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Articles from World Literature Today (September 22, 1994)

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A fero inn i eina oendaliga sogu 7: Blafelli. Espegard, Svend Birke Book Review 919
A Few Selected Exits. Lloyd, David Book Review 626
A Frolic of His Own. LaHood, Marvin J. Book Review 520
A History of Danish Literature. Espegard, Svend Birke Book Review 1032
A History of Russian Women's Writing: 1820-1992. Pachmuss, Temira Book Review 571
A la lettre: Entretiens. Otten, Anna Book Review 460
A Silence Opens. Kaiser, Mary Book Review 541
A Walk Between Heaven and Earth: A Personal Journal on Writing and the Creative Process. Hunt, Irmgard Elsner Book Review 382
Agnon's Art of Indirection: Uncovering Latent Content in the Fiction of S.Y. Agnon. Mazor, Yair Book Review 495
Aime Cesaire: Une traversee paradoxale du siecle. Silenieks, Juris Book Review 404
Amanha amadrugada. Moser, Gerald Book Review 451
Amerika. Grawe, Christian Book Review 331
Antiheroes: Mexico y su novela policial. Piano, Charles A. Book Review 492
Anxious Moments. Cooper, Henry R., Jr. Book Review 923
Astonishing World: The Selected Poems of Angel Gonzalez 1956-1986. Ciplijauskaite, Birute Book Review 345
Avlosning. Sjavic, Jan Book Review 349
Backed Against the Sea. Kinkley, Jeffrey C. Book Review 690
Before Night Falls. Stavans, Ilan Book Review 512
Bonjour, gens heureux .... Genova, Pamela A. Book Review 448
British Subjects. Salkey, Andrew Book Review 389
Brunizem. Chandran, K. Narayana Book Review 689
Cage of Fireflies: Modern Japanese Haiku(Brief Article) Heinrich, Amy V. Book Review 473
Call Me by My True Names: The Collected Poems of Thich Nhat Hanh. Nguyen, Dinh-Hoa Book Review 923
Chroniques d'inquietude. Roudiez, Leon S. Book Review 541
Cortamares. Nash, Susan Smith Book Review 885
Cousins. Oxenham, Stephen Book Review 317
Creation in the poetic development of Kamau Brathwaite. Gowda, H.H. Anniah 4357
Crna kutija. Obradovic, Nadezda Book Review 572
Cuento espanol contemporaneo. Gerling, David Ross Book Review 517
Dama u belim rukavicama. Mihailovich, Vasa D. Book Review 493
Dance Dance Dance. Iwamoto, Yohio Book Review 558
Das Land, das ich erdachte: Gedichte 1990-1993. Rosenfeld, Sidney Book Review 408
Das schone Leben. Zimmermann, Ulf Book Review 496
Das Uberleben der Lyrik. Bjorklund, Beth Book Review 395
Day Has No Equal But Night. Lawall, Sarah Book Review 691
De beet van de schildpad. Stynen, Ludo Book Review 563
De brune oine, Arthur. Langemo, Amanda Book Review 522
De naam van de vader. Lanters, Jose Book Review 483
De Sater. Stynen, Ludo Book Review 646
De Walsenkoning: Een Duik in Het Autobiografische Diepe. Kops, Henri Book Review 522
Deep River Talk: Collected Poems. Gadd, Bernard Book Review 507
Dialogos de Afrodita (En tres tiempos). Ciplijauskaite, Birute Book Review 356
Die kleine Stechardin. Grawe, Christian Book Review 771
Die Nacht der Harlekine. Schwarz, Robert Book Review 245
Die predikasies van Jacob Oerson. Nichols, Fred J. Book Review 590
Dikter, 2 vols. Thygesen, Erik Book Review 818
Dream journeys. Rohlehr, Gordon 8274
Dveselu pulcesana: Teva cilts. Silenieks, Juris Book Review 450
Egyedul mindenkivel: Weores Sandor beszelgetesei, nyilatkozatai, vallomasai. Gomori, George Book Review 592
Ein Liebhaber ungerader Zahlen. Zimmermann, Ulf Book Review 672
Eine Kleine Kunstmaschine: 34 Sestinen. Pabisch, Peter Book Review 400
El fiscal. Incledon, John Book Review 564
El ojo de la aguja. Crispin, John Book Review 432
Eldhylur. Hallmundsson, Hallberg Book Review 594
Elias Canetti. Cocalis, Susan L. Book Review 240
En fremmed i speilet. Langemo, Amanda Book Review 390
En sirkel is. Morris, Walter D. Book Review 331
Entretiens avec Maryse Conde suivis d'une Bibliographie complete. Bruner, Charlotte H. Book Review 499
Every Man Is a Race. Moser, Gerald Book Review 437
Fault Lines: A Memoir. Rao, Susheela N. Book Review 419
Fiction by Filipinos in America. Palomar, Al Camus Book Review 592
Final de cuento. Rivas, Victor R. Book Review 508
Flugelapplaus. Donahue, Neil H. Book Review 507
Four and a Half Dancing Men. Nash, Susan Smith Book Review 229
Fragments of Memory: A Story of a Syrian Family. Booth, Marilyn Book Review 539
Garuda Sadasivarayaru. Naikar, Basavaraj S. Book Review 556
Genet: A Biography. Allet, Herve Book Review 822
Geografia de la novela. Stavans, Ilan Book Review 441
Georges Perec: A Life in Words. Evenson, Brian Book Review 590
Green is the Color. Nazareth, Peter Book Review 534
Han som kommer. Morris, Walter D. Book Review 402
Handelser vid vatten. Wright, Rochelle Book Review 581
Her stem singing: Kamau Brathwaite's Zea Mexican Diary: 7 Sept 1926 - 7 Sept 1986. Walmsley, Anne 2067
Heren van de thee. Lanters, Jose Book Review 477
Highway to vision: this sea our nexus. Morgan, Mary E. 4242
Himmelstigen: Niels Stensens dagbog. Gray, Charlotte Schiander Book Review 527
Hochzeiten im Hause: Ein Madchenroman. Schubert, Peter Z. Book Review 916
I Am Snowing: The Confessions of a Woman of Prague. Iggers, Wilma A. Book Review 525
Immensites. Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 476
Improvisations sur Michel Butor: L'ecriture en transformation. Otten, Anna Book Review 471
In Touch: The Letters of Paul Bowles. Lewis, Tom J. Book Review 462
Ingeborg B.: Duell mit dem Spiegelbild. Klassen, Julie Book Review 708
Interviews with Writers of the Postcolonial World. Nazareth, Peter Book Review 586
It Wrede Foarjier. Baron, Henry J. Book Review 543
Jazz in the Caribbean air. Weinstein, Norman. 3542
Joseph Brodsky and the Creation of Exile. Terras, Victor Book Review 531
Judge on Trial. Kunes, Karen von Book Review 527
Juffrou Sophia vlug vorentoe. Toerien, Barend J. Book Review 466
Kamau Brathwaite: the voice of African presence. Thiong'o, Ngugi Wa 2239
Kehinde. Newson, Adele S. Book Review 636
Key West Tales. Curran, Ronald Book Review 658
Kirsikankukkia. Binham, Philip Book Review 545
Kondoren. Sjavik, Jan Book Review 438
Korespondence, 2 vols. Bradbrook, B.R. Book Review 455
L'esprit de la foret. Brown, John L. Book Review 672
L'histoire du fou. Smith, Robert P., Jr. Book Review 502
L'homme rompu. Cooper, Danielle Chavy Book Review 723
L'invention du monde. Fahnestock, Lee Book Review 512
L'ombre du double. Cranston, Mechthild Book Review 486
La bicicleta de Leonardo. Stavans, Ilan Book Review 471
La curiosidad impertinente: Entrevistas con narradores argentinos. Lindstrom, Naomi Book Review 448
La escala de los mapas. Clemente, Alice R. Book Review 924
La llama doble: Amor y erotismo. Lindstrom, Naomi Book Review 470
La marche turque. Brown, John L. Book Review 629
La Milagrosa. Pritchett, Kay Book Review 533
La nouvelle: Ecriture(s) et lecture(s). Horn, Pierre L. Book Review 455
La pluma y la mascara. Arrington, Melvin S., Jr. Book Review 368
Ladeira Grande: Antologia Poetica. Moser, Gerald Book Review 495
Lahtosavut. Martin, Margareta Book Review 478
Landsolo. Rosenfeld, Sidney Book Review 275
Latin America's New Historical Novel. McMurray, George R. Book Review 491
Lauta i oziljci. Gorup, Radmila J. Book Review 943
Le Directeur du Musee des Cadeaux des Chefs d'Etat de l'Etranger. Motte, Warren Book Review 504
Le kiosque et le tilleul. Dziekowicz, Donald J. Book Review 595
Le Maitre-Piece. Silenieks, Juris Book Review 326
Le roman camerounais et ses discours. Bruner, Charlotte H. Book Review 563
Le temps des Galarneau. Daniell, Steven Book Review 508
Les fleurs. Evenson, Brian Book Review 532
Like Most Revelations: New Poems. Pratt, William Book Review 522
Lojaliteten. Clareus, Ingrid Book Review 633
Long memory and survival: dramatizing the Arrivants trilogy. Busia, Abena P.A. 4730
Meierkhol'd repetiruet, 2 vols. Meierkhol'd, Vsevolod Emilievich; Sitkovetskaia, M.M. Book Review 985
Mercy of a Rude Stream. Folks, Jeffrey J. Book Review 559
Metallin maku. Paddon, Seija Book Review 649
Murehtimatta! smaragdinen: kubisseja rakkaudesta ja kuolemasta. Dana, Kathleen Osgood Book Review 430
Ne zagoniaite v ugol prokurora. Radley, Philippe D. Book Review 390
New Visions of Creation: Feminist Innovations in Literary Theory. Hutcheon, Linda Book Review 456
Newstead to Neustadt: Kamau Brathwaite. 5507
Northrop Frye: A Visionary Life. Spector, Robert D. Book Review 274
Old Men and Comets. Firchow, Peter Book Review 669
On Writers and Writing. Hutchings, William Book Review 503
One of Ben's: A Tribe Transported. McLeod, A.L. Book Review 572
Oser ecrire. Greenberg, Judith L. Book Review 494
Ostsucht: Eine Jugend im deutsch-deutschen Grenzland. Zimmermann, Ulf Book Review 381
Out of the Howling Storm: The New Chinese Poetry. Allen, Joseph R. Book Review 553
Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. Hutchings, William Book Review 508
Pakao za dnevnu upotrebu. Mihailovich, Vasa D. Book Review 474
Pendants. Ojaide, Tanure Book Review 463
Periplus: Poetry in Translation. Chandran, K. Narayana Book Review 622
Perlur og steinar: Arin medh Jokli. Hallmundsson, Hallberg Book Review 462
Plays: Two. Rusinko, Susan Book Review 438
Porius: A Romance of the Dark Ages. Dick, Bernard F. Book Review 421
Portratt: Ur tidshistorien. Stendahl, Brita Book Review 810
Pppppp: Poems Performance Pieces Proses Plays Poetics. Economou, George Book Review 703
Price iz hada. Mihailovich, Vasa D. Book Review 488
Publishing Brathwaite: adventures in the video style. Rigby, Graeme 6332
Querido traidor. Siemens, William L. Book Review 510
Readings in Pacific Literature. Rigby, Nigel Book Review 524
Reclaiming the soul: poetry, autobiography, and the voice of history. Reiss, Timothy J. 6364
Reflections on the Aesthetics of Futurism, Dadaism, and Surrealism: A Prosody Beyond Words. Thiher, Allen Book Review 747
Remembering Babylon. Coad, David Book Review 794
Rencontres avec Sadegh Hedayat: Le parcours d'une initiation. Beard, Michael Book Review 326
Rereading. Hagen, W.M. Book Review 562
Rjochtdei op de Skieding. Baron, Henry J. Book Review 441
Route Tournante. Fulton, Robin Book Review 705
Safnborg. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 458
Salutation by his excellency Dr. Rudi Webster, ambassador of Barbados to the United States, to Kamau Brathwaite on the presentation of the 1994 Neustadt Prize. Transcript 1492
Scavenger's Son. Ramakrishnan, E.V. Book Review 656
Shades of Empire in Colonial and Post-Colonial Literatures. John, Joseph Book Review 955
Shifting Borders: East European Poetries of the Eighties. Gomori, George Book Review 756
Skrifter: Register. Thygesen, Erik Book Review 854
Son-kraina. Tarnawsky, Marta Book Review 372
Sorcerers. Rigby, Nigel Book Review 489
South African Plays. Gibbs, James Book Review 662
South African Woodcuts. Relich, Mario Book Review 716
Still Alive: An Autobiographical Essay. Czerwinski, E.J. Book Review 555
Strange Tales from Strange Lands. Chang, Sheng-Tai Book Review 624
Su kvalda ast sem hugarfylgsnin geyma. Hallmundsson, Hallberg Book Review 596
Synderegistret: En angergivens betragtninger. Gray, Charlotte Shiander Book Review 480
Tabamatus. Kurman, George Book Review 532
Tam neaizsargatam namam, kas sirds: Dzejoli 1960-1990. Silenieks, Juris Book Review 399
Terrenoire. Cooper, Danielle Chavy Book Review 687
That Promising Reality: New Vision & Values - The Armenian Revival. Zeytountsian, Stephan Book Review 557
The Angel of History. Owens, Rochelle Book Review 549
The Cardinals, with Meditations and Short Stories. Newson, Adele S. Book Review 626
The City. Lloyd, David Book Review 611
The Early Lyrics: 1941-1960. Choi, Yearn Hong Book Review 511
The Fifty-second State of Amnesia. Thorpe, Michael Book Review 517
The Folly. Barnett, Ursula A. Book Review 517
The Gripping Beast. Richey, Jean Book Review 557
The Harafish. Allen, Roger Book Review 673
The Hyoid Bone. Chandran, K. Narayana Book Review 520
The Letters of Ezra Pound to Alice Corbin Henderson. Pratt, William Book Review 558
The Love Songs of Nathan J. Swirsky. Berner, Robert L. Book Review 477
The Novels of Nuruddin Farah. Dasenbrock, Reed Way Book Review 456
The Old Moderns: Essays on Literature and Theory. Pratt, William Book Review 819
The Oxford Book of New Zealand Short Stories. Christensen, Margaret Book Review 532
The Pages of Day and Night. Boullata, Issa J. Book Review 513
The return of the native: Edward Kamau Brathwaite's Masks. Irele, Abiola 5558
The Rushdie Letters: Freedom to Speak, Freedom to Write. Parameswaran, Uma Book Review 589
The Silver Pilgrimage. Palakeel, Thomas Book Review 686
The Story of a Single Woman. Loughman, Celeste Book Review 612
The Sunken Temple. Ryan, Marleigh Grayer Book Review 540
The Times of Turmoil. Baer, Joachim T. Book Review 960
The Traveler. Gomori, George Book Review 567
The trials of authenticity in Kamau Brathwaite. Torres-Saillant, Silvio 9288
The unknown text. James, Cynthia 5876
The Victory. Maciuszko, Jerzy J. Book Review 751
The Way to the Cats. Vardi, Dov Book Review 779
Theoretical Fables: The Pedagogical Dream in Contemporary Latin American Literature. Lindstrom, Naomi Book Review 424
There Are No Black Flowers. Ramras-Rauch, Gila Book Review 1021
These Are My Rivers: New and Selected Poems 1955-1993. Brown, Ashley Book Review 450
To the White Sea. Curran, Ronald Book Review 1066
Too Far from Home. Hagen, W.M. Book Review 395
Tram nghi chan. Nguyen, Dinh-Hoa Book Review 692
Transfigurations of the Maghreb: Feminism, Decolonization, and Literatures. Mortimer, Mildred Book Review 474
Triptyque de Rabat. Gauthier, J.D. Book Review 686
Tro, hab og nederlag. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 436
Tsvet vereska. Dmitriev, Victor; Whitsitt, Sam Book Review 366
Tsvetaeva. Lamont, Rosette C. Book Review 1133
Tula. Silbajoris, Rimvydas Book Review 306
Uber den Unwert des Gedichts: Fragmente und Reflexionen. Donahue, Neil H. Book Review 496
Uber die dunkle Flache: Gedichte 1986-1993. Sharp, Francis Michael Book Review 419
Un fait divers. De Julio, Maryann Book Review 466
Un jour en moins. Talbot, Emile J. Book Review 295
Une histoire de bleu. Lawall, Sarah Book Review 573
Van Gogh's Room at Arles. LaHood, Marvin J. Book Review 587
Vera K.'s hemmelighed. Jones, W. Glyn Book Review 496
Vera Winkelvir: Roman. Ingwersen, Faith Book Review 497
Vluchtig eigendom. Bakker, Martinus Arnoud Book Review 567
Vom Wunsch, Indianer zu werden: Wie Franz Kafka Karl May traf und trotzdem nicht in Amerika landete. Schwarz, Robert Book Review 514
Von den Dingen: Prosagedichte. Bjorklund, Beth Book Review 491
What Is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and Politics. Earnshaw, Doris Book Review 404
Who's got history? Kamau Brathwaite's "Gods of the Middle Passage". Dayan, Joan 6386
Wings of Lead: A Modern Egyptian Novella. Peters, Issa Book Review 364
Wordsongs & Wordwounds/Homecoming: Kamau Brathwaite's Barabajan Poems. Savory, Elaine 6546
Wringing the word. Mackey, Nathaniel 6156
Yksinainen vuori. Fried, Anne Book Review 331

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