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Workshops western style.

Targeted workshops for specific groups of members were the bill of fare in Dallas on the weekend before the official opening of the ASIS 44th Annual Seminar and Exhibits. The spirited discussions they engendered helped break down boundaries among participants and guided attendees toward solutions to common problems.

Lesson in teamwork. New members got a lesson in teamwork at this year's New Member Orientation. ASIS President F. Mark Geraci, CPP, and Steven C. Millwee, CPP, ASIS regional vice president (RVP) of education and newly elected member of the Society's Board of Directors, told attendees that involvement in ASIS leadership roles has had a lasting effect on their professional lives.

Nearly two hundred new members and first-time seminar and exhibits attendees converged for the rousing introduction to ASIS. Millwee delivered an animated and humorous talk in which he urged members to attend Society functions beyond the annual seminar and exhibits, specifically chapter meetings. He suggested that members ask questions, seek out people who can serve as resources, and develop lasting friendships with other members.

New member Evelyn Ocasio Aviles, the director of security for the Treasury Department in Puerto Rico, officially joined the Society in April and said, "I'm committed to helping out in any way I can."

Pedro Vargas, a security consultant for U.C.L.A., was encouraged by his coworkers to join the Society about three months ago. He came to the seminar and exhibits to see whether his experience matched the rave reviews given by his friends.

"It's turning out to be everything they said it was," said Vargas. "They said it was a good way to network, and that seems to be the case, I think the level of professionalism is excellent. I'm really impressed."

Leaders convene. Sunday's annual chapter officers' training session focused on developing leadership skills and best practices. "We want to show you how to build an exciting, creative chapter that keeps members coming back month after month," said moderator Sheila Pearce, CPP, ASIS assistant regional vice president of education.

The afternoon workshop began with an inspiring presentation from Millwee. He reviewed the six consistent characteristics of good leaders, the four types of leaders, the twenty leadership sins, the difference between managers and leaders, and other leadership insights. He advised attendees not to use quick fixes when problem-solving, but to "weave yourself into the fabric of your members" and to work as a team in which "together everyone accelerates membership."

Among the other speakers was James J. Healey, CPP, RVP for ASIS Region XVIII, who discussed raising funds for chapters. Healey reviewed the experience of the Boston Chapter in raising money for its John P. Manning Fund. Chapter members took a creative approach and instituted a highly successful yearly golf tournament that brings in the profit needed to sustain the Manning Fund.

Loretta W. Veney, CPP, RVP for ASIS Region XV, spoke on growing and mentoring future ASIS leaders. "Like everything else that blooms in life," Veney said, "the growth and development of future ASIS leaders require cultivating and nurturing. Who's responsible for the growth and development of future leaders?" she asked. "As current ASIS leaders, we are."

Veney suggested that chapter leaders seek out potential leaders at chapter meetings, determine interest in future chapter leadership positions, volunteer to take a future leader under wing, and provide that person with information on chapter operations. While this mentoring should include discussions on the positive side of chapter operations, said Veney, the leader must not sugarcoat the negative aspects.

The workshop also included a panel discussion on how to run a successful chapter seminar or law enforcement appreciation event, and how chapters could use the resources on the World Wide Web and Internet to their advantage.
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Title Annotation:workshops provided at the American Society for Industrial Security 44th Annual Seminar and Exhibits in Dallas, Texas
Publication:Security Management
Date:Oct 1, 1998
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