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World's Largest Dinosaur Park to Rise in Queensland.

The set used in the 1990s movie Jurassic Park would look like a miniature model when Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer builds the world's largest dinosaur park.

Mr Palmer just got permit to construct the park in his coastal resort in Queensland, which will feature 160 moving and roaring dinosaur replicas that could wag their tails, move their chests and blink their eyes.

The made-in-China creatures will include five Tyrannosaurus Rex robots that are up to 25 feet high and a Ruyongosaurus that rises to 30 feet.

Queensland's Sunshine Coast council unanimously approved Mr Palmer's application after it thumbed down concerns made by some residents that the dinosaurs would cut the reputation of his Coolum Resort.

"This is not Disneyland. It is not a theme park. It's something that mum and dad will take the kids for a walk down. It's a 300 metre bike track and it's very heavily vegetated so it gives that Jurassic feel," The Telegraph quoted Councillor Jason O'Pray who initially block the park's application.

Even before he was granted the permit by Queensland, Mr Palmer had already installed several dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures such as a 60-foot ancient crocodile in his 150-hectare resort. He has allocated a 1.3-hectare fenced-off area for the dinosaur exhibit.

Mr Palmer is also embarking on two other major initiatives besides building the Dinosaur Park. He will also make a replica of the Titanic that will sail in 2016 the route where the ill-fated luxury liner went through and challenge Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Coalition leader Tony Abbott for the prime minister's post in the yet-to-be announced federal election date.

Mr Palmer heads the Palmer United Party.
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Date:Jul 25, 2013
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