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Articles from World Literature Today (January 1, 2005)

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A brief conversation with Claribel Alegria. Interview 322
A parting from Max Sebald. Enzensberger, Hans Magnus Poem 143
A Question of Punctuation. De Melo Neto, Joao Cabral Poem 208
Adam Zagajewski. Powrot. Kay, Magdalena Book Review 494
Aharon Appelfeld. Biography 678
Alberto Fuguet. The Movies of My Life. Garrett, Daniel Book Review 530
Aldona Vesciunaite. Blykstelejimai: Simtmeciui baigiantis ir kiti netiketumai. Silbajoris, Rimvydas Book Review 332
An interview with Nelida Pinon. Sneed, Paul M. Interview 3402
An interview with Niklas Radstrom. Wideburg, Laura A. Interview 2808
Anatolii Moisienko. Spaleni kameni. Zurowsky, Jaroslaw Book Review 332
Antonio Tabucchi. Tristano muore: Una vita. Klopp, Charles Book Review 518
Arnaldo Correa. Cold Havana Ground. Artalejo, Lucrecia Book Review 471
As a Sheet of Ice Covers Granite. Ryzhy, Boris Poem 631
Beckett. Sebald, W.G. Poem 203
Between Two Wars. Mikhail, Dunya Poem 450
Borges. Sebald, W.G. Poem 202
Brandstatter. Sebald, W.G. Poem 203
Brothers. Semel, Nava Poem 117
C. K. Stead. Mansfield. Gadd, Bernard Book Review 414
Charles Simic. The Voice at 3:00 A.M.: Selected Late and New Poems. Dings, Fred Book Review 300
Chenjerai Hove. Blind Moon. Gibbs, James Book Review 463
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Purple Hibiscus. Dawes, Kwame Book Review 805
Chinua Achebe. Laurence, Margaret Biography 636
Christopher Middleton. Of the Mortal Fire: Poems 1999-2002. Mann, John Book Review 710
David Albahari. Drugi jezik. Bozvic, Marijeta Book Review 821
David Dabydeen. Our Lady of Demerara. Mitchell, Michael Book Review 528
David Foenkinos. Le Potentiel erotique de ma femme. Motte, Warren Book Review 449
Desert in Bloom: Contemporary Indian Women's Fiction in English. Aldama, Frederick Luis Book Review 543
Editor's note. Clark, David Draper Editorial 1700
Editor's welcome. Beach, Sara Ann Editorial 167
Edward W. Said. Culture and Resistance: Conversations with Edward W. Said. Allen, Roger Book Review 625
Edwidge Danticat. The Dew Breaker. McCormick, Robert Book Review 706
Elfriede Jelinek. von Hoff, Dagmar Biography 502
Elvira Pulitano. Toward a Native American Critical Theory. Bernardin, Susan Book Review 500
Emmanuel Hiriart. L'Oiseau noir, le dieu mort et sa mere. Carls, Alice-Catherine Book Review 586
Engineering young souls. Ball, David Letter to the Editor 159
Erik Vlaminck. Angelique. Stynen, Ludo Book Review 401
Feroza Jussawalla. Chiffon Saris. Aldama, Frederick Luis Book Review 400
Fixing Yesterday. Semel, Nava Poem 165
From the Thirteenth Century to the Present in English Translation. Vol. 1 of In Quest of the Miracle Stag: the Poetry of Hungary. Davis, Robert Murray Book Review 1060
Gyorgy Vitez. VEGjatek: Valogatott es uj versek. Gomori, George Book Review 733
Haruki Murakami's storytelling world. Welch, Patricia 3424
I Was in a Hurry. Mikhail, Dunya Poem 429
In Russia, When People Part. Ryzhy, Boris Poem 147
Irina Murav'eva. Portret Altoviti. Novikov, Tatyana Book Review 519
Ivar Ivask. Tahtede tahendust tunda. Mikiver, Ilmar Book Review 450
Iztok Osojnik, Mister Today. Davis, Robert Murray Book Review 364
Joao Cabral De Melo Neto. Biography 391
John Garth. Tolkien and the Great War: the Threshold of Middle-earth. Croft, Janet Brennan Book Review 541
John Kinsella. Peripheral Light: Selected and News Poems. Dings, Fred Book Review 501
Klaus Rifbjerg. Alea: En tilfaeldighedsroman. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 465
Laura Pariani. La straduzione. King, Martha Book Review 531
Leila Sebbar. Sept filles. Koos, Leonard Book Review 506
Literary Cultures in History: Reconstructions from South Asia. Perry, John Oliver Book Review 823
Luis Nieto Degregori. Cuzco despues del amor. Bird, Rosa Julia Book Review 480
Maria Mailat: from "the other Europe" to the new Europe. Carls, Alice-Catherine Biography 3326
Marjorie Perloff. The Vienna Paradox: a Memoir. Clayton, Douglas Book Review 528
Menedekhaz: Sarkozi Marta emlekkonyv. Gomori, George Book Review 573
Middle East focus: Jordan & Israel. 789
Monika Maron. Geburtsort Berlin. Zimmermann, Ulf Book Review 484
Music alone: on the poetry of Boris Ryzhy. Purin, Aleksei Obituary 3174
Nelida Pinon's desert voices. Norris, Nelida Galovic 999
Nelida, the dreamweaver. Teixeira, Vera Regina Biography 3657
Nizar Kabbani. Republic of Love: Selected Poems in English and Arabic. Bazei, Saad A. Al- Book Review 546
Obe Postma. What the Poet Must Know: an Anthology. Baron, Henry J. Book Review 720
Olaf Olafsson. Walking into the Night. Dick, Bernard F. Book Review 495
On brevity in fiction. Hauptman, Robert Letter to the Editor 293
Onetti. Sebald, W.G. Poem 193
Orhan Pamuk. Belge, Murat Biography 752
Pierre Frei. Onkel Toms Hutte, Berlin. Zimmermann, Ulf Book Review 544
Proust. Sebald, W.G. Poem 193
Raman Mundair. Lovers, Liars, Conjurers and Thieves. Mitchell, Michael Book Review 372
Rembrandt. Sebald, W.G. Poem 199
Richard Powers. The Time of Our Singing. Hagen, W.M. Book Review 608
Rita Dove. Conversations with Rita Dove. Newson-Horst, Adele Book Review 696
Ruxandra Cesereanu. Lunacies. Davis, Robert Murray Book Review 365
Sabina Berman. The Theatre of Sabina Berman: the Agony of Ecstasy and Other Plays. Long, Ryan Book Review 478
Shoemaker. Mikhail, Dunya Poem 325
Sigurour Palsson. Ljootimavagn. Wolf, Kirsten Book Review 385
Silent Movie. Mikhail, Dunya Poem 336
Six poems *. 529
South African Poets on Poetry: Interviews from New Coin, 1992-2001. Kurtz, J. Roger Book Review 673
Stone Bells Toll. Radstrom, Niklas Poem 390
Strike the Wok: an Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Canadian Fiction. Zheng, Ming Fang Book Review 494
Ten English authors for young adults. Latrobe, Kathy Howard Book Review 2765
The Autograph. De Melo Neto, Joao Cabral Poem 198
The Guardian Angel. Semel, Nava Poem 197
The literature of childhood. Curry, Steven S. Letter to the Editor 639
The Poet's Table. Ursu, Liliana Poem 256
The road to Santiago. Pinon, Nelida 1550
The School of Knives. De Melo Neto, Joao Cabral Poem 248
The Sea and the Canefield. De Melo Neto, Joao Cabral Poem 234
The story of a life *. Appelfeld, Aharon Excerpt 3401
The Table. De Melo Neto, Joao Cabral Poem 208
The territory of my imagination. Pinon, Nelida 1673
The vast potential of human possibilities. Hankin, Kathy Neustadt Letter to the Editor 491
The Voice of the Canefield. De Melo Neto, Joao Cabral Poem 214
Toni Morrison. Love. Garrett, Daniel Book Review 515
Urs Bitterli. Golo Mann: Instanz und Aussenseiter. Grawe, Christian Book Review 940
Vasa D. Mihailovich. Tango. Mataric, Mira N. Book Review 450
Voices from Four Directions: Contemporary Translations of the Native Literatures of North America. Haag, Marcia Book Review 544
Voices from the desert *. Pinon, Nelida 3386
Who hid the Eid lamb? Najjar, Taghreed A. Short Story 1809
Wingless Victory. Ursu, Liliana Poem 370
World Literature Today goes back to the future. Davis-Undiano, Robert Con 1189
Yasmina Khadra. The Swallows of Kabul. Levy, Michele Book Review 520

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