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Articles from World Literature Today (January 1, 1997)

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"Cloth" No. 7. Qian-Zi, Che 205
24 May 1996 in St. Petersburg, Russia: the perceived significance of Joseph Brodsky's legacy. MacFadyen, David 4503
A Beggar at Damascus Gate. Booth, Marilyn Book Review 1078
Adversarios admirables. Hart, Patricia Book Review 688
Afro-Cuban Religious Experience: Cultural Reflections in Narrative. Siemens, William L. Book Review 497
Alada mia: Antologia 1978-1994. Ciplijauskaite, Birute Book Review 531
Allt man kan onska sig. Stendahl, Brita Book Review 769
Ama del espiritu. Hood, Edward Waters Book Review 504
An Echo of Heaven. Ryan, Marleigh Grayer Book Review 585
Aunt Safiyya and the Monastery. Peters, Issa Book Review 518
Avant-garde poetry in China: the Nanjing scene 1981-1992. Twitchell, Jeffrey; Huang Fan 5431
Bajar es lo peor. Foster, David William Book Review 597
Be Faithful Unto Death. Gyorgyey, Clara Book Review 535
Bonheur mais sur quel ton le dire. Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 539
Boris Eikhenbaum: Voices of a Russian Formalist. Rollberg, Peter Book Review 678
Buenos muchachos. Foster, David William Book Review 524
Butun Eserleri. Halman, Talat Sait Book Review 653
Cadernos de Lancarote: Diario-III. Preto-Rodas, Richard A. Book Review 965
Caught in a Stampede. Perry, John Oliver Book Review 768
Collected Poems. Pratt, William Book Review 525
Coming to Light: Contemporary Translations of the Native Literatures of North America. James, Meredith; Hale, Scott Book Review 498
Cuentos de este siglo: Treinta narradoras espanolas contemporaneas. Gerling, David Ross Book Review 527
Diagonales. Brown, John L. Book Review 688
Eine winterliche Reise zu den Flussen Donau, Save, Morawa und Drina oder Gerechtigkeit fur Serbien. Ziolkowski, Theodore Book Review 459
Emigration and the rise of the novel in Yemen. Al-Jumly, Mohammed Saad; Rollins, J. Barton 7118
Erinnerung an Brecht. Grimm, Reinhold Book Review 866
Fame and Folly. Schenk, Leslie Book Review 1131
Fernando Pessoa: Poeta-Tradutor de Poetas. Monteiro, George Book Review 408
Fictitious fish. Qian-Zi, Che 268
Finks Krieg. Skwara, Erich Wolfgang Book Review 1044
Gaite parisienne. Brown, John L. Book Review 649
Giose Rimanelli: prose and verse, Italian and English. Axelrod, Mark 2971
Go toward. Fan, Huang 126
Hanemann. Carls, Alice-Catherine Book Review 482
Hibiscus rouge: Periple du chevalier Amelius Cassius. Jaron, Steven Book Review 706
Histoire de Tel Quel 1960-1982. Ireland, John Book Review 577
How Loud Can the Village Cock Crow? and Other Stories. McLeod, A. L. Book Review 497
I don't know: the 1996 Nobel lecture. 1952
Il passo del giorno. Rimanelli, Giose Book Review 692
Imarah Ayilah lil Suqut/An Egyptian Satire About a Condemned Building. Kadhim, Hussein Book Review 460
In the making: Beur fiction and identity construction. Elia, Nada 5522
Incidents in the Rue Laugier. Knapp, Mona Book Review 502
Interplay: A Kind of Commonplace Book. Firchow, Peter Book Review 603
Inventing Ireland: the Literature of the Modern Nation. Quinlan, Kieran Book Review 600
Journal d'un athee provisoire. Schenk, Leslie Book Review 841
Kangaroo Notebook. Iwamoto, Yoshio Book Review 615
Killeri tulee. Paddon, Seija Book Review 583
Kudriavyi leitenant. Prednewa, Ludmila Book Review 869
Kuparitaivas. DuBois, Thomas Book Review 507
La escritura o la vida. Reyns-Chikuma, Chris Book Review 562
La novela moderna en Venezuela. Rivas, Victor R. Book Review 622
La part de l'ombre: Poemes 1952-1995. Jaron, Steven Book Review 753
La piel y la mascara. Siemens, William L. Book Review 550
La Promeneuse d'Oiseaux. Fahnestock, Lee Book Review 406
Lamps in the Whirlpool. Nandakumar, Prema Book Review 554
Late Imperial Culture. Bose, Brinda Book Review 498
Le chevron. Besser, Gretchen Rous Book Review 490
Le roman d'Adam et Eve. Cranston, Mechthild Book Review 972
Legendy Nevskogo Prospekta. Lewis, Tom J. Book Review 652
Les eaux douces d'Europe. Horn, Pierre L. Book Review 481
Les ecrits de l'eau suivi Les sept fenetres. Zabus, Chantal Book Review 470
Loving words: new lyricism in French Caribbean poetry. Hurley, E. Anthony 5336
Mal horen, was noch kommt/Jetzt, wo alles zu spat is. Juditz, Mark Book Review 517
Marginal literature at the exploded center: an Okinawan instance. Hassan, Ihab 7567
Meadowlands. Nash, Susan Smith Book Review 533
Medea: Stimmen. Grawe, Christian Book Review 741
Miguel Torga (1907-1995)(Obituary) Moser, Gerald M. Obituary 822
Mintha elnel: Egy lemur vallomasai, 1. Sandor, Andras Book Review 570
Missadot sheba'emek ad rekhov hamasger: Shira ivrit achshavit. Yudkin, Leon I. Book Review 538
Modern Ukrainian Short Stories. Tarnawsky, Marta Book Review 489
Mountain people. Dong, Han 153
My Manifold City. Sandor, Andras Book Review 455
Na prelomu. Mihailovich, Vasa D. Book Review 591
Naked as Water. Briffa, Charles Book Review 934
New Writing from Southern Africa: Authors Who Have Become Prominent Since 1980. Kurtz, J. Roger Book Review 568
No me esperen en abril. Ferreira, Cesar Book Review 634
No place I was meant to be: contemporary Japan in the short fiction of Haruki Murakami. Loughman, Celeste 6457
No Sweetness Here and Other Stories. Afzal-Khan, Fawzia Book Review 734
Nove canterburske povidky a jine pribehy. Bradbrook, B. R. Book Review 495
Nuoruuden kolmas naytos. Binham, Philip Book Review 1008
O aldrabista. Silverman, Malcolm Book Review 632
Of Nawabs and Nightingales and Other Episodes. Gerein, James Book Review 644
One Day I Locked My Flat in Soul City. Gerein, James Book Review 760
Pages from My Diary: 1986-1995. Zeytountsian, Stephan Book Review 633
Pangeia. Cranston, Mechthild Book Review 411
Paradis. Oster, Rose-Marie G. Book Review 597
Permanently Bard: Selected Poetry. Kaiser, Mary Book Review 648
Postcolonial Subjects: Francophone Women Writers. Bruner, Charlotte H. Book Review 482
Pourquoi suis-je moi? Journal 1993-1996. Brown, John L. Book Review 751
Prophets and Professors: Essays on the Lives and Works of Modern Poets. Schenk, Leslie Book Review 1144
Reader. Nash, Susan Smith Book Review 663
Readymade. Dana, Kathleen Osgood Book Review 358
Revolution of the Mind: The Life of Andre Breton. Thiher, Allen Book Review 877
Rodinny sjezd. Bradbrook, B. R. Book Review 467
Rosas de fuego. Ciplijauskaite, Birute Book Review 538
Sami literature in the twentieth century. Dana, Kathleen Osgood 4488
Scots and Its Literature. Roy, G. Ross Book Review 662
Shimmer. d'Heurle, Adma Book Review 791
Sintaxis de un signo. Hood, Edward Waters Book Review 550
Tagebucher, 1953-1955. Exner, Richard Book Review 750
Tajkep fohasszal: Versek 1969-1995. Gomori, George Book Review 801
The Art of Kamau Brathwaite. Dawes, Kwame Book Review 771
The Autobiography of My Mother. Brice-Finch, Jacqueline Book Review 497
The Best of Jayanta Mahapatra. Perry, John Oliver Book Review 1094
The Calcutta Chromosome. Sen, Sudeep Book Review 571
The Collected Stories. Curran, Ronald Book Review 1033
The Crack in Everything. Earnshaw, Doris Book Review 615
The demons of Carlos Rojas. Glad, Diana 5483
The Hunt for the Heart: Selected Tales from the Dutch East Indies. Rosevelt, Frans van Book Review 945
The Oriki of a Grasshopper and Other Plays. Ojaide, Tanure Book Review 747
The Trial of Elizabeth Cree. Hutchings, William Book Review 507
Two Novels: Seventeen. Loughman, Celeste Book Review 1032
Un suspens de cristal. Salti, Ramzi M. Book Review 486
Voices of Sibyls: Three Bulgarian Poets. Karriker, Robert J. Book Review 552
Wantok. Armstrong, James C. Book Review 555
Why I Have Not Written Any of My Books. Elia, Nada Book Review 566
Wislawa Szymborska and the importance of the unimportant. Carpenter, Bogdana 4031
Yksityisia asioita: 60 luvun proosa. Binham, Philip Book Review 533
Youth. Ya-Ping, Zhou 236

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