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Books offer wisdom when we need it most. Hughes, Kelly Personal account Jul 10, 2020 1082
John Bowlby and Heinz Kohut, meet Karl Friston: Attachment theory and object relations theory, meet neuroscience. Heru, Alison M. Jan 1, 2020 1673
Woman on Trial: Tribulations of Phyllis Chesler Recalled in Memoir. Cole, Susan G. Mar 22, 2019 1496
THE JORDAN PETERSON PHENOMENON. Ellmers, Glenn Essay Jun 22, 2018 4805
J. R. Kantor's Philosophical Dissertation and His Psychological Science. Delprato, Dennis J. Essay Jun 1, 2018 2225
J. R. Kantor: Theory as the Basic Research Instrument. Inesta, Emilio Ribes Case study Jun 1, 2018 4361
Jordan Peterson Is Not the Second Coming: SO WHY HAS A GENERATION OF WAYWARD YOUNG MEN WELCOMED HIM AS THEIR MESSIAH? Welch, Matt Jun 1, 2018 2898
Psychological Events as Integrated Fields. Hayes, Linda J.; Fryling, Mitch J. Essay Jun 1, 2018 3582
Kantor's Interbehaviorism in Colombia. Pena-Correal, Telmo E. Essay Jun 1, 2018 2816
Mary Pipher's "I Am From" in Art Application & Poetic Expression for Identity Exploration. Juarez, Ilian Hernandez Report Sep 22, 2017 3238
The three P's and my son's diagnosis. Huhtanen, Shelly Column Aug 1, 2017 884
The Emerging Adulthood Gap: Integrating Emerging Adulthood into Life Course Criminology. Salvatore, Christopher Jan 1, 2017 7162
Uncanny documentary. Maurice, Alice Essay Jan 1, 2016 3791
Selected leading American educational psychologists. Ediger, Marlow Dec 1, 2015 2174
Aristotle, Aquinas, and Seligman on happiness. Kaczor, Christopher Sep 22, 2015 6416
The curse of knowledge--the blessing of Pinker. Berr, Bruce Aug 1, 2015 752
Intelligent dispositions: Dewey, habits and inquiry in teacher education. Nelsen, Peter J. Report Jan 1, 2015 10061
Too cute: Konrad Lorenz proposed the notion of a "baby schema," a set of facial and body features that make a creature appear "cute" and activates in others, the motivation to care for it. Rader, Rick Aug 1, 2014 1041
William James' 'Automatic Sweetheart' revisited: comparing Sternberg's love measurements for real versus identical android sweethearts. Osborn, Matthew; Ginsburg, Harvey Report Jun 1, 2014 4683
Awakening the natural genius in Black children workshop. Howard, Kamm Report Jul 15, 2013 4488
Reflections on pedagogical approaches to utilizing Amos Wilson's the falsification of African consciousness in community psychology classes. Dennard, Danna Essay Jul 15, 2013 1478
On certain similarities between mainstream psychology and the writings of B.F. Skinner. Goddard, Murray J. Report Jun 22, 2012 6890
Freud and the drone: robot war means more killing, less guilt. Warner, Ed Jun 1, 2012 804
Psychology of religion and the books that made it happen. Morgan, John H. Report Dec 22, 2011 9683
Psychology, Science, Feminisms, and Cultural Studies: A Book Review Article of New Books by Bell and Harding. Campoy-Cubillo, Adolfo Critical essay Dec 1, 2011 4715
Carl Jung in the twenty-first century. Carter, David Dec 1, 2011 4158
William James's pluralism. Slater, Michael R. Essay Sep 1, 2011 11101
Geometry comes naturally to the unschooled mind: Amazonian villagers grasp abstract spatial concepts. Bower, Bruce Jun 18, 2011 804
The science of libertarian morality: a social psychology study explores the formation of the libertarian personality. Bailey, Ronald Jan 13, 2011 1127
Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor: history of the social penetration theory. Cseh, Patricia B. Report Jan 1, 2011 2309
Emotional intelligence: do you have it? Merkey, Linda L. Dec 1, 2010 813
A brain for narrative, a boost for neuroscience. Renner, Pamela Nov 1, 2010 355
Paul A. Witty: a friend of gifted children. Jolly, Jennifer L.; Bruno, Justin Biography Sep 22, 2010 2751
It's a U-shaped world: a batesonian prescription for promoting public health. Waters, David J.; Chiang, Emily C. Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2010 2735
The Death of Psychology: Integral & Fifth Force Psychologies. Technical Paper No. 36. Fisher, R. Michael Author abstract Jan 1, 2010 339
Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Helding, Lynn Essay Nov 1, 2009 4002
Finding happiness after Harvard. Sep 22, 2009 610
The importance of sport in society. Suter, Keith Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2009 3583
Sketch of J. R. Kantor's psychological interbehavioral field theory. Delprato, Dennis J.; Smith, Noel W. Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 3405
Nun forges deep bond with people with mental illness. Maxson, Lisa Sep 4, 2009 602
Latest Message from Water: Is Dr. Emoto a Spiritual Madoff? Brief article May 1, 2009 529
Reviving the Milgram obedience paradigm in the era of informed consent. Navarick, Douglas J. Report Mar 22, 2009 6810
Does Stevens's power law for brightness extend to perceptual brightness averaging? Bauer, Ben Report Mar 22, 2009 5885
Mind and Its Evolution: A Dual Coding Theoretical Approach. Delprato, Dennis J. Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 2529
Establishing derived manding for specific amounts with three children: an attempt at Synthesizing Skinner's Verbal Behavior with relational frame theory. Murphy, Carol; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot Report Jan 1, 2009 5811
Psychological events and constructs: an alliance with Smith. Fryling, Mitch J.; Hayes, Linda J. Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 4106
Daring to Give Our Children a Voice. Winn, Sandra K. Report Oct 29, 2008 195
CARE OF THE SOUL: Is That Your Complex Speaking? Jul 1, 2008 779
The long good-bye: why B.F. Skinner's Verbal Behavior is alive and well on the 50th anniversary of its publication. Schlinger, Henry D. Critical essay Jun 22, 2008 3756
CONNECTIONS: Why Free Love Didn't Start in the South. Kiesling, Stephen May 1, 2008 363
Seeing and experiencing Chouinard: the body language of the spectator. Cornell, Katherine Mar 22, 2008 8134
A Bronfenbrenner ecological perspective on the transition to teaching for alternative certification. Tissington, Laura D. Report Mar 1, 2008 1289
A problematic alliance: colonial anthropology, recapitulation theory, and G. Stanley Hall's program for the liberation of America's youth. Garrison, Joshua Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 7273
Some reasons why I use REBT in my private practice and personal life. Minor, John Oct 1, 2007 1500
Evidence in support of Gottfredson's common cognitive map of occupations. Beavis, Adrian Sep 22, 2007 2638
The research legacy of Leta S. Hollingworth. Jolly, Jennifer L. Jun 22, 2007 5469
What is integral theory? Marquis, Andre Apr 1, 2007 8121
The self-system in integral counseling. Ingersoll, R. Elliott; Cook-Greuter, Susanne R. Apr 1, 2007 7755
Integral counseling and a three-factor model of defenses. Pearson, Willow Apr 1, 2007 5768
An integral approach to counseling ethics. Foster, Durwin; Black, Timothy G. Apr 1, 2007 7295
Guy M. Whipple. Jolly, Jennifer L. Jan 1, 2007 1795
Getting what we deserve. Pelton, Leroy H. Jul 1, 2006 3080
Jung and the African Diaspora. Mills, Barry Critical essay Jun 22, 2006 2983
A primer on multiple intelligences. Mar 1, 1997 832

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