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Articles from World Literature Today (April 1, 2003)

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A celebration of Hermann Hesse. Ziolkowski, Theodore Biography 1227
Abdelhak Serhane. Les Temps noirs. Volet, Jean-Marie Book Review 558
Adam Zagajewski. Without End: New and Selected Poems. Wilson, Reuel K. Book Review 690
Africa Talks Back: Interviews with Anglo-phone African Authors. Kurtz, J. Roger Book Review 718
Aivaras Mockus. Tusti namai. Ciplijauskaite, Birute Book Review 342
Aksel Sandemose. The Werewolf. Sjavik, Jan Book Review 532
Alai. Red Poppies. Wu, Fatima Book Review 461
Alain de Bottom. The Art of Travel. Plate, Liedeke Book Review 515
Alain Robbe-Grillet. C'est Gradiva qui vous appelle. Gywn, Betsy Book Review 504
Alain Veinstein. L'Intervieweur. Thiher, Allen Book Review 499
Albert Russo. Zapinette chez les belges. Breton, Jean-Luc Book Review 981
Alberto Bevilacqua. Viaggio al principio del giorno. Klopp, Charles Book Review 512
Alfrun Gunnlaugsdottir. Yfir Ebrofljotio. Wolf, Kirsten Book Review 510
An interview with Paulo Coelho: the coming of age of a Brazilian phenomenon. Ortolano, Glauco Interview 2461
Andre du Bouchet. Tumulte. Bishop, Michael Book Review 364
Andree Chedid. Petite terre vaste reve. Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 784
Antigone's Seed. Mailat, Maria Poem 102
Atiq Rahimi. Les mille maisons du reve et de la terreur. Nematollahy, Ali Book Review 354
Aude. Quelqu'un. Talbot, Emile J. Book Review 512
Bahaa Taher. Love in Exile. Salti, Ramzi M. Book Review 419
Billy Collins. Nine Horses. Pratt, William Book Review 620
Bjarne Reuter. Barolo Kvartetten. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 728
Bo Carpelan. Ogonblickets tusen arstider: Dikter, fragment, marginalia. Schoolfield, George C. Book Review 513
Cecilia Manguerra Brainard. Magdalena. Flanagan, Kathleen Book Review 513
Cedric Yamanaka. In Good Company. Knowlton, Edgar C., Jr. Book Review 472
Cesar Aira. Varamo. Corral, Will H. Book Review 1248
Charles Wright. A Short History of the Shadow. Oser, Lee Book Review 502
Chimalum Nwankwo. The Womb in the Heart & Other Poems. Ojaide, Tanure Book Review 791
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. The Vine of Desire. Aldama, Frederick Luis Book Review 558
Christopher Hope. Heaven Forbid. Sterling, Eric Book Review 875
Claes Andersson. Dessa underbara strander, forbi glidande. Rossel, Sven H. Book Review 616
Clara Sereni. Passami il sale. Jeannet, Angela M. Book Review 461
Daniel Boulanger. A quatre epingles: Retouches. Cranston, Mechtchild Book Review 599
David Unger. Life in the Damn Tropics. Nash, Susan Smith Book Review 501
Didier Daeninckx. Le Retour d'Atai. Gwyn, Betsy L. Book Review 493
Durs Grunbein. Erklarte Nacht. Terras, Rita Book Review 411
Eating the other's lunch. Morton, Carlos (Hispanic American playwright) Brief Article 312
Edna Aizenberg. Books and Bombs in Buenos Aires: Borges, Gerchunoff, and Argentine-Jewish Writing. Foster, David William Book Review 641
Eduardo Almeida Reis. Amor Sincero Custa Caro. Silverman, Malcolm Book Review 348
Eduardo Mendoza: a New Look. Schraibman, Joseph Book Review 614
Elisabeth Borchers. Eine Geschichte auf Erden. Terras, Rita Book Review 267
Elizabeth Bishop: Poet of the Periphery. Monteiro, George Book Review 754
Elsemarie Maletzke. Miss Burney tragt Grun. Madland, Helga Book Review 495
Eric Faye. Quelques nobles causes pour rebellions en panne. Mermier, Guy Book Review 403
Erich Wolfgang Skwara. Zerbrechlichkeit; oder, Die Toten der Place Baudoyer. Schwarz, Robert Book Review 535
Erik Fosnes Hansen. Tales of Protection. Sjavik, Jan Book Review 462
Eureka! The 2002 nobel lecture. Kertesz, Imre 4082
Eva Runefelt. I djuret. Schoolfield, George C. Book Review 386
Fernando Ampuero. Caramelo verde. Alfaro-Alexander, Ana Maria Book Review 428
Fifteen high points of twentieth-century Peruvian poetry. Vigil, Ricardo Gonzalez Bibliography 3934
Frank Moorhouse. Dark Palace. Bliss, Carolyn Book Review 718
Fredrik Lang. Vagen, vandringen och livet: Om platser, resor 1990-2000. Schoolfield, George C. Book Review 413
George Szirtes. An English Apocalypse. Davis, Robert Murray Book Review 214
Gheorghe Craciun. Composition aux paralelles inegales. Dorian, Marguerite Book Review 432
Gillian Slovo. Red Dust. Barnett, Ursula Book Review 468
Giuseppe Conte. Il terzo ufficiale. Crane, Rufus S. Book Review 1642
Gonzalo Celorio. Ensayo de contraconquista. Santa Cruz, Eduardo Book Review 582
Gore Vidal. Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: How We Got to Be So Hated. LaHood, Marvin J. Book Review 398
Gunter Grass. Im Krebsgang. Hunt, Irmgard Book Review 1207
Gyroir Eliasson. Naeturluktin. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 580
Hans Herbjornsrud. Vi vet sa mye. Ingwersen, Faith Book Review 556
Hans Pleschinski. Bildnis eines Unsichtbaren. Scrase, David Book Review 379
Haruki Murakami. After the Quake: Stories. Lofgren, Erik R. Book Review 545
Hazel Rowley. Richard Wright: The Life and Times. Garrett, Daniel Book Review 829
Helene Merlin. Avram. Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 523
Helga Nou. Tomba uttu! Hinrikus, Rutt Book Review 538
Helle Stangerup. Christine. Ehrlich, Nina Book Review 501
Henning Ahrens. Lauf Jager lauf. Adams, Jeffrey Book Review 938
Henri Lopes. Dossier classe. Ireland, Susan Book Review 529
Hermann Kant. Okarina. Ziolkowski, Theodore Book Review 526
Hermann Lenz. Die Schlangen haben samstags frei. Ziolkowski, Theodore Book Review 436
Hiromi Goto. The Kappa Child. Iwamoto, Yoshio Book Review 738
Hubert H. McAlexander. Peter Taylor: a Writer's Life. King, Daniel P. Book Review 529
Ib Michael. Kejserens atlas. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 723
Indian Literary Criticism: Theory and Interpretation. Perry, John Oliver Book Review 1505
Jacques Lovichi. Les derniers retranchements: Poemes 1965-1995. Cranston, Mechthild Book Review 456
Jacques Reda. Aller au diable. Motte, Warren Book Review 483
Japanese literature, or "J-Literature," in the 1990s. Fukushima, Yoshiko 3465
Je est un autre. Wootten, Leslie A. 583
Jean-Marie Soudey. Absurde. Motte, Warren Book Review 283
Jeannine Baude. Ile corps ocean. Bishop, Michael Book Review 332
Jerzy Pilch. His Current Woman. Schurer, Norbert Book Review 505
John Ashbery. The Vermont Notebook. Boening, John Book Review 605
Jorge Parrondo. Maldito seas, Roque Waterfall. Vendrell, Luis Larios Book Review 702
Joseph Zoderer. Der Schmerz der Gewohnung. Schwarz, Robert Book Review 559
Juri Talvet. Kas sul viinamarju ka on? Kronberg, Janika Book Review 452
Karl Ignaz Hennetmair. Ein Jahr mit Thomas Bernhard: Das notariell versiegelte Tagebuch 1972. Sharp, Francis Michael Book Review 544
Kirsti Simonsuuri. Traveling Light: Selected Poems of Kirsti Simonsuuri. Schoolfield, George C. Book Review 474
Kudos. Hanson, David C. 508
Leif Davidsen. De gode sostre. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 883
Leila Al-Atrash. A Woman of Five Seasons. Simawe, Saadi A. Book Review 766
Letras Femeninas: Numero especial sobre Luisa Valenzuela. Case, Thomas E. Book Review 493
Lingering on posted land: an interview with Leon Rooke. Gorjup, Branko Interview 6278
Lukas Hartmann. Die Tochter des Jaegers. Schwarz, Robert Book Review 520
Manohar Devadoss. A Poem to Courage. Narayan, Shyamala A. Book Review 1239
Margriet de Moor. Kreutzersonate. Lanters, Jose Book Review 519
Maria Luisa Spaziani. La traversata dell'oasi: Poesie d'amore, 1998-2001. King, Martha Book Review 452
Mario Bellatin. El jardin de la senora Murakami. Ferreira, Cesar Book Review 703
Mario Vargas Llosa. Bases para una interpretacion de Ruben Dario. Ferreira, Cesar Book Review 683
Marlene Streeruwitz. Partygirl. Hempel, Nele Book Review 394
Marta Morazzoni. Una lezione di stile. King, Martha Book Review 510
Martin Walser. Aus dem Wortschatz unserer Kampfe: Prosa, Aufsatze, Gedichte. Ziolkowski, Theodore Book Review 503
Martin Walser. Tod eines Kritikers. Terras, Rita Book Review 396
Maryse Conde: Une nomade inconvenante. Ireland, Susan Book Review 492
Mass. Vallejo, Cesar Poem 145
Matthew Carl Strecher. Dances with Sheep: the Quest for Identity in the Fiction of Murakami Haruki. Lofgren, Erik R. Book Review 524
Matthieu de Boisseson. Le grand chariot. Nematollahy, Ali Book Review 543
Maureen Howard. Big as life: Three Tales for Spring. Merlin, Lara Book Review 533
Mayra Montero. El capitan de los dormidos. Bird, Rosa Julia Book Review 588
Memories of My Passage. Mailat, Maria Poem 103
Michael Lentz, Muttersterben. Wolf, Gregory H. Book Review 587
Mihkel Mutt. Progressiivsed hiired. Hinrikus, Rutt Book Review 646
Mike Phillips. London Crossings: a Biography of Black Britain. Onkey, Lauren Book Review 550
Miri Yu. Gold Rush. Loughman, Celeste Book Review 894
Mohamed Mokeddem. Nuit afghane. Volet, Jean-Marie Book Review 537
Myroslav Shkandrij. Russia and Ukraine: Literature and the Discourse of Empire from Napoleonic to Postcolonial Times. Nazarenko, Tatiana Book Review 801
Niels Lillelund. Manden der ville vaere sund: Straebsomme fortaellinger. Ingwersen, Niels Book Review 459
Of poets and canons. Pettey, John Carson Letter to the Editor 621
Of pygmies on the shores of modernity: introduction to Latin American Writers, Supplement I. Sole, Carlos A.; Muller-Bergh, Klaus 6588
On the plane between Paris and Beirut. Accad, Evelyne 602
On translation and being translated. Ekman, Kerstin 5341
Oonya Kempadoo. Tide Running. Leusmann, Harald Book Review 501
Otto Orban. Ostromgyuruben. Gomori, George Book Review 715
Pal Zavada. Milota. Gyorgyey, Clara Book Review 707
Pascal Commere. La Grand'soif d'Andre Frenaud: Salutation. Bishop, Michael Book Review 437
Paul Breslin. Nobody's Nation: Reading Derek Walcott. Hannan, Jim Book Review 711
Pedro Salinas. Cartas a Katherine Whitmore, 1932-1947. Crispin, John Book Review 563
Peter Esterhazy. Javitott kiadas. Birnbaum, Marianna D. Book Review 690
Peter Handke.Der Bildverlust oder Durch die Sierra de Gredos. Skwara, Erich Wolfgang Book Review 1094
Peter J. Conradi. Iris Murdoch: a Life. Henry, Richard Book Review 671
Pia Tafdrup. Hvalerne i Paris. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 692
Poetry's ultimate revolution. Mares, E.A. 451
Reasons for Belonging: Fourteen Contemporary Indian Poets. Perry, John Oliver Book Review 1751
Reidar Palmgren. Jalat edella. Porter, Gerald Book Review 532
Remembering: a few words on the work and the life of Louis Owens. Bruchac, Joseph 1671
Richard Burns. The Manager: a Poem. Garrett, Daniel Book Review 546
Rimas Vezys. Seseliai veidrodyje. Silbajoris, Rimvydas Book Review 394
Robert Barclay. Melal: a Novel of the Pacific. Oettli, Simone Book Review 1070
Robert Porter. An Introduction to Twentieth-Century Czech Fiction: Comedies of Defiance. Bermel, Neil Book Review 522
Romesh Gunesekera. Heaven's Edge. Bien, Peter Book Review 605
Ron Padgett. You Never Know. Dings, Fred Book Review 488
Sandor Kanyadi. Dancing Embers. Rosenblum, Brian Book Review 647
Sasenarine Persaud. The Wintering Kundalini. Nazareth, Peter Book Review 712
Seamus Heaney. Finders Keepers: Selected Prose, 1971-2001. Pratt, William Book Review 621
Silviano Santiago. The Space In-Between: Essays on Latin American Culture. Case, Thomas E. Book Review 522
Skaay. Being in Being: the Collected Works of Skaay of the Qquuna Qiighawaay. Dauenhauer, Richard Book Review 1139
Soren Mosegaard. Uhyret fra Betlehem. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 658
Stefan Mani. Hotel Kalifornia. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 503
Tales of Tibet: Sky Burials, Prayer Wheels, and Wind Horses. Lussier, Mark Book Review 515
Tanella Boni. Les Baigneurs du lac Rose. Kamara, Mohamed Book Review 503
Teaching world "postliterature". Caruso, Katharine 549
Terry Eagleton. The Gatekeeper: a Memoir. Salih, Sabah A. Book Review 903
The International Children's Literature Movement. Tomlinson, Carl M. Bibliography 2150
The Maltese Janus: Frances Ebejer and his drama. Crow, Brian; Galea, Marco 4889
The Pushcart Prize XXVI. Bronson, Daniel R. Book Review 501
Tony Curtis. Heaven's Gate. Lloyd, David Book Review 205
Tuula-Liina Varis. Rakas. Dana, Kathleen Osgood Book Review 612
Tuuleaeval valgusest on aerud: Valik eesti moodsat luulet / Windship with Oars of Light: Estonian Modern Poetry. Talvet, Juri Book Review 1013
Ulf Eriksson. Rymdens vila. Stendahl, Brita Book Review 783
Ulrich Woelk. Die letzte Vorstellung. Wolf, Gregory H. Book Review 766
Uma Parameswaran. Sisters at the Well. Perry, John Oliver Book Review 1313
Vagner Boe Christensen. Dragekamp. Ehrlich, Nina Book Review 432
Vasa Mihailovic. Sesta Rukovet. Obradovic, Biljana D. Book Review 408
Vasa Mihailovic. Vrane na snegu. Mataric, Mira N. Book Review 424
Vibeke Gronfeldt. Om mig. Oster, Rose-Marie G. Book Review 739
Voices from Madagascar: an Anthology of Contemporary Francophone Literature/ Voix de Madagascar Anthoogie de litterature francophone contemporaine. Durocher, Dennis Book Review 500
W. S. Merwin. The Pupil. Boening, John Book Review 534
What is World Literature? Damrosch, David 4949
William H. Gass. Tests of Time. Gross, David S. Book Review 517
Witi Ihimaera. The Uncle's Story. Robson, Andrew E. Book Review 491
Yang Lian. Yi. Twitchell-Waas, Jeffrey Book Review 530
Yi In-hwa. Everlasting Empire. Knowlton, Edgar C., Jr. Book Review 421
Yuri Buida. The Zero Train. Mozur, Joseph Book Review 790
Yves Petry. Gods eigen muziek. Stynen, Ludo Book Review 565
Zakes Mda. The Heart of Redness. Stynen, Ludo Book Review 691

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