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Workshop brings together worldwide container experts.


SDDC's core values--Committed, Dependable, Relentless--aptly described the 184 attendees who recently gathered at Pocono Manor, Pa., for the annual SDDC/AIDPMO--hosted Worldwide Container Training workshop. The group, professional transporters and logisticians, joined together June 16-18 for three agenda-packed days to get their arms around the oftentimes challenging container management mission.

Col. Paul Giovino, deputy chief of staff for operations, G3, SDDC, served as the keynote speaker. He reminded the attendees that the DOD container inventory has grown extensively since Desert Shield and Storm. The mission has grown progressively each year, indicative of its mushrooming responsibilities and oversight, with the multi-service container management team busy preparing for the responsible withdrawal and reset of containers in theater.

"We have a big mission ahead of us," said Giovino, "to get the majority of our forces back to the United States, and that includes the estimated 90,000 containers in theater. We are moving the largest redeployment force ever known in a very short period of time," said Giovino.

The Army Intermodal and Distribution Platform Management Office (AIDPMO), assigned to SDDC since October 2008, initiated the workshop to bring together those involved in the container mission. With the surge of container requirements for forward deployed forces, the number of interested agencies has grown dramatically.

"This is our largest workshop to date," said Sandy Gorba, chief, AIDPMO. "We began eight years ago with a mere 30 participants, and attendance has increased to more than 180 folks, most of whom tackle container issues daily."

These "who's who" of DOD container experts come from every service, both military and civilian, from all points on the globe--Iraq, Kuwait, Japan, Hawaii, Europe, Alaska, as well as dozens of stateside activities and units--to share their successes, ideas and issues.

"We had full support from all the services to ensure that they were getting the right folks here," said Col. Ken Shannon, director, Global Container Management Office, SDDC G3. "This vital container management responsibility is a critical piece of a warrior's checklist of 'must haves' when units move either to or from stateside, abroad, or theater. Workshops like these truly help us find the best ways to manage containers as we all work together as one team."


Lively discussion en sued during each session, and experts were on hand during panels and breakout sessions, creating an environment conducive to tackling ongoing issues as well as energizing this team with a common cause--to ensure serviceable containers are not only available when needed, but expertly managed, tracked, and utilized.

"This is especially critical as we drawdown in Iraq," said Shannon. "Our partnership with AIDPMO, together with an SDDC-managed Army Reserve element, has dramatically strengthened our abilities to manage this global DOD general cargo inventory worldwide, thus supporting the warfighter."


Story by June M. Pagan, SDDC Command Affairs
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Author:Pagan, June M.
Date:Jun 22, 2009
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