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Articles from World Literature Today (June 22, 1994)

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"Ich." Blomster, Wes Book Review 592
13. krossferthin. Hallmundsson, Hallberg Book Review 468
A Different Person: A Memoir. Pratt, William Book Review 561
A History of Norwegian Literature. Lyngstad, Sverre Book Review 509
A Mirror to the Cage: Three Contemporary Hungarian Plays. Brinbaum, Marianna D. Book Review 593
A stepmother tongue: "feminine writing" in Assia Djebar's 'Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade.' Ghaussy, Soheila 5127
A storyteller and his times: 'Ali-Akbar Sa'idi-Sirjani of Iran. Karimi-Hakkak, Ahmad 6022
A Table of Green Fields: Ten Stories. Hutchings, William Book Review 521
A Tidewater Morning. Curran, Ronald Book Review 798
A Walnut Sapling on Masih's Grave and Other Stories by Iranian Women. Rahimieh, Nasrin Book Review 483
Aatami ja Eeva. DuBois, Thomas A. Book Review 481
Across the Bridge. Elgaard, Elin Book Review 395
Adab-e Sarf-e Chai dar Hozur-e Gorg. Hanaway, William L. Book Review 449
After the War: The Novel and England Since 1945. Hutchings, William Book Review 504
Allegro fantastico. Capozzi, Rocco Book Review 559
Amour flou. Roy, G. Ross Book Review 517
An Anthology of Contemporary Japanese Poetry. Morita, James R. Book Review 297
Anglo-Welsh Poetry: 1480-1990. Lloyd, David Book Review 690
Anomalous States: Irish Writing and the Post-Colonial Moment. Quinlan, Kieran Book Review 461
Arayisti petra. Raizis, M. Byron Book Review 289
Arstider och asikter. Stendahl, Brita Book Review 185
Astin fiskanna. Hallmundsson, Hallberg Book Review 393
Aux heures d'affluence. Bishop, Michael Book Review 364
Barbara. Ingwersen, Faith Book Review 485
Barock Friise eller Kjaerligheten er en storre labyrint. Adams, Lotta Gavel Book Review 471
Between the Lines, vol. 2. Bruner, Charlotte H. Book Review 618
Birmanie blues suivi de Voyages a l'interieur. Roy, G. Ross Book Review 265
Brandenburg. Fulton, Robin Book Review 506
Brev till de sovande. Atkinson, Jeanette Lee Book Review 415
Breves d'amour. Roberts, Alan Book Review 351
Briefwechsel. Glenn, Gerry Book Review 601
Buda. Gomori, George Book Review 607
Christina Stead: A Biography. Coad, David Book Review 563
City Poet: The Life and Times of Frank O'Hara. Boening, John Book Review 565
Clandestinita. Costantini, Anthony Book Review 435
Come Back to Me My Language: Poetry and the West Indies. Nazareth, Peter Book Review 481
Contemporary East European Poetry: An Anthology. Czerwinski, E.J. Book Review 432
Continental Heaven. Mattsson, Margareta Book Review 180
Critique et clinique. Evenson, Brian Book Review 471
Crossing the River. Sarvan, Charles; Bulaila, Abdul Aziz Book Review 958
Crosswinds: An Anthology of Black Dramatists in the Diaspora. Waters, Harold A. Book Review 1172
Cultural Diversity in Latin American Literature. Lindstrom, Naomi Book Review 413
Dagbok til en dod. Langemo, Amanda Book Review 518
Das Gleichgewicht des Lichts der Tagesund der Nachtsterne. Hoover, Marjorie L. Book Review 557
Das Napoleon-Spiel. Grawe, Christian Book Review 673
Del vacio y sus dones. Ciplijauskaite, Birute Book Review 446
Der Uhrwerker von Glarus. Schlant, Ernestine Book Review 482
Der Wettermacher. Schwarz, Robert Book Review 512
Die vorletzte Fassung der Wunderwelt. Falk, Thomas H. Book Review 498
Dieu git dans les details: Laborde, un asile. Gathercole, Patricia M. Book Review 308
Dikt og spelmannsmusikk: 1968-1993. Lyngstad, Sverre Book Review 314
Ecrire. Besser, Gretchen Rous Book Review 501
ECW's Biographical Guide to Canadian Novelists. Reed, Sabrina Book Review 450
ECW's Biographical Guide to Canadian Poets. Thorpe, Michael Book Review 517
Ekusutashii. Yoshida, Sanroku Book Review 457
Elizabeth Bishop: Life and the Memory of It. Earnshaw, Doris Book Review 770
Era Uma Vez o Tempo: Diario III. Monteiro, George Book Review 870
Erfindung einer Liebe. Glass-Wickersham, Erlis Book Review 512
Excursions in the Real World. Lanters, Jose Book Review 444
Explosion: Roman der Ethnologie. Bauschinger, Sigrid Book Review 612
Feather Crowns. Folks, Jeffrey J. Book Review 524
Fortune's Favorites. Richey, Norma Jean Book Review 544
Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang. Curran, Ronald Book Review 1017
Foxtrot van die vleiseters. Toerien, Barend J. Book Review 500
Foxtrott im Erfurter Stadion. Glenn, Jerry Book Review 502
French Women's Writing: Recent Fiction. Knapp, Bettina L. Book Review 397
Georges Arnaud: Vie d'un rebelle. Tolson, Melvin B., Jr. Book Review 768
Ghosts. Smyth, Thomas M. Book Review 487
Giose Rimanelli's 'Benedetta in Guysterland': a "liquid" novel of questionable textual boundaries. Tamburri, Anthony Julian 5684
Girls of Alexandria. Amireh, Amal Book Review 644
Groenten uit Balen. Staal, Aarie Book Review 486
Happiness. Lindstrom, Naomi Book Review 452
Haus ohne Menschen. Blomster, Wes Book Review 484
Heisse Maroni. Scrase, David Book Review 592
Herba aqui o alla. McNerney, Kathleen Book Review 451
Herr Paul. Fabian, Hans J. Book Review 605
Het Vliegend Haft. Lanters, Jose Book Review 461
Het wedervaren: Een verslag. Stynen, Ludo Book Review 421
Hierdie lewe. Toerien, Barend J. Book Review 338
Hijos sin hijos. Vendrell, Luis Larios Book Review 554
Hin- und herbrausende Zuge. Prigan, Carol Ludtke Book Review 498
Hirm ja iha. Mikiver, Ilmar Book Review 541
Homage to Moravia. Ricapito, Joseph V. Book Review 334
Hot Property: The Stakes and Claims of Literary Originality. Rudnytsky, Peter L. Book Review 506
Huellas de Salamandra. Stavans, Ilan Book Review 592
I mihani ton mistikon. Savvas, Minas Book Review 288
I nosos ton kinezikon estiatorion. Iliopoulos, S.J. Book Review 307
I simmoria tis arpas. Sampson, Theodore Book Review 328
Il dispatrio. Monga, Luigi Book Review 424
Il silenzio. Ferreri, Denise Valtz Book Review 260
Indian Poetry in English. Perry, John Oliver Book Review 689
Inscripcions, lapides, esteles. Marti-Olivella, Jaume Book Review 565
Ionesco's Imperatives: The Politics of Culture. Allet, Herve Book Review 699
Irish Poetry Now: Other Voices. Quinlan, Kieran Book Review 448
Jacob with a 'C.'(Brief Article) Barnett, Ursula A. Book Review 552
Jag ligger i morkret hos dig. Thygesen, Erik Book Review 588
James Joyce: Reflections of Ireland. Lanters, Jose Book Review 187
Janani. Lago, Mary Book Review 261
Juan Carlos Onetti (1909-1994): an existential allegory of contemporary man. Ainsa, Fernando Obituary 2722
Kraj sveta. Obradovic, Nadezda Book Review 649
Kurage! Gray, Charlotte Schiander Book Review 495
L Morto y os Vivos. Moser, Gerald Book Review 543
L'avenir n'est a personne: Journal, 1990-1992. Brown, John L. Book Review 719
L'ombre de la bete. Brown, John L. Book Review 591
La borra del cafe. Nash, Susan Smith Book Review 586
La colonie du nouveau monde. Wylie, Hal Book Review 561
La femme de Job. Bruner, Charlotte H. Book Review 534
La vidente no tenia nada que ver. Foster, David William Book Review 380
Land of Exile: Contemporary Korean Fiction. Crown, Bonnie R. Book Review 246
Landverlust. Morris, Leslie Book Review 416
Le passager. Bishop, Michael Book Review 265
Le principe d'incertitude. Roberts, Alan Book Review 465
Le songe d'une photo d'enfance. Wylie, Hal Book Review 539
Le storie dell'ultimo giorno. Ferreri, Rosario Book Review 485
Le voile de Draupadi. Cooper, Danielle Chavy Book Review 689
Les enfants de Thai Binh, vol. 1, Nostalgies provinciales. Nguyen, Dinh-Hoa Book Review 882
Les oiseaux de Meryon. Julio, Maryann de Book Review 287
Lettres: 1933-1965. Brown, John L. Book Review 565
Liebesgedichte. Terras, Rita Book Review 410
Life Work. Pratt, William Book Review 270
Likar. Atkinson, Jeanette Lee Book Review 330
Listening to the lower frequencies: Ralph Ellison (1914-1994). McPherson, James Alan Obituary 2229
Literaturgeschichte und literarische Institutionen: Zu einer Pragmatik der Literatur. Rudnick, Hans H. Book Review 364
Ljosin blakta. Hallmundsson, Hallberg Book Review 255
Maman a un amant. Volet, Jean-Marie Book Review 545
Manifest Manners: Postindian Warriors of Survivance. Berner, Robert L. Book Review 492
Mavra litharia. Savvas, Minas Book Review 257
Me Dying Trial. Newson, Adele S. Book Review 554
Medan de annu hade hastar. Oster, Rose-Marie G. Book Review 575
Meiles ir vyno dainos. Silbajoris, Rimvydas Book Review 277
Mellem ar og dag. Ingwersen, Niels Book Review 537
Memory's Fictions: A Personal History. Sharrad, Paul Book Review 623
Mientras la tierra gira. Gerling, David Ross Book Review 506
Miradas sobre el agua. Ciplijauskaite, Birute Book Review 509
Modern Nicaraguan Poetry: Dialogues with France and the United States. Hood, Edward Waters Book Review 519
Muret e muzgut. Elsie, Robert Book Review 449
Musica para olvidar una isla. Foster, David William Book Review 467
My City: A Hongkong Story. Wu, Fatima Book Review 472
Na brisanom prostoru. Mikasinovich, Branko Book Review 509
Naaraan aika. Paddon, Seija Book Review 731
Nacht. Sicht. Gerat. Sharp, Francis Michael Book Review 462
Nar man skjuter arbetare. Oster, Rose-Marie G. Book Review 552
Narrative Chance: Postmodern Discourse on Native American Indian Literatures. Sanchez, Greg Book Review 471
Nege landskappe van ons tye bemaak aan 'n beminde. Toerien, Barend J. Book Review 577
New French Language Plays: Martinique, Quebec, Ivory Coast, Belgium. Waters, Harold A. Book Review 1249
Nikolai Zabolotsky: Play for Mortal Stakes. Terras, Victor Book Review 380
O Chao Salgado. Clemente, Alice R. Book Review 730
O sol nas Noites e O Luar nos Dias, 2 vols. Preto-Rodas, Richard A. Book Review 619
Obra poetica 3: 1980-1990. Forcadas, Albert M. Book Review 464
Obres completes, vol. 2, Novel-la 2. McNerney, Kathleen Book Review 455
Omhelzingen. Staal, Arie Book Review 656
On est si serieux quand on a dix-neuf ans: Journal, 1919-1924. Brown, John L. Book Review 344
Ormens ar. Sjavik, Jan Book Review 476
Out with the Stars. Knudsen, James Book Review 499
Pajaros de la playa. Siemens, William L. Book Review 487
Pakosarja. Martin, margareta Book Review 478
Patterns. Kadir, Djelal Book Review 423
Peace Under Heaven. Knowlton, Edgar C., Jr. Book Review 481
Peinture avec pistolet. St. Aubyn, F.C. Book Review 511
Pelegrini i vonuar. Elsie, Robert Book Review 434
Penelope of the Twentieth Century. Karageorge, Yuri Vidov Book Review 595
Plow Naked: Selected Writings on Poetry. Brown, Ashley Book Review 293
Poezijos pavasaris '93. Silbajoris, Rimvydas Book Review 379
Polocas nadeji. Bradbrook, B.R. Book Review 503
Portrats 5: Gunter Gaus im Gesprach mit Christa Wolf, Rolf Hochhuth, Kurt Maetzig, Wolfgang Mattheuer, Jens Reich. Zimmermann, Ulf Book Review 327
Professor Bernhardi and Other Plays. Zohn, Harry Book Review 267
Putevima i prostorima. Mihailovich, Vasa D. Book Review 492
Quanto spera di campare Giovanni. Gathercole, Patricia M. Book Review 329
Quarantaine. Lanters, Jose Book Review 472
Raiding the Icebox: Reflections on Twentieth-Century Culture. Cornis-Pope, Marcel Book Review 681
Raise the Red Lantern. Patton, Simon Book Review 499
Rede vom Verlust: Uber den Niedergang der politischen Kultur im geeinten Deutschland. Hunt, Irmgard Elsner Book Review 1105
Riding the Yellow Trolley Car. LaHood, Marvin J. Book Review 307
Right Under the Big Sky, I Don't Wear a Hat: The Haiku and Prose of Hosai Ozaki. Morita, James R. Book Review 303
Roses for Sharron. Brown, Ashley Book Review 267
Russian Culture in Transition: Selected Papers of the Working Group for the Study of Contemporary Russian Culture, 1990-1991. McMillin, Arnold Book Review 558
Russian Experimental Fiction: Resisting Ideology After Utopia. Prednewa, Ludmila Book Review 500
Schildwacht schuldwacht: Journal brut boek zes. Stynen, Ludo Book Review 506
Selected Letters: 1940-1985. Rossen, Janice Book Review 559
Selected Poems and Prose. Gadd, Bernard Book Review 525
Selected Poems of Kim Namjo. Knowlton, Edgar C., Jr. Book Review 466
Shtei Shilgiot. Vardi, Dov Book Review 634
Sinobersol sno. Morris, Walter D. Book Review 336
Sixty-Nine. Samuel, Yoshiko Yokochi Book Review 475
Skjult af skoven. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 632
Skyggnur. Isaacson, Lanae Jhortsvang Book Review 624
Solipsism in Israeli feminist poetry: "the great male writer, Toni Morrison." Abend, Dror 3141
Sonar la muerte. Foster, David William Book Review 372
Sounds of Silence. Dwivedi, A.N. Book Review 613
Sri Lankan drama in English: metamorphosis through migration. Goonetilleke, D.C.R.A. 6727
Structures of Negation: The Writings of Zulfikar Ghose. Afzal-Khan, Fawzia Book Review 703
Talmyndir. Isaacson, Lanae Hjortsvang Book Review 257
Tesserae and Other Poems. Firchow, Peter Book Review 748
The Bingo Palace. Meredith, Howard Book Review 477
The Case of the Socialist Witchdoctor and Other Stories. Smith, Robert P., Jr. Book Review 503
The Commission. Krzyzanowski, Jerzy R. Book Review 357
The Cows of Shambat. Ojaide, Tanure Book Review 698
The Darkwood Aquarium. Johnson, Manly Book Review 359
The Dead Leaves. McMurray, George R. Book Review 471
The Fus Fixico Letters. Warrior, Robert Allen Book Review 442
The Green Knight. Knapp, Mona Book Review 494
The Holder of the World. Parameswaran, Uma Book Review 393
The incomplete work of Edward Garatea. Ortega, Julio 2758
The Kwinkan. Rigby, Nigel Book Review 512
The Last Pack of Dingos. Ross, Robert L. Book Review 489
The Last Years of Soviet Russian Literature: Prose Fiction, 1975-1991. Brodsky, Patricia Pollock Book Review 970
The Light People. Sanchez, Greg Book Review 514
The Poetic Craft of Bella Akhmadulina. Efimov, Nina A. Book Review 510
The Quest for Roots: The Poetry of Vasko Popa. Mikasinovich, Branko Book Review 332
The rhythm of reality in the works of Jamaica Kincaid. Simmons, Diane 6409
The Rift. Harrow, Kenneth Book Review 563
The Romanian Novel. Teodorescu-Regier, Jeanine Book Review 401
The Scorpion's Dark Dance. Pace-Jordan, Rosetta di Book Review 207
The thumb of Ekalavya: postcolonial studies and the "Third World" scholar in a neocolonial world. Shankar, S. 8255
The Transparent Eye: Reflections on Translation, Chinese Literature, and Comparative Poetics. Leung, K.C. Book Review 564
The Vienna Coffeehouse Wits: 1890-1938. Falk, Thomas H. Book Review 589
The Year of the Frog. Czerwinski, E.J. Book Review 492
The Zea Mexican Diary: 7 Sept 1926-7 Sept 1986. Dabydeen, Cyril Book Review 574
Thema hronou. Raizis, M. Byron Book Review 305
Three Plays. Iwamoto, Yoshio Book Review 537
Tides. Ojaide, Tanure Book Review 670
Tills doden forenar oss. Mattsson, Margareta Book Review 245
Touched by Fire/Tocats pel foc. Hart, Patricia Book Review 641
Trouver la source. Bishop, Michael Book Review 355
Umbrales. Guyer, Leland Book Review 498
Un dio coperto di rose. Montante, Michela Book Review 508
Under tiden. Lindgren, Raymond E. Book Review 443
Une journee au point d'ombre. Fahnestock, Lee Book Review 462
Unto the Soul. Ramras-Rauch, Gila Book Review 645
Vardojums. Licu loki. Silenieks, Juris Book Review 531
Vera Panova: Stranitsy zhizni. Marshall, Bonnie Book Review 573
Veritas: Lyrik und Prosa, 1950-1992. Terras, Rita Book Review 359
Verso le sorgenti del Cinghio. Pace-Jordan, Rosetta di Book Review 607
Vincent. Bakker, Martinus Arnoud Book Review 537
Vivlio apo Vivlia. Decavalles, Andonis Book Review 541
Voices. Haywood, John Book Review 680
Water. Nandakumar, Prema Book Review 461
Weaving fables. Dabydeen, Cyril 223
Weiser. Stynen, Ludo Book Review 262
When Things Get Worse. Gorjup, Branko Book Review 554
Where doth the Berbice run. Dabydeen, Cyril 3842
Who is the colonist: writing in New Zealand and the South Pacific. Martin, Murray S. 3946
Wortkino: Notizen zur Poesie. Donahue, Neil H. Book Review 289
Zbigniew Herbert: magic finding voice in an occupied land. Pobo, Kenneth 2560

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