with Magellan. Carls, Alice-Catherine Book Review 618
ten top books of African Literature (1984-2004). Ojaide, Tanure Bibliography 174
The day the world collapsed. Seisenbayev, Rollan 2211
The Genius of Language: Fifteen Writers Reflect on Their Mother Tongues. Pratt, William Book Review 500
The situation of the novel. Sultan, Sabbar S. 1199
The view from WLT--poetry matters--. Davis-Undiano, Robert Con 1613
The water haulage man. Wynne-Jones, Tim Short Story 2071
Time interred: walks through Berlin's cemeteries. Ziolkowski, Theodore 2378
Transformation. Zagajewski, Adam Poem 329
Translation and its dyscontents. Rabassa, Gregory 4017
Tulum. Cluny, Claude Michel Poem 194
Uxmal. Cluny, Claude Michel Poem 196
Walk Through This City. Zagajewski, Adam Poem 218
Wendy B. Faris. Ordinary Enchantments: Magical Realism and the Remystification of Narrative. Menton, Seymour Book Review 635
WLT Kids: focus on the Middle East. Najjar, Taghreed A. 334
Yoet Hoffmann. The Shunra and the Schmetterling. Cohen, Leslie Book Review 466
Zsolt Lang. Berlinev. Gomori, George Book Review 520

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