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World's hop crop down nearly 7%.

According to a production forecast from the Economic Commission of the International Hop Growers Commission and Hop Growers of America, hop producers will realize up to a 15-percent drop in 1992's yields-per-acre compared to the 1991 IHGC hop harvest.

However, the reduced yields may be offset by an increase in hop acreage. as the IHGC has estimated a total production drop of only 6.7 percent.

This year, IHGC acreage totaled 177,714 acres - a 1.3-percent increase over last year. U.S. hop growers accounted for most of this increase, according to the IHGC, since most European growers reduced their acreage this year.

Aroma hops continued to be the dominant variety, accounting for 63 percent of total IHGC acreage.

In the U. S. specifically, according to a recent U.S.D.A. report, hop growers expect a yield of 67.7 million pounds in 1992. Nonetheless, the three top hop producing countries are expected to show declines in yields over last year: Washington, down 9.8 percent; Oregon, down 6 percent; and Idaho, down 1 percent.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Sep 7, 1992
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