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Articles from World Literature Today (June 22, 2001)

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"Da svanger sig sommaren kring sin axel": Om konsten att bli gammal. (Swedish). Schoolfield, George C. Book Review 588
13 poetas testimoniales. (Anthologies). Boggs, Bruce Book Review 510
A Ballad for Metka Krasovec. (Slovene). Levy, Michele Book Review 481
A Caverna. (Featured Reviews). Book Review 1009
A croquer. (Fiction). Greenberg, Judith L. Book Review 353
A Feast in the Mirror: Stories by Contemporary Iranian Women. (Iran). Naghibi, Nima Book Review 534
A komma punkt ernst jandl: Ein Leben in Texten und Bildern. (Biography). Vanacek, Edwin Book Review 502
A new era fro WLT. Davis-Undiano, Robert Con 1814
About forty canons. Simonsuuri, Kirsti Brief Article 625
Abraham und Isaak: Roman nach der Bibel. (Hungarian). Birnbaum, Marianna D. Book Review 730
Absence and Presence: Spanish Women Poets of the Twenties and Thirties. (Foreign Criticism). Ciplijauskaite, Birute Book Review 804
Abyssinian Chronicles. (Uganda). Noor, Ronny Book Review 590
Accidents de la circulation. (Fiction). Thiher, Allen Book Review 619
Adja-Adja y otros relatos. (Equatorial Guinea). McNerney, Kathleen Book Review 455
Ahi, Paloma. (Fiction). King, Martha Book Review 495
Aiding and Abetting. (Fiction). Cookson, Sandra Book Review 605
Alex La Guma: Politics and Resistance. (South Africa). Berner, Robert L. Book Review 568
Always writing: a Chicano life. (The Writing Life). Hinojosa-Smith, Rolando 5359
AM 00: Soguleg skaldsaga. (Icelandic). Kratz, Henry Book Review 1029
Am Ufer des Flusses. (Fiction). Leusmann, Harald Book Review 443
An Introduction to Arabic Literature. (Arabic). Peters, Issa Book Review 777
Angelica's Grotto. (Noted). Reese, Christopher L. Book Review 456
Aura. (Finnish). Paddon, Seija Book Review 686
Babaylan: An Anthology of Filipina and Filipina American Writers. (Philippines). Flanagan, Kathleen Book Review 552
Bare Face. (Featured Reviews). Perry, John Oliver Book Review 1291
Blar prihyrningur. (Icelandic). Wolf, Kirsten Book Review 388
Bridge of Triangles. (Australia). Coad, David Book Review 492
Brytning. (Norwegian). Ingwersen, Faith Book Review 503
C'etait a Tigony. (Ivory Coast). Smith, Robert P., Jr. Book Review 613
Call If You Need Me: The Uncollected Fiction and Other Prose. (Fiction). Garrett, Daniel Book Review 848
Cami de petra. (Catalan). McNerney, Kathleen Book Review 456
Central American literature. (Letters). Arias, Arturo 907
Ces deux-la. (Fiction). Fahnestock, Lee Book Review 604
Charaf ou L'honneur. (Arabic). Accad, Evelyne Book Review 434
Charon's Ferry: Fifty Poems. (Hungarian). Totfalusi, Istvan Book Review 510
Children's literature: international perspective. (Children's Literature). Latrobe, Kathy 1675
Collected Poems, 1952-2000. (Verse). Leddy, Michael Book Review 636
Coming, Coming Home: Conversations II. (Barbados). McCormick, Robert H., Jr. Book Review 697
Comment ameliorer les oeuvres ratees? (Criticism). Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 517
Completed Field Notes: The Long Poems of Robert Kroetsch. (Verse). Henry, Richard Book Review 557
Confessions of a Fallen Standard-Bearer. (Translation). Merlin, Lara Book Review 549
Contre-Chants. (Verse). Cranston, Mechthild Book Review 370
Conversations with Leslie Marmon Silko. (American Indian). Aldama, Frederick Luis Book Review 955
Critical Essays on Ngugi wa Thiong'o. (Kenya). Ojaide, Tanure Book Review 625
D'humaines conciliations. (Fiction). Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 600
Dario Fo: Stage, Text, and Tradition. (Foreign Criticism). Maceri, Domenico Book Review 558
Das Wirklichgewollte. (Fiction). Sharp, Francis Michael Book Review 510
Dear Shameless Death. (Turkish). Hitchins, Keith Book Review 565
Der andere Deutsche. Heinrich Boll: Eine Biographie. (Biography). Ziolkowski, Theodore Book Review 652
Der weiBe Berg. (Mongolia). Hitchins, Keith Book Review 525
Derek Walcott: Politics and Poetics. (St. Lucia). Hannan, Jim Book Review 730
Die Bildungsreise. (Fiction). Love, Ursula Book Review 538
Die Geburt der Tragodie aus dem Krieg: Frankfurter Poetik-Vorlesungen. (Essays). Grimm, Reinhold Book Review 644
Die groBe Beleidigung: Vier Erzahlungen. (Fiction). Wickersham, Erlis Book Review 507
die nachrichten. (Fiction). Zimmermann, Ulf Book Review 535
Die Zunge. (Fiction). Knapp, Mona Book Review 538
Discovering Isaac Babel. (Essential Books). Scliar, Moacyr; Ortolano, Glauco Brief Article 1124
Distance aveugle precede de L'invisible parole. (Noted). Bishop, Michael Book Review 315
Donkermaan. (South Africa). Stynen, Ludo Book Review 696
Down to My Last Skin. (South Africa). Toerien, Barend J. Book Review 582
Drifting. (China). Twitchell-Waas, Jeffrey Book Review 573
Ecart. (Noted). Bishop, Michael Book Review 366
Ein Balkon aus Papier. (Verse). Scrase, David Book Review 416
El aprendiz. (Fiction). Oxford, Jeffrey Book Review 513
El mundo en una gota de rocio. (Verse). Ferreira, Cesar Book Review 791
El Nino de los coroneles. (Fiction). Vendrell, Luis Larios Book Review 666
Emerging literatures. (Letters). Perez-Torres, Rafael 447
Eroticism and exile: Anna Frajlich's poetry. Grol, Regina Critical Essay 4423
Essais pour un espace. (Noted). Cranston, Mechthild Book Review 360
Experiences in Translation. (Turkish). Schulte, Rainer Book Review 805
Fantasmi. (Fiction). Crane, Rufus S. Book Review 685
Father: Wake Us in Passing. (India). Paniker, Ayyappa Book Review 770
Fern: Drittes Buch. (Fiction). Vansant, Jacqueline Book Review 488
FluBwege. (Fiction). Skwara, Erich Wolfgang Book Review 746
Francois Mauriac. (Featured Reviews). Brown, John L Book Review 1499
Friends in Small Places: Ruskin Bond's Unforgettable People. (India). Aikant, Satish C. Book Review 954
From close by. Carson, Jeffrey; Sarris, Nikos Critical Essay 289
Gargarin kinoksessa. (Finnish). Darnell, Helena Book Review 597
Gedichten 1960-1997. (Dutch). Bakker, Martinus A. Book Review 421
Gisele Pineau: writing the dimensions of migration. Suarez, Lucia M. Critical Essay 8802
Gyveno karta senelis ir senele. (Lithuanian). Dukas, Vytas Book Review 431
Hampels Fluchten. (Fiction). Zimmermann, Ulf Book Review 552
Haustgrima. (Icelandic). Gunnars, Kristjana Book Review 722
Hier ist gegangen wer: Gedichte 1993-2000. (Verse). Terras, Rita Book Review 338
Hispanic language and culture. (Letters). Marquez, Ismael P. 315
Hljodleikar. (Icelandic). Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 455
Homenaje a Eugenio Florit: De lo eterno, lo mejor. (Criticism). Artalejo, Lucrecia Book Review 492
Hostage to Sublimities. (Poetry). Carson, Jeffrey; Sarris, Nikos Poem 137
How to Read and Why. (Turkish). Schenk, Leslie Book Review 1123
I fatti della fera. (Fiction). Maceri, Domenico Book Review 634
In a State of Memory. (Translations). Lindstrom, Naomi Book Review 559
In cao del me paese. (Verse). Rimanelli, Giose Book Review 827
In Place of the Virgin. (Poetry). Carson, Jeffrey; Sarris, Nikos Poem 142
In the Footsteps of Orpheus: The Life and Times of Miklos Radnoti. (Hungarian). Gomori, George Book Review 1038
International book awards. Brief Article 471
It Guozzeroer. (Frisian). Baron, Henry J. Book Review 643
J. M. G. Le Clezio: L'erotisme, les mots. (Criticism). Genova, Pamela A. Book Review 739
Jose Vasconcelos and the Writing of the Mexican Revolution. (Foreign Criticism). Larisch, Sharon Book Review 478
Karmic Traces: 1993-1999. (Essays). Dick, Bernard F. Book Review 418
Kazky. (Ukrainian). Zurowsky, Jaroslaw Book Review 448
Keine groBe Geschichte. (Fiction). Schwarz, Robert Book Review 538
Kleur kom nooit alleen nie. (South Africa). Toerien, Barend J. Book Review 620
L'ecrivain. (Algeria). Volet, Jean-Marie Review 534
L'emportement du muet. (Verse). Bishop, Michael Book Review 497
La [602.sup.e] nuit. (Iran). Hanaway, William L. Book Review 516
La espera infinita. (Fiction). Foster, David William Book Review 436
La febbre dei libri: Memorie di un libraio bibliofilo. (Fiction). Cocozzella, Peter Book Review 635
La fille d'Emma. (Fiction). Champagne, Roland A. Book Review 546
La gita a Tindari. (Fiction). Klopp, Charles Book Review 523
La haine de la famille. (Fiction). Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 647
La Juive. (Miscellaneous). Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 664
La novia de Matisse. (Fiction). Vendrell, Luis Larios Book Review 486
La Rue de la Boue jaune. (China). Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 654
Landkrabbinn. (Icelandic). Gunnars, Kristjana Book Review 1015
Le lit de la reine. (Miscellaneous). Green, Maria Book Review 527
Le passeur. (Ficton). Champagne, Roland A. Book Review 507
Le Petit col des loups. (Fiction). Besser, Gretchen Rous Book Review 514
Left-Handed Dreams. (Translations). Jeannet, Angela M. Book Review 501
Les contes du crepuscule. (Congo). Evenson, Brian Book Review 416
Life in the Cul-de-Sac. (Japan). Iwamoto, Yoshio Book Review 677
Life on Earth. (Verse). Oser, Lee Book Review 518
Ljosid i vatninu. (Icelandic). Wolf, Kirsten Book Review 465
Luca: Discourse on Life and Death. (Verse). Nash, Susan Smith Book Review 547
Magnetic Poles: Essays on Modern Polish and Comparative Literature. (Polish). Maciuszko, Jerzy J. Book Review 594
Mansikoita Marraskuussa. (Finnish). Paddon, Seija Book Review 793
Melalcor. (Catalan). Vendrell, Luis Larios Book Review 639
Mercy Among the Children. (Noted). Elgaard, Elin Book Review 505
Mes vetements ne sont pas des draps de lit. (Miscellaneous). Motte, Warren Book Review 533
Middagsdemonerna: Essaer. (Swedish). Schoolfield, George C. Book Review 542
Mon Maroc. (Morocco). Coad, David Book Review 497
Monikas Lovsang. (Danish). Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 551
More Stories from My Father's Court. (Yiddish). Knudsen, James Book Review 529
Myndin af heiminum. (Icelandic). Wolf, Kirsten Book Review 462
N'zid. (Algeria). Evans, Jane E. Book Review 681
Nakts pragmaticke. (Latvian). Silenieks, Juris Book Review 436
Nanna. (Danish). Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 506
Ngugi wa Thiong'o. (Kenya). Kamoche, Jidlaph Gitau Book Review 700
Notes: Marcel Cohen. (Travel). Jaron, Steven 6153
Oesters & gestoofde pot. (Dutch). Bakker, Martinus A. Book Review 533
Of Trinakria. (Poetry). Carson, Jeffrey; Sarris, Nikos Poem 629
Ogliadyvaias' vpered. (Russian). Terras, Victor Book Review 454
Ohitusleikkaus ja muita kertomuksia. (Finnish). Porter, Gerald Book Review 498
Omicidio in un paese di cacciatori. (Fiction). Matteo, Sante Book Review 541
On WLT's top 40. Vendler, Helen Hennessey Brief Article 125
Ost for Eden: En biografi om Johan Borgen. (Norwegian). Lyngstad, Sverre Book Review 578
Pale dal Noglar: doma doma ed altri ascolti. (Verse). Rimanelli, Giose Book Review 705
Panic and Deaf: Two Modern Satires. (China). Wong, Timothy C. Book Review 617
Paradigma. (Verse). Rimanelli, Giose Book Review 825
Passage to Romania: American Literature in Romania. (Romanian). Cornis-Pope, Marcel Book Review 789
Patmos et autres poemes. (Verse). De Julio, Maryann Book Review 348
Pines. (poetry). Carson, Jeffrey; Sarris, Nikos Poem 152
Po kraiu ozera. (Russian). Terras, Victor Book Review 384
Poemes comme ca. (Verse). Evenson, Brian Book Review 350
Poems 1968-1998. (Verse). Pratt, William Book Review 544
Poesia (1943-1997). (Verse). Hill, W. Nick Book Review 526
Popravka na talismani. (Bulgarian). Mitovia, Katia Book Review 761
Prijata korespondence. (Ukrainian). Bradbrook, B.R. Book Review 284
Radikalim Hofshiyyim. (Hebrew). Levine, Etan Book Review 684
Ramata. (Senegal). Volet, Jean-Marie Book Review 417
Raseljeno lice. (Serbian). Mihailovich, Vasa D. Book Review 592
Rastojanja. (Serbian). Obradovic, Biljana D. Book Review 506
Reflections on Exile. (Featured Reviews). Allen, Roger Book Review 630
Reflections on the top forty. Perloff, Marjorie 1374
Requiem fur Ernst Jandl. (Miscellaneous). Sharp, Francis Michael Book Review 451
Returning Lost Loves. (Hebrew). Ramras-Rauch, Gila Book Review 521
Rosa. (Fiction). Schwarz, Robert Book Review 522
Rosario Tijeras. (Fiction). Bird, Rosa Julia Book Review 495
Scorpions: Selected Poems. (Slovene). Levy, Michele Book Review 530
Se habla espanol: Voces latinas en USA. (Anthologies). Vendrell, Luis Larios Book Review 694
Seasons of Mangoes and Brainfire. (Verse). Earnshaw, Doris Book Review 473
Selected Poems. (Japan). Schenk, Leslie Book Review 928
Selected Poems. (Verse). Pratt, William Book Review 542
September 11th. (Letters). Stavans, Ilan 857
Shamara and Other Stories. (Russian). Karriker, Alexandra Heidi Book Review 836
Sharing a Trip: Selected Poems. (Translations). Capek-Habekovic, Romana Book Review 554
Silence on the Shores. (Algeria). Cordova, Sarah Davies Book Review 484
Sitnicarnica Kod srecne ruke. (Serbian). Obradovic, Nadezda Book Review 513
Skins: Contemporary Indigenous Writing. (Turkish). Dauenhauer, Richard Book Review 581
So Vast the Prison. (Featured Reviews). Mortimer, Mildred Book Review 493
Sogur af aldri og efa: Ljod og ljodsogur. (Icelandic). Hallmundsson, Hallberg Book Review 540
Soulcatcher and Other Stories. (Fiction). Newson-Horst, Adele S. Book Review 628
Spontaneous Mind: Selected Interviews 1958-1996. (Interviews). Leddy, Michael Book Review 592
Sputnik Sweetheart. (Japan). Samuel, Yoshiko Yokochi Book Review 520
Strah i njegov sluga. (Serbian). Mataric, Mira N. Book Review 652
Subterranean Sounds of Pompeii. (Poetry). Carson, Jeffrey; Sarris, Nikos Poem 162
Suomalaisia nykykirjailijoita. (Finnish). Schoolfield, George C. Book Review 461
Susan Sontag: The Making of an Icon. (Biography). Cookson, Sandra Book Review 535
Talgung. (Korea). Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 591
Talk Yuh Talk: Interviews With Anglophone Caribbean Poets. (General Area). Shaw, Andrea Book Review 525
Talking Dirty to the Gods. (Verse). Shaw, Andrea Book Review 502
Ten fables of the novel in French of the 1990s. (Currents). Motte, Warren 3243
Ten South African Poets. (South Africa). Dawes, Kwame Book Review 1250
Teufelsbruck. (Fiction). Powers, Elizabeth Book Review 546
The Abductor. (Algeria). Ireland, Susan Book Review 515
The Bay of Angles. (Fiction). Bien, Peter Book Review 550
The Collected Poems of Kathleen Raine. (Verse). Earnshaw, Doris Book Review 458
The Death of Vishnu. (India). Agarwal, Ramlal Book Review 686
The Dual Muse: The Writer as Artist, the Artist as Writer. (Turkish). Boening, John Book Review 707
The fallible canon: the struggle between omissions and additions. Schulte, Rainer 2525
The feminist artistry of Paradise of the Blind. Blodgett, Harriet Critical Essay 6565
The Fisher King. (Fiction). Newson-Horst, Adele S. Book Review 935
The Gift of a Daughter. (Fiction). Lloyd, David T Book Review 689
The Glass Palace. (India). Aldama, Frederick Luis Book Review 726
The Heart Is Katmandu. (Hebrew). Cohen, Leslie Book Review 530
The Hungry Sailor. (Verse). Nazareth, Peter Book Review 708
The Latter Part of the Century. (Poetry). Carson, Jeffrey; Sarris, Nikos Poem 263
The Nature of Native American Poetry. (American Indian). Berner, Robert L. Book Review 544
The Night Listener. (Fiction). Schenk, Leslie Book Review 1083
The Nobel Prize: A History of Genius, Controversy, and Prestige. (Turkish). Brown, John L. Book Review 975
The Peppered Moth. (Fiction). d'Heurle, Adma Book Review 1167
The Picador Book of African Stories. (General Area). Kurtz, J. Roger Book Review 676
The Pushcart Prize XXV: Best of the Small Presses. (Anthology). Griffin, Larry D. Book Review 482
The Rights of Desire. (Featured Reviews). Barnett, Ursula A. Book Review 643
The Same Sea. (Featured Reviews). Sterling, Eric Book Review 817
The Sin of Knowledge: Ancient Themes and Modern Variations. (Turkish). Rudnick, Hans H. Book Review 668
The Story of Vajont. (Translations). d'Angelo, Giovanni Book Review 587
The Strength of Poetry: Oxford Lectures. (Essays). Dick, Bernard F. Book Review 485
The survival of a culture: an interview with the Sorbian author Jurij Brezan. (WLT Interview). Wolf, Gregory H. Interview 7369
The Taste of Apples. (Noted). Kinkley, Jeffrey C. Book Review 252
The Tattered Cloak and Other Stories. (Russian). Johnson, Emily Book Review 491
The Tenth Circle. (Translations). Foster, David William Book Review 502
The Tether. (Verse). Mann, John Book Review 645
The Voice of Memory: Primo Levi, Interviews 1961-1987. (Interviews). Capozzi, Rocco Book Review 815
The Warp and the Weft and Other Stories. (India). Narayan, Shyamala A. Book Review 760
The Water of Resemblance. (Poetry). Carson, Jeffrey; Sarris, Nikos Poem 173
The Writer at Work: Essays. (New Zealand). Bliss, Carolyn Book Review 798
Thinks ... (Fiction). Schenk, Leslie Book Review 1168
This Craft of Verse. (Essays). Wall, Catherine E. Book Review 331
This Great Unknowing: Last Poems. (Verse). Kaiser, Mary Book Review 710
This Side of Innocence. (Arabic). Boullata, Issa J. Book Review 556
Til en fremmed. (Danish). Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 837
To. (Featured Reviews). Gomori, George Book Review 620
Top ten Brazilian novels of the last twenty years. (Currents). Ortolano, Glauco 1772
Tout ce que je sais de Marie. (Fiction). Talbot, Emile J. Book Review 472
Tra due guerre e altre storie. (Fiction). Klopp, Charles Book Review 505
Transfigurations: Collected Poems. (Verse). Rogers, David Book Review 517
Trittfeste schatten. (Verse). Terras, Rita Book Review 452
Uganda Poetry Anthology 2000. (Uganda). Nazareth, Peter Book Review 724
Umasking Hearts. (Fiction). Breton, Jean-Luc Book Review 868
Umbrais o pequeno livro dos prefacios. (Turkish). Muller-Bergh, Klaus Book Review 732
Una storia diversa. (Essay). Briffa, Charles Book Review 818
Unlock. (Featured Reviews). Twitchell-Waas, Jeffrey Book Review 536
Used Book. (India). Swain, Rabindra K. Book Review 659
Vetrarmyndin. (Icelandic). Hallmundsson, Hallberg Book Review 583
Veu de dona. (Catalan). McNerney, Kathleen Book Review 400
Via Gemito. (Fiction). Cocozzella, Peter Book Review 629
Vorhaenan og adrar sogur. (Icelandic). Hallmundsson, Hallberg Book Review 577
Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root: Caribbean Fabulist Fiction. (General Area). Beck, Ervin Book Review 536
Wie soll man da Gedichte schreiben: Briefe 1925-1977. (Correspondence). Exner, Richard Book Review 482
Wintry Night. (China). Kinkley, Jeffrey C. Book Review 523
With Something of Earth. (Poetry). Carson, Jeffrey; Sarris, Nikos Poem 315
With the Precondition That the Concepts Have Their Own Matter. (poetry). Carson, Jeffrey; Sarris, Nikos Poem 176
WLT's "top 40". Ziolkowski, Theodore Brief Article 635
WLT's top 40 list: a response. 2500
Women Without Men. (Singapore). Nazareth, Peter Book Review 786
World Literature Today's top 40 list, 1927-2001: celebrating 75 years of publishing excellence. 380
Xianggang xin wenxue nianbiao (1950-1969). (China). Wu, Fatima Book Review 457
Zalmoxis: Obscure Pagan. (Romanian). Dorian, Marguerite Book Review 650
Zavera bliznakinja. (Serbian). Obradovic, Nadezda Book Review 549
Zolotaia oslitsa. (Russian). Nazarenko, Tatiana Book Review 649

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