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World Baptists on the defensive as Americans pull out.

Early last June at the Baptist World Alliance annual meeting, the U.S.-based Southern Baptist Convention, made headlines with its announcement that it was pulling out of the BWA. The SBC was objecting to a perceived liberal leaning in the BWA, manifesting itself as tolerance toward homosexuality and support for women in the clergy. The SBC also objected to perceived "anti-American pronouncements."

Some would say the BWA is on the right track. But not so fast, says the BWA: it claims have been misrepresented and has accused the SBC of slander.

In an official statement that was designed to clear up the confusion, the BWA made the following points: "The BWA is not a liberal organization!"; "The BWA does not promote women as pastors of churches nor does it argue against the practice"; and "The BWA does not support homosexuality as an acceptable life-style, believing it to be incompatible with the teachings of Scripture!"

The BWA also insisted that it was not anti-American and that "Baptists should always be good and patriotic citizens of their countries," but that "patriotism must always be limited to and judged by the Bible's call for ultimate loyalty to Christ who is above all!"

"How sad that the BWA has been defamed and our strongly Biblical and evangelical stance has been irreparably hurt by innuendos, false accusations, and guilt by association," the statement read.

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Date:Aug 1, 2004
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