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Articles from World Literature Today (March 22, 1996)

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"Ich stelle mir vor": Ein Lesebuch. Ziolkowski, Theodore Book Review 315
"Perfection of the life or of the work": lives of Graham Greene. Davis, Robert Murray 4163
3012. Crane, Rufus S. Book Review 600
50: A Celebration of Sun and Moon Classics. Schlte, Rainer Book Review 424
A ce qui n'en finit pas. Bishop, Michael Book Review 941
A lenda dos cem. Silverman, Malcolm Book Review 696
A Little Hungarian Pornography. Gyorgyey, Clara Book Review 623
A Moscow Literary Memoir: Among the Great Artists of Russia from 1946 to 1980. Terras, Victor Book Review 359
A Pattern of Dust: Selected Poems, 1965-1990. Nazareth, Peter Book Review 415
Absonia. Dukas, Vytas Book Review 457
Adjusted Lives: Stories of Structured Adjustments. Ojaide, Tanure Book Review 649
Al acecho. Case, Thomas E. Book Review 447
Alfabet op de rug gezien: Poezievertalingen. Nichols, Fred J. Book Review 630
All is Burning. Sen, Sudeep Book Review 812
Alle Gedichte. Scrase, David Book Review 595
Amor de cans. Forcadas, Albert M. Book Review 515
An Anthology of Romanian Women Poets. Dorian, Marguerite Book Review 674
Anatol Hofers Trotz. Hajewski, Thomas J. Book Review 477
And the Word Became Poem. Al-Bazei, Saad Book Review 500
Arion. Greenberg, Judith L. Book Review 313
Askljus. Clareus, Ingrid Book Review 436
Attesa sul mare. Cocozzella, Peter Book Review 363
Au pipirite chantant et autres poemes. Silenieks, Juris Book Review 463
Bakhtin, Stalin, and Modern Russian Fiction: Carnival, Dialogism, and History. Vassileva, Albena Book Review 653
Balkan Blues: Writing Out of Yugoslavia. Milivojevic, Dragan Book Review 522
Ballad of the Blood/Balada de la sangre. Lindstrom, Naomi Book Review 557
Beirut Blues. Allen, M.D. Book Review 514
Brabant. Zimmermann, Ulf Book Review 504
Burning Your Boats. Elgaard, Elin Book Review 481
Chairman Mao Would Not be Amused: Fiction from Today's China. Chen, Jiangou Book Review 798
Chez Albert. Daniell, Steven Book Review 494
Cioccolata da Hanselmann. Di Pace-Jordan, Rosetta Book Review 468
Correspondance 1934-1979: 45 ans d'amitie. Brown, John L. Book Review 689
Crediting poetry: the 1995 Nobel lecture. Heaney, Seamus 6208
Crossing the Mangrove. Mortimer, Mildred Book Review 484
Cuentos completos: 1949-1969. Gerling, David Ross Book Review 461
Da capo. Julio, Maryann De Book Review 337
Das Kliff. Haberl, Franz P. Book Review 680
Das Meer hort zu mit tausend Ohren: Sappho und die Insel Lesbos. Hoover, Marjorie L. Book Review 303
Das Schildkrotenfest. Vansant, Jacqueline Book Review 405
Das Teesdorfer Tagebuch fur Ea von Allesch. Schlant, Ernestine Book Review 614
De vermiste kindertekening: Verhalen en beschouwingen. Bakker, Martinus Arnoud Book Review 569
Der Schlaf uberm Eis. Donahue, Neil H. Book Review 240
Derek Walcott and West Indian Drama: 'Not Only a Playwright But a Company' - The Trinidad Theater Workshop, 1959-1993. Waters, Harold A. Book Review 643
Desert Blooms. Naikar, Basavaraj S. Book Review 657
Dichtung und Briefwechsel aus dem deutschprachigen Nachlass. Terras, Victor Book Review 394
Die Enkel taak: Die merkwaardige verwantskap tuggen Elisabeth Eybers en Emily Dickinson. Armstrong, Jim Book Review 214
Die heimlichen Konige. Sharp, Francis Michael Book Review 479
Die Innenseite des Mantels. Ziolkowski, Theodore Book Review 414
Die zweite Zeit. Donahue, Neil H. Book Review 500
Difficulties of a Bridegroom: Collected Short Stories. Sen, Sudeep Book Review 580
Digging. Heaney, Seamus 228
Discerner of Hearts. Thorpe, Michael Book Review 550
Displacements, self-mockery, and carnival in the Canadian postmodern. Darias-Beautell, Eva 3667
Due o forse piu cose che so di lei. Costantini, Anthony Book Review 368
Dveselu pulcesana: Matescilts. Silenieks, Juris Book Review 365
Dyert e gjalla. Elsie, Robert 583
Edges of Poetry: Selected Poems. Hanaway, William L. Book Review 407
Egy no. Gomori, George Book Review 485
Ehespiele. Baer, Joachim T. Book Review 770
Ein weites Feld. Grawe, Christian Book Review 1244
Eko av en var. Stendhal, Brita Book Review 887
El paraiso de la reina Maria Julia. Lindstrom, Naomi Book Review 495
El teatro mitico de Carlos Solorzano. Stavans, Ilan Book Review 568
El tributo del heroe y otros cuentos. Vendrell, Luis Larios Book Review 584
Enas skoufos apo porfira. Denissi, Sophia Book Review 395
Ensaio sobre A Cegueira. Preto-Rodas, Richard A. Book Review 1030
Family Catastrophe. Williams, Philip F. Book Review 699
Fieldnotes. Brown, Ashley Book Review 265
Fiery Spirits: Canadian Writers of African Descent. Dabydeen, Cyril Book Review 643
Finn Carling: a personal introduction. Muinzer, Louis Biography 5445
Fire in the Canes. Dabydeen, Cyril Book Review 628
Flussbild mit Engel. Donahue, Neil H. Book Review 469
French Theater since 1968. Talbot, Emile J. Book Review 244
From autobiography to fiction: Swiss author Anne Cuneo. Volet, Jean-Marie 5510
From Plato to Sartre: Wisdom for Armenians. Yeramian, Hagop Book Review 249
Gedachtnisschleifen. Donahue, Neil H. Book Review 493
Georges et Arnold, Arnold et Georges. Brown, John L. Book Review 646
Globalization, traveling theory, and Fuentes's nonfiction prose. Corral, Will H. Bibliography 9355
Grosse kommentierte Berliner und Frankfurter Ausgabe. 18: Prosa 3: Sammlungen und Dialoge. Grimm, Reinhold Book Review 814
Herinnering aan Agnes. Toerien, Barend J. Book Review 365
Het elfde gebod. Stynen, Ludo Book Review 643
Hiroshima Notes. Iwamoto, Yoshio Book Review 560
Historia portatil de la poesia colombiana. Hill, W. Nick Book Review 600
History of Albanian Literature, 2 vols. Anderson, Janet Byron Book Review 511
Hostnaetter. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 693
Hummelhonung. Adams, Lotta Gavel Book Review 510
Hundstage. Mueller, Dennis Book Review 590
Hymne. Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 609
Ich Crusoe. Terras, Rita Book Review 462
Il coraggio del pettirosso. Ferreri, Rosario Book Review 955
Il mondo in una mano. Ferreri, Rosario Book Review 215
In fin mear as in bears. Baron, Henry J. Book Review 509
In the Past Night: The Siberian Stories. Radley, Philippe D. Book Review 486
Inselgeschichten. Haberl, Franz P. Book Review 460
Invisible Allies. Krzyzanowski, Jerzy R. Book Review 443
Ironie vom Gluck. Acker, Robert Book Review 162
It lekken oer de spegel. Baron, Henry J. Book Review 465
Jaa huvasti, Mr. Shakespeare. Mikiver, Ilmar Book Review 497
Japan, the Ambiguous, and Myself: The Nobel Prize Speech and Other Lectures. Yoshida, Sanroku Book Review 415
Jorge Teillier: the vocation of a poet. Stojkov, Teresa R. Bibliography 3740
Journal de jeunesse: 1893-1906. Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 476
Kaksi vaimoa. Binham, Philip Book Review 501
Katyn w literaturze: Miedzynarodowa antologia poezji, dramatu i prozy. Maciuszko, Jerzy J. Book Review 575
Kingsley Amis: A Biography. Bien, Peter Book Review 527
Kohyvadhakia (Dhekapende ghlossokendrika piimata)(Brief Article) Raizis, M. Byron Book Review 216
Kravyes Iouli. Raizis, M. Byron Book Review 201
L'amour au jardin. Green, Maria Book Review 709
L'antierotico. Maceri, Domenico Book Review 515
L'enfant ebloui. Abdel-Jaouad, Hedi Book Review 650
L'Homme de Livre. Volet, Jean-Marie Book Review 475
L'incorrigible: Poesies itinerantes et familieres (1988-1992). Julio, Maryann De Book Review 403
L'infinito, forse. Klopp, Charles Book Review 470
L'ipotesi circense. Gathercole, Patricia M. Book Review 348
L'ouvraison. Abdel-Jaouad, Hedi Book Review 554
La cafetiere. Brown, John L. Book Review 734
La casa con le luci. d'Angelo, Giovanni Book Review 569
La femme parfaite. Daniell, Steven Book Review 514
La fiancee juive de la tentation. Genova, Pamela A. Book Review 413
La lenteur. Lee, Pearl-Angelika Book Review 613
La poesie est inadmissible: Oeuvres poetiques completes. Talbot, Emile J. Book Review 539
La rosa di Brod. Crane, Rufus S. Book Review 423
Landlaufiges Wunder. Terras, Rita Book Review 392
Langenhoven: 'n lewe. Toerien, Barend J. Book Review 343
Le fils de Klara H. Dziekowicz, Donald J. Book Review 796
Le Japon depuis la France: Un reve a l'ancre. Schenk, Leslie Book Review 1011
Le soliel sous la mort. Roy, G. Ross Book Review 494
Le vase de Delft et autres nouvelles. Kops, Henri Book Review 248
Le'Matisse Yeish et Hashemesh Babeten. Vardi, Dov Book Review 693
Les animaux font toujours l'amour de la meme maniere. Genova, Pamela A. Book Review 459
Les lanceurs de foudre. Volet, Jean-Marie Book Review 434
Les Martagons. Horn, Pierre L. Book Review 468
Linn ja teater. Mikiver, Ilmar Book Review 383
Lives in Transit: A Collection of Recent Russian Women's Writing. Ziolkowski, Margaret Book Review 412
Ljuset ur skuggornas vurld. Jones, W. Glyn Book Review 519
Made to Seem. Leddy, Michael Book Review 497
Maryse Conde and Isabel Allende: family saga novels. Roof, Maria 3773
Miette. Green, Maria Book Review 746
Monkey Secret. Adams, Mary Book Review 327
Montajes y fragmentos: Una aproximacion a la narrativa espanola de vanguardia. Crispin, John Book Review 552
Mordad. Glass-Wickersham, Erlis Book Review 487
Mother of Pearl. Lanters, Jose Book Review 478
Moving Beyond Boundaries. 1: International Dimensions of Black Women's Writing. Bruner, Charlotte H. Book Review 459
Moving Beyond Boundaries. 2: Black Women's Diasporas. Bruner, Charlotte H. Book Review 459
Narrating the Past: Fiction and Historiography in Postwar Spain. Pritchett, Kay Book Review 630
Native American Perspectives on Literature and History. Sanchez, Greg Book Review 257
New Selected Poems: 1957-1994. Firchow, Peter Book Review 986
No Time for a Masterpiece. Nazareth, Peter Book Review 293
Nombre de Torero. Stavans, Ilan Book Review 601
O leptourghos. Raizis, M. Byron Book Review 288
O selvagem da opera. Hernandez, Ana Maria Book Review 562
Occidentalism: A Theory of Counter-Discourse in Post-Mao China. Sorensen, Simon Book Review 561
Ocean. Bishop, Michael Book Review 408
Ola. Oxenham, Stephen Book Review 462
On Grief and Reason: Essays. Ziolkowsky, Theodore Book Review 546
On Literature and Society. Valente, Luiz Fernando Book Review 633
On Second Thought: A Compilation. Berner, Robert L. Book Review 568
Order and Partialities: Theory, Pedagogy, and the "Postcolonial." Kurtz, J. Roger Book Review 583
Orgelspelaren. Stendhal, Britta Book Review 750
Outback ou l'Arriere-monde. Roberts, Alan Book Review 566
Pa veg til vapenhuset. Morris, Walter D. Book Review 417
Painted Desert. Davis, Robert Murray Book Review 561
Paper Cranes. Lanters, Jose Book Review 214
Parables and Faxes. Lloyd, David Book Review 573
Paso doble. Montante, Michela Book Review 469
Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, Jew. Rosenfeld, Sidney Book Review 425
Pauvrete essentielle. Evenson, Brian Book Review 230
Pelourinho. Tolson, Melvin B., Jr. Book Review 712
Pierre Dac, mon maitre soixante-trois. Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 344
Pig Cookies and Other Stories. Sanchez, Greg Book Review 271
Playtexts: Ludics in Contemporary Literature. Harper, Michael Book Review 546
Poems/Gedichte. Lanters, Jose Book Review 214
Poesie complete: 1966-1995. Salti, Ramzi M. Book Review 524
Postcolonial Representations: Women, Literature, Identity. Zabus, Chantal Book Review 523
Pourquoi les femmes pleurent. Besser, Gretchen Rous Book Review 451
Prakalbos upei. Zdanys, Jonas Book Review 532
Prithja astin. Wolf, Kirsten Book Review 563
Quel ange n'est terrible? Talbot, Emile J. Book Review 560
Rachel hus. Oster, Rose-Marie G. Book Review 508
Radek. Zimmermann, Ulf Book Review 701
Rafael Alberti en Ibiza: Seis semanas del verano de 1936. Crispin, John Book Review 598
Rasero. Stavans, Ilan Book Review 324
Rauhaan on viela matkaa. Dana, Kathleen Osgood Book Review 423
Reiser: Fire fortellinger. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 591
Remaking a Lost Harmony: Stories from the Hispanic Caribbean. Siemens, William L. Book Review 474
Resisting the Anomie. Newson, Adele Book Review 741
Rice. Kinkley, Jeffrey C. Book Review 618
Rites of Assent. Allen, M.D. Book Review 564
Riziero e il Collegio Invisibile. Biasin, Gian-Carlo Book Review 505
Rovasti Huuskosen petomainen miespalvelija. Martin, Margareta Book Review 432
Santa Evita. Foster, David William Book Review 926
Schubumkehr. Lewis, Teresa Book Review 411
Selected Poems. Scrase, David Book Review 401
Self-Portrait with Woman. Krzyzanowski, Jerzy R. Book Review 542
Servants. Sen, Sudeep Book Review 812
Severni zid. Obradovic, Nadezda Book Review 607
Si al atardecer llegara el mensajero. Clemente, Alice R. Book Review 516
Silence Is Not Golden: A Critical Anthology of Ethiopian Literature. Gibbs, James Book Review 480
Skladiste. Mihailovich, Vasa D. Book Review 421
Song of Farewell. Newson, Adele S. Book Review 385
Soplando al viento. Pritchett, Kay Book Review 596
Sound, Speech, and Silence: Selected Poems. Knowlton, Edgar C., Jr. Book Review 473
Sous-main: Retouches. Cranston, Mechthild Book Review 475
Strophes pour une agape. Bishop, Michael Book Review 473
Synesis. Mazor, Yair Book Review 733
Telling Stories: Postmodernism and the Invalidation of Traditional Narrative. Flores, Ralph Book Review 616
The 1996 Neustadt International Prize for Literature: jurors and candidates. Riggan, William 11626
The Body and the Song: Elizabeth Bishop's Poetics. Earnshaw, Doris Book Review 214
The Clan Records: Five Stories of Korea. Crown, Bonnie R. Book Review 441
The Collected Poems. Leddy, Michael Book Review 624
The Colour of Forgetting. Newson, Adele S. Book Review 657
The Crooked Line. Hashmi, Alamgir Book Review 720
The Dance at St. Gabriel's. Rimanelli, Giose Book Review 557
The Eye of the Mirror. Amireh, Amal Book Review 559
The free-market economy and contemporary Chinese literature. Pirazzoli, Melinda 7871
The Game in Reverse. Parameswaran, Uma Book Review 644
The Gonne-Yeats Letters: 1893-1938. King, Daniel Patrick Book Review 1258
The great Irish elk: Seamus Heaney's personal Helicon. Pratt, William 5021
The Heart's Desire. Rahimieh, Nasrin Book Review 525
The House Spirit and Other Stories. Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 544
The Pleasures of Conquest. Sen, Sudeep Book Review 812
The Post-Colonial Studies Reader. Bose, Brinda Book Review 494
The Sitters. Willbanks, Ray Book Review 504
The Slate of Life: More Contemporary Stories by Women Writers of India. Sagar, Aparajita Book Review 610
The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov. Radley, Philippe D. Book Review 517
The Tribal Hangover. Sen, Sudeep Book Review 812
The Uneasy Narrator: Chinese Fiction from the Traditional to the Modern. Chen, Jianguo Book Review 760
The Western Canon. Schenk, Leslie 3486
The Year of the Hare. Dana, Kathleen Osgood Book Review 368
Thomas Mann: A Biography. Exner, Richard Book Review 1048
To dheras. Raizis, M. Byron Book Review 209
To kitrino skotadhi tou Van Gogh. Ted Sampson Book Review 171
Tout dire. Fahnestock, Lee Book Review 540
Trimdas gramata. Silenieks, Juris Book Review 426
Ufficialmente dispersi. Ferreri, Rosario Book Review 680
Ultima luna. Ragusa, Olga Book Review 666
Une femme heureuse. Gathercole, Patricia M. Book Review 320
Urbanity and postmodern sensuality: the "Post-Magyar" Endre Kukorelly. Totosy, Steven 3987
Uzdraustas jeiti kambarys. Zdanys, Jonas Book Review 443
Vandraethur: Visur handa stalputhum krokkum tiu til hundrath ara. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 339
Vandspejlet. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 631
Venetian Thresholds and Other Stories and Poems. Schenk, Leslie Book Review 700
Vepra letrare e Martin Camajt. Elsie, Robert Book Review 760
Vittringar. Rossel, Sven H. Book Review 462
Vom kritischen zum kapitalistischen Realismus: Deutsche Gegenwartsliteratur in sowjetischrussischer Sicht. Hoover, Marjorie L. Book Review 448
Why comparisons are odious. Mitchell, W.J.T. 2846
Winter Pollen: Occasional Prose. Sen, Sudeep Book Review 580
Writing Was Everything. Brown, John L. Book Review 708
Yeoghrafia tou me oratou: Prosopiko anthologhio. Raizis, M. Byron Book Review 314
Zeitlosung. Scrase, David Book Review 448
Zia Summer. Saez, Pilar Bellver Book Review 514
Zvana speles. Straumanis, Alfreds Book Review 780

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