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Workshop Aids On A Budget.

I enjoyed "Workshop Aids On A Budget" in the January 2016 issue. Like you, I have always made do with what's at hand to keep costs down. I am still using the wooden adjustable rifle cradle I made over 30 years ago. It is not as fancy and as adjustable as the one you described but it still fills my needs.

The thing that took my interest most was the piece of angle iron screwed to the bottom of the tool you produced. For me, it was another one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" things. The base of my rifle cradle is a long piece of 1x8 pine that is made to sit on a flat bench. I screwed a short piece of thin angle iron onto the bottom and now I can rotate my cradle to position the gun I am working on in nearly any direction needed by rotating the vise and locking it down. It works like a champ, except now I can't sit my cradle on the work bench anymore when I need the gun held lower.

To remedy, I cut two pieces from 1x2 pine to the width of my bottom plate and screwed each near the end of the plate, clearing the angle iron piece by several inches. My cradle can now sit firm on my work bench again without raising the gun any more than the height of the 1x2. Thank you for your shop hints.

Fletcher M. Pool

Ordway, CO

Author Dick Maheu responds. Thanks for your comments and glad to hear your cradle is working with the modification. When I first started it was like pulling teeth to get old timer gunsmiths to give up any "secrets" or pass along hard-won tips. American Gunsmith publishes such info meant to help all, novice or professional.

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Title Annotation:READER FORUM
Author:Pool, Fletcher M.
Publication:American Gunsmith
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Apr 1, 2016
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