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World Hypertension Congress 2013/Dunya Hipertansiyon Kongresi 2013.

Hypertension affects more than 1.5 billion people worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized hypertension as the number one cause of preventable deaths. While significant efforts are made in most of the Western countries to contain the prevalence and incidence of hypertension, the problem is actually on the incline in the developing countries (1).

The objectives of the World Hypertension League (WHL) are to promote the detection, control and prevention of arterial hypertension in populations. The WHL is a federation of leagues, societies, and other national bodies devoted to this goal. The thrust of the WHLs action is in liaison with the member organizations, promoting the exchange of information among them, and offering internationally applicable methods and programs for hypertension control. Bringing together and stimulating organizations committed to the control of hypertension is the goal and raison d'etre of the WHL. The WHL is a division of the International Society of Hypertension (ISH), and is in official relations with the WHO.

The WHL hosts the World Hypertension Congress (WHC) to raise the public awareness and to engage the policy makers to address hypertension prevention and control at the national, regional and community level. In our continuing efforts, the WHL jointly with the Association of Hypertension Control (AHC) is pleased to host the World Hypertension Congress 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey, June 27- 30.

WHC2013 is very important for two reasons in particular for Istanbul: joint meetings with other countries hypertension societies during the congress and public awareness day of WHC.

WHC2013 is supported by many hypertension societies of different countries and civil societies. During the congress, many countries are designing joints meetings to collaborate and cooperate against hypertension.

One whole day is for public awareness in a parallel hall during the main sessions for health professionals are continuing their scientific program. On 29 June 2013, public will attend to the public seminars, workshops. Public will have a chance to learn from professionals that how they can prevent hypertension.

Our aim is to create the awareness of hypertension in Turkey with the basic messages as follow:

[check] Watch your weight

[check] Make healthy food choices

[check] Live an active life

WHC2013 web page ( is ready and abstract submission is opened (


(1.) New WHO report: deaths from noncommunicable diseases on the rise, with developing world hit hardest. Cent Eur J Public Health 2011;19:114-20.

Istemihan Tengiz

Department of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine, Izmir University, Medicalpark Hospital, Izmir-Turkey

Address for Correspondence/Yazisma Adresi: Dr. Istemihan Tengiz Izmir Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Medicalpark Hastanesi, Izmir-Turkiye E-mail:


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Title Annotation:Letters to the Editor/Editore Mektuplar
Author:Tengiz, Istemihan
Publication:The Anatolian Journal of Cardiology (Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Geographic Code:7TURK
Date:Feb 1, 2013
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