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Articles from World Literature Today (March 22, 1999)

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A Serious Man. Jackson, Dennis Book Review 608
AFRICA & THE WEST INDIES. Cordova, Sarah Davies Book Review 486
Aharon Appelfeld. The Conversion. Jeffrey M. Green, tr. New York. Schocken. 1998. 228 pages. $22. ISBN 0-8052-4153-1. Sterling, Eric Book Review 776
Aleksandar Petrov. Kao zlato u vatri. Belgrade. Signature. 1998. 421 pages. ID 69369100. Mihailovich, Vasa D. Book Review 555
Amin Zaoui. La soumission. Paris. Le Serpent a Plumes. 1998. 156 pages. 89 F. ISBN 2-84261-080-6. Volet, Jean-Marie Book Review 450
Angelika Jakob. Liebe im falschen Schuh. Paderborn, Ger. Igel. 1997 (released 1998). 108 pages. ISBN 3-89621-057-2. Hunt, Irmgard Book Review 624
Anne Teyssieras. Le passage de l'arbre mort. Strasbourg, Fr. Littera. 1998. 136 pages. 60 F. ISBN 2-909747-42-5. Bishop, Michael Book Review 309
Asar Eppel. The Grassy Street. Joanna Turnbull, tr. Moscow. Glas (Ivan R. Dee, distr.). 1998. 192 pages. $14.95. ISBN 5-7172-0039-0. Krzyzanowski, Jerzy R. Book Review 360
ASIA & THE PACIFIC. Indigenous Australian Voices: A Reader. Jennifer Sabbioni, Kay Schaffer, Sidonie Smith, eds. Scheckter, John Book Review 534
Benjamin Prado. Alguien se acerca. Madrid. Alfaguara. 1998. 209 pages. ISBN 84-204-8372-9. Risley, William R. Book Review 805
Bertrand Gervais. Tessons. Montreal. XYZ. 1998. 154 pages. Can$18.95. ISBN 2-89261-247-0. Talbot, Emile J. Book Review 492
Biography. Powers, Elizabeth Book Review 526
Blizzard of One. Brown, Ashley Book Review 545
Bohumil Hrabal. Wer ich bin. Schubert, Peter Z. Book Review 666
China. Cheng Ch'ing-wen. Three-Legged Horse. Pang-yuan Chi, ed. Lin, Sylvia Li-Chun Book Review 524
Christoph Wilhelm Aigner. Die Beruhrung. Stuttgart. DVA. 1998. 71 pages. DM 28/S 204. ISBN 3-421-05114-3. Bjorklund, Beth Book Review 540
Claude Ollier. Missing. Paris. POL. 1998. 179 pages. 90 F. ISBN 2- 86744-638-4. Brown, John L. Book Review 638
Congo. Smith, Robert P., Jr. Book Review 445
Corrections. 282
Correspondence (Samuel Beckett, Alan Schneider). Evenson, Brian Book Review 433
Correspondence. Louis-Ferdinand Celine. Lettres de prison a Lucette Destouches et a Maitre Mikkelsen. Francois Gibault, ed. Brown, John L. Book Review 829
Correspondence. Max Frisch, Friedrich Durrenmatt. Briefwechsel. Peter Ruedi, ed. Ziolkowski, Theodore Book Review 402
Criticism (Philip Marchand. Ripostes: Reflections on Canadian Literature). Henry, Richard Book Review 519
Czeslaw Milosz. Road-side Dog. The author and Robert Hass, trs. New York. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. 1998. xi + 208 pages. $22. ISBN 0-374- 25129-0. Maciuszko, Jerzy J. Book Review 577
Damaso Alonso. Poesia otros textos literarios. Crispin, John Book Review 454
Dario Fo. Marino libero! Marino e innocente! Turin. Einaudi. 1998. 177 pages, ill. L.12,000. ISBN 88-06-14934-2. D'Angelo, Giovanni Book Review 646
Day-Shine. Knowlton, Edgar C., Jr. Book Review 475
Didier Daeninckx. Cannibale. Lagrasse, Fr. Verdier. 1998. 93 pages. 50 F. ISBN 2-86432-297-8. Green, Maria Book Review 376
Difficult Daughters. London/New York. Faber & Faber. 1998/1999. 262 pages. [pound]9.99/$11.95. ISBN 0-571-19289-0/19435-4. Parameswaran, Uma Book Review 479
Dilek Zaptcio[ordinal indicator, masculine]lu. Der Mond isst die Sterne auf. Stuttgart. Thienemann. 1998. 221 pages. DM 24. ISBN 3-522-17195-0. Veteto-Conrad, Marilya Book Review 410
Dodecaeder/Dantis meditatio. Bakker, Martinus A. Book Review 536
Dominique Sampiero. Le dragon et la ramure. Lagrasse, Fr. Verdier. 1998. 57 pages. 59 F. ISBN 2-86432-295-1. Green, Maria Book Review 407
Dragan Veliki. Danteov Trg. Belgrade. Stubovi Kulture. 1998. 283 pages. Veliki, Dragan Book Review 747
Drago Janear. Mocking Desire. Michael Biggins, tr. Evanston, Il. Northwestern University Press. 1998. 267 pages. $44.95 ($14.95 paper). ISBN 0-8101-1553-0 (1554-9 paper). Gorup, Radmila J. Book Review 884
Dronningeporten. Ingwersen, Faith Book Review 450
Dura. Los Angeles. Sun & Moon. 1998. 108 pages. $11.95. ISBN 1-55713-292-5. Knowlton, Edgar C., Jr. Book Review 452
Edmundo Paz Soldan. Dochera y otros cuentos. La Paz. Nuevo Milenio. 1998. 59 pages. ISBN 9972-642-02-X. Lindstrom, Naomi Book Review 460
Egypt. Mohamed El-Bisatie. A Last Glass of Tea and Other Stories. Denys Johnson-Davies, tr. Dawood, Ibrahim Book Review 690
Elin Ebba Gunnarsdottir. Sumar sogur: Smasogur. Reykjavik. Vaka- Helgafell. 1997 (released 1998). 140 pages. ISBN 9979-2-1291-8. Wolf, Kirsten Book Review 437
ENGLISH. Ann Beattie. Park City: New and Selected Stories. Neilen, Deirdre Book Review 535
Enrico Martines. Cartas entre Fernando Pessoa e os directores da Presenca. Lisbon. Imprensa Nacional / Casa da Moeda. 1998. 450 pages. $26. Monteiro, George Book Review 659
Erich Wolfgang Skwara. Nach dem Norden: Gedichte 1987-1997. Roswitha Th. Heiderhoff, Bernhard W. Hippeli, eds. Christoph Wetzel, ill. Martin Walser, afterword. Eisingen, Ger. Heiderhoff. 1998. 192 pages, ill. DM 34. ISBN 3-923547-61-7. Sharp, Francis Michael Book Review 479
Essays. Noor, Ronny Book Review 648
Eugenio Montale, Gianfranco Contini. Eusebio e Trabucco: Carteggio di Eugenio Montale e Gianfranco Contini. Singh, G. Book Review 600
Eyvindur P. Eiriksson. Landi> handan fjarskans. Reykjavik. Vaka- Helgafell. 1997 (released 1998). 399 pages. 3,980 kr. ISBN 9979-2-1276- 4. Hallmundsson, Hallberg Book Review 1050
FINNO-UGRIC & BALTIC LANGUAGES. Paddon, Seija Book Review 812
FRENCH. Aude. L'enfant migrateur. Talbot, Emile J. Book Review 485
General Area. Gibbs, James Book Review 727
General Area. Geoffrey P. Nash. The Arab Writer in English: Arab Themes in a Metropolitan Language, 1908-1958. Boullata, Issa J. Book Review 594
Gerard Noiret. Toutes voix confondues. Dominique Fajeau, ill. Paris. Nadeau. 1998. 116 pages + 8 plates. 85 F. ISBN 2-86231-147-2. Evenson, Brian Book Review 382
GERMAN. Dieter Forte. In der Erinnerung. Adams, Jeffrey T. Book Review 1336
Ghost Town. Davis, Robert Murray Book Review 317
Guadeloupe. Ousselin, Edward Book Review 524
H. C. ten Berge. De jaren in Zeedorp: Een episodische vertelling. Amsterdam. Meulenhoff. 1998. 288 pages. 39.90 fl. ISBN 90-290-5673-8. Staal, Arie Book Review 568
Ha Jin. In the Pond. Cambridge, Ma. Zoland. 1998. 178 pages. $20. ISBN 0-944072-92-5. Kinkley, Jeffrey C. Book Review 533
Haiti. Brice-Finch, Jacqueline Book Review 560
Handwriting. Sudeep, Sen Book Review 692
Hannu Raittila. Ei minulta mitaan puutu. Helsinki. WSOY. 1998. 261 pages. FIM 140. ISBN 951-0-22937-7. Martin, Margareta Book Review 863
Hay. Pratt, William Book Review 579
Helder maar grijzer: Gedichten 1978- 1996. Bakker, Martinus A. Book Review 502
Helena Koskova. Milan Kundera. Prague. H & H. 1998. 189 pages + 12 plates. Ke 129. ISBN 80-86022-19-6. Bradbrook, B.R. Book Review 617
Heloisa Seixas. Diario de Persefone. Rio de Janeiro. Record. 1998. 315 pages. ISBN 85-01-05371-6. Silverman, Malcolm Book Review 920
Hispanisms and Homosexualities. Foster, David William Book Review 602
Historia verdadera del realismo magico. Mexico City. Fondo de Cultura Economica. 1998. 256 pages + 8 plates. ISBN 968-16- 5411-0. Muller-Bergh, Klaus Book Review 828
Historias de detectives. Hart, Patricia Book Review 576
Hungarian. Gomori, George Book Review 792
Icelandic-Canadian Literature and Anglophone Minority Writing in Canada. NEIJMANN, DAISY 9117
Ida Vitale. Procura de lo imposible. Mexico City. Fondo de Cultura Economica. 1998. 139 pages. ISBN 968-16-5475-7. Lindstrom, Naomi Book Review 463
Identity Crises / Cries for Identity: Claiming the Canadian Prairie in the Novels of Robert Kroetsch. HENRY, RICHARD 4749
Il Novecento inglese e italiano: Saggi critici e comparativi. Udine, It. Campanotto. 1998. 503 pages. L.60,000. ISBN 88- 456-0083-1. Brown, John L. Book Review 886
India. Aruna Chakravarti. Ruth Prawer Jhabvala: A Study in Empathy and Exile. Narayan, Shyamala A. Book Review 504
Ingeborg Bachmann. Letzte, unveroffentlichte Gedichte, Entwurfe und Fassungen. Hans Holler, ed. Frankfurt a.M. Suhrkamp. 1998. 165 pages, ill. DM 56. ISBN 3-518-40951-4. Bjorklund, Beth Book Review 515
Intertextual Pursuits: Literary Meditations in Modern Spanish Narrative. Jeanne P. Brownlow, John W. Kronik, eds. Lewisburg, Pa. / London. Bucknell University Press / Associated University Presses. 1998. 273 pages. ISBN 0-8387-5370-1. Gerling, David Ross Book Review 533
Invention Denied: Resisting the Imaginary Indian in M. T. Kelly's A Dream Like Mine. WAINWRIGHT, J.A. Critical Essay 4268
Israel. Yehuda Amichai. Patuach sagur patuach. Ramras-Rauch, Gila Book Review 600
Jean Paulhan, Andre Gide. Correspondance, 1918-1951. Paris. Gallimard. 1998. 563 pages. 160 F. ISBN 2-07-075119-8. Brown, John L. Book Review 781
Jesus Torbado. El imperio de arena. Barcelona. Plaza & Janes. 1998. 286 pages. ISBN 84-01-38583-0. Gerling, David Ross Book Review 550
John von Duffel. Vom Wasser. Cologne. DuMont. 1998. 288 pages. DM 39.90. ISBN 3-7701-4557-7. Hajewski, Thomas J. Book Review 521
Jose Cardoso Pires. Lisboa, Livro de Bordo: Vozes, Olhares, Memoracoes. Preto-Rodas, Richard A. Book Review 844
Jose Hierro. Cuaderno de Nueva York. Madrid. Hiperion. 1998. 134 pages. ISBN 84-7517-589-9. Boggs, Bruce A. Book Review 506
Judith Hermann. Sommerhaus, spater. Frankfurt a.M. S. Fischer. 1998. 192 pages. DM 20. ISBN 3-596-22394-6. Leusmann, Harald Book Review 976
Kama Kamanda. Quand dans l'ame les mers s'agitent. Jean-Baptiste Tati Loutard, pref. Paris. L'Harmattan. 1998. 222 pages. ISBN 2-7384-6711-3. Smith, Robert P., Jr. Book Review 439
Karel Schoeman. Verliesfontein. Cape Town. Human & Rousseau. 1998. 246 pages. R74.95. ISBN 0-7981-3840-8. Toerien, Barend J. Book Review 576
Kees Ouwens. Helis' mythe. Amsterdam. Meulenhoff. 1998. 188 pages. 36.90 fl. ISBN 90-290-5845-5. Kops, Henri Book Review 272
Larisa Vidi. Izgubljeni. Zoran Kuruei, ill. Kru}evac, Yug. Bagdala. 1998. 55 pages, ill. Mikasinovich, Branko Book Review 357
Latvian. Silenieks, Juris Book Review 428
Lithuanian. Zdanys, Jonas Book Review 725
Lorenzo Silva. El lejano pais de los estanques. Barcelona. Destino. 1998. 244 pages. ISBN 84-233-2991-7. Gerling, David Ross Book Review 505
Ludmila Ulitskaya. Glas New Russian Writing. 19: Sonechka and Other Stories. Natasha Perova, Arch Tait, eds. Moscow. Glas (Ivan R. Dee, distr.). 1998. 159 pages. ISBN 5-7172-0038-2 (U.S. ISBN 1-56663-204-8). Ziolkowski, Margaret Book Review 381
Malika Mokeddem. La nuit de la lezarde. Paris. Grasset. 1998. 228 pages. 118 F. ISBN 2-246-57311-4. Elia, Nada Book Review 539
Marianne Fastvold. Tristan kommer. Oslo. Gyldendal Norsk. 1998. 171 pages. 240 kr. ISBN 82-05-25260-2. Lyngstad, Sverre Book Review 510
Marta Tikkanen. Sofia vuxen med sitt MBD. Stockholm. Forum. 1998. 253 pages. ISBN 91-37-11275-9. Mattsson, Margareta Book Review 666
Matalon Ronit. The One Facing Us. Marsha Weinstein, tr. New York. Metropolitan/Holt. 1998. 296 pages, ill. $25. ISBN 0-8050-4880-4. Ramras-Rauch, Gila Book Review 620
Memoirs. Brown, John L. Book Review 723
Memoirs. Pratt, William Book Review 599
Milan Orli. Bruj milenija. Mihailovich, Vasa D. Book Review 562
Miomir Petrovi. Pankration. Belgrade. BIGZ. 1998. 214 pages. ISBN 86- 13-00923-9. Obradovi, Nadeyda Book Review 625
Miscellaneous (Adolf Muschg. O mein Heimatland!). Ziolkowski, Theodore Book Review 460
Miscellaneous (Pablo Brescia. La apariencia de las cosas). McMurray, George R. Book Review 502
Miscellaneous. Daniell, Steven Book Review 542
Mord pa museet. Rossel, Sven H. Book Review 820
NEAR EAST. Ara Baliozian. Definitions: A Critical Companion to Armenian History and Culture. Zeytountsian, Stephen Book Review 419
Nigeria. Ezenwa-Ohaeto. Contemporary Nigerian Poetry and the Poetics of Orality. Gibbs, James Book Review 587
Nina Berberova. The Ladies from St. Petersburg. Marshall, Bonnie Book Review 526
Nor Are the Winged Insects Better Off: Nature, Imagery, and Reflection in Archibald Lampman and Irving Layton. SMITH, ROWLAND 4529
Noted (60,000 uur: Een autobiografie). Staal, Arie Book Review 300
Noted (Eeva Kilpi, Muistojen aika). Dana, Kathleen Osgood Book Review 335
Noted (Etgar Keret. Hakaitana shel Kneller). Mazor, Yair Book Review 295
Noted. Bishop, Michael Book Review 379
Noted. Schwarz, Robert Book Review 283
Noted. Czerwinski, E.J. Book Review 235
Of Obstacles, Survival, and Identity: On Contemporary Canadian Literature. RIGGAN, WILLIAM 1463
Paola Capriolo. The Woman Watching. Liz Heron, tr. Capozzi, Rocco Book Review 713
Patrick Kavanagh. Gaff Topsails. New York. Viking. 1998. 435 pages. $24.95. ISBN 0-670-87766-2. Smyth, Thomas Book Review 437
Paul Nizon. Hund: Beichte am Mittag. Frankfurt a.M. Suhrkamp. 1998. 148 pages. DM 36. ISBN 3-518-40997-2. Schlant, Ernestine Book Review 476
Pedro Mairal. Una noche con Sabrina Love. Buenos Aires. Clarin/Aguilar. 1998. 216 pages. ISBN 950-782-038-8. Foster, David William Book Review 427
Perseus and the Mirror: Leon Rooke's Imaginary Worlds. GORJUP, BRANKO Critical Essay 5297
Perspectives on world literature. Gross, David S. Book Review 801
Peter Bland: Selected Poems. Gadd, Bernard Book Review 513
Places We Come From: Voices of Caribbean Canadian Writers (in English) and Multicultural Contexts. DABYDEEN, CYRIL Critical Essay 5397
Polish. Gomori, George Book Review 559
Publication. 159
Raffaello Baldini. Carta canta; Zitti tutti!; In fondo a destra. Montante, Michela Book Review 899
Raimonds Stapr[degree sign]ns. Uetras dienas junij[degree sign] un citas lugas. R[superscript one]ga. Elpa. 1998. 264 pages. ISBN 9984-543-25-0. Silenieks, Juris Book Review 522
Raymond L. Williams. Postmodernidades latinoamericanas: La novela postmoderna en Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru y Bolivia. Siemens, William L. Book Review 541
Reconstructing Margaret Atwood's Protagonists. GOLDBLATT, PATRICIA F. Critical Essay 5583
Rene Depestre. Ainsi parle le fleuve noir. Grigny, Fr. Paroles d'Aube. 1998. 130 pages. 85 F. ISBN 2-84384-0090-0. Wylie, Hal Book Review 399
Rene Depestre. Le metier a metisser. Paris. Stock. 1998. 265 pages. 120 F. ISBN 2-234-04961-X. Waters, Harold A. Book Review 955
Reviews Also Received. 304
Richard Rognet. L'ouvreuse du Parnasse. Paris. Le Cherche Midi. 1998. 111 pages. 88 F. ISBN 2-86274-581-2. Bishop, Michael Book Review 249
Robert Sabatier. Les masques et le miroir. Paris. Albin Michel. 1998. 333 pages. 140 F. ISBN 2-226-10454-2 (10039-3 paper). Whalen, Logan E. Book Review 496
Romanian. City of Dreams and Whispers: An Anthology of Contemporary Poets of Iasi. Dorian, Marguerite Book Review 917
Salah Stetie. Fievre et Guerison de l'Icone. Yves Bonnefoy, intro. Paris. UNESCO/Imprimerie Nationale. 1998. 155 pages. 139 F. ISBN 92-3- 203459-X/2-7433-0116-3 (0113-9 paper). Allet, Herve Book Review 511
Samuel Rawet. The Prophet and Other Stories. Nelson H. Vieira, tr. Albuquerque. University of New Mexico Press. 1998. xv + 86 pages. ISBN 0-8263-1952-1. Lindstrom, Naomi Book Review 464
Sanda Golopentia. Desire Machines: A Romanian Love Charms Database. Bucharest. Romanian Cultural Foundation. 1998. 307 pages. ISBN 973-577- 083-0. Dorian, Marguerite Book Review 535
Savyon Liebrecht. Ish, Ishah we-Ish. Jerusalem. Keter. 1998. 224 pages. ISBN 965-07-0739-5. Levine, Etan Book Review 686
Seeking and Maintaining Balance: Rohinton Mistry's Fiction. ROSS, ROBERT L. Critical Essay 4736
Serge Patrice Thibodeau: Conjugating the Sensual and the Spiritual. TALBOT, EMILE\\\J. 5941
Sergio Solmi. La letteratura italiana contemporanea: Scrittori, critici e pensatori del Novecento. Singh, G. Book Review 1078
Silk and Insight. Ryan, Marleigh Grayer Book Review 517
Slovak. Schubert, Peter Z. Book Review 713
Solo for Cecilia. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 788
Sons Must Die and Other Plays. Rao, Susheela N. Book Review 251
South Africa. Andre Brink. Reinventing a Continent: Writing and Politics in South Africa. En-nehas, Jamal Book Review 635
SPANISH. Rene Aviles Fabila. Cuentos de hadas amorosas y otros textos. McMurray, George R. Book Review 493
Tatiana Lobo. Assault on Paradise. Asa Zatz, tr. Lindstrom, Naomi Book Review 590
The Bay of Love and Sorrows. Elgaard, Elin Book Review 422
The Cambridge History of Latin American Literature, 3 vols. Hood, Edward Waters Book Review 455
The Folding Cliffs: A Narrative. Earnshaw, Doris Book Review 465
The Good Times. Bien, Peter Book Review 482
The Last Page. 689
The Mirror of Justice: Literary Reflections of Legal Crises. Princeton, N.J. Princeton University Press. 1997. xiv + 322 pages. $47.50. ISBN 0-691-02683-1. Hauptman, Robert Book Review 485
The Prince of Fire: An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Short Stories. Radmila J. Gorup, Nade6da Obradovi, eds. Pittsburgh, Pa. University of Pittsburgh Press. 1998. xvi + 371 pages. $50 ($19.95 paper). ISBN 0- 8229-5661-6. Folks, Jeffrey J. Book Review 485
The Shade of Blossoms. Ann Arbor, Mi. Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan (University of Michigan Press, distr.). 1998. xiii + 123 pages. $28.95 ($12.95 paper). ISBN 0-939512-87-4 (88-2 paper). Lofgren, Erik R. Book Review 539
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. New York. Knopf. 1997. 611 pages. $25.95. ISBN 0-679-44669-9. Samuel, Yoshiko Yokochi Book Review 504
The Woman of Basrur. Ravi Dayal (Orient Longman, distr.). 1997 (released 1998). 150 pages. Rs140. ISBN 81-7530-015-9. Naikar, Basavaraj Book Review 850
Theater. Grecco, Stephen Book Review 669
Theater. Gert Jonke. Es singen die Steine: Ein Stuck Naturtheater. Grimm, Reinhold Book Review 851
Thy Kingdom Come: 19 Short Stories by 11 Hungarian Authors. Peter Doherty, Gyongyi Koteles, Zsofia Ban, eds. Budapest. Palatinus. 1998. 322 pages. 1,400 Ft. ISBN 963-912731-0. Gyorgyey, Clara Book Review 714
Torgeir Schjerven. En nade uten mal: Dikt & skjebneregler for folk og gamle sonner. Oslo. Gyldendal Norsk. 1998. 32 pages. 135 kr. ISBN 82- 05-25629-2. Morris, Walter D. Book Review 452
Toronto. Osgood Dana, Kathleen Book Review 470
Tove Jansson. Meddelande: Noveller i urval 1971-1997. Brantly, Susan Book Review 466
Turkey. 540
Two Poems. DABYDEEN, CYRIL Poem 214
Ukrainian. Nazarenko, Tatiana Book Review 865
Umberto Eco. Serendipities: Language and Lunacy. William Weaver, tr. New York. Columbia University Press. 1998. ix + 129 pages. $19.95. ISBN 0-231-11134-7. Capozzi, Rocco Book Review 682
Une crise. Nguyen, Cinh-Hoa Book Review 498
Verse (Raymond Carver. All of Us). Oser, Lee Book Review 474
Verse. Motte, Warren Book Review 568
Verse. Henning Ahrens. Lieblied was kommt. Terras, Rita Book Review 365
Victor Pelevin. A Werewolf Problem in Central Russia and Other Stories. Andrew Bromfield, tr. New York. New Directions. 1998. 213 pages. $23.95. ISBN 0-8112-1394-3. Radley, Philippe D. Book Review 496
Visions Revisions. 2: Katha Regional Fiction. New Delhi. Katha. 1998. 169 pages. Rs150. ISBN 81-85586-73-X. Nandakumar, Prema Book Review 541
Walter van den Broeck. Verdwaalde post. Amsterdam. De Bezige Bij. 1998. 377 pages. ISBN 90-234-3767-5. Stynen, Ludo Book Review 624
William H. Gass. Cartesian Sonata and Other Novellas. New York. Knopf. 1998. 274 pages. $24. ISBN 0-375-40168-7. LaHood, Marvin J. Book Review 415
Wolf Wondratschek. Kelly-Briefe. Lilo Rinkens, ill. Munich. Matthes & Seitz. 1998. 108 pages, ill. DM 29.80. ISBN 3-88221-817-7. Wolf, Gregory H. Book Review 605
Yevgeny Kharitonov. Under House Arrest. Arch Tait, tr. London. Serpent's Tail. 1998. 208 pages. [pound]8.99/$13.99. ISBN 1-85242-355-2. McMillin, Arnold Book Review 502
Ying Chen. Ingratitude. Carol Volk, tr. New York. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. 1998. 154 pages. $20. ISBN 0-374-17554-3. Horn, Pierre L. Book Review 284
Yoel Hoffmann. Bernhard. Alan Treister, Eddie Levenston, trs. New York. New Directions. 1998. 174 pages. $22.95. ISBN 0-8112-1389-7. Sterling, Eric Book Review 550
Zimbabwe. Yvonne Vera. Under the Tongue. Smith, Pamela J. Olubunmi Book Review 593

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