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HIGHLIGHTS OF BOOKS. Mar 22, 2022 630
Proving the proverbial gadfly: situating the historical and racial context of Southern medical works by Mary Louise Marshall. Weeks, Aidy Report Oct 1, 2021 8493
Grotius Collection Online: Printed Works. Kallendorf, Craig Sep 22, 2020 530
Giggers, Greeners, Peyserts, and Palliards: Rendering Slang in al-Bukhala' of al-Jahiz. Blankinship, Kevin Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 11793
Hindu Law and Society. Nemec, John Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 7920
Archives, Authority, Aura: Modernism's Archival Turn. Milthorpe, Naomi Essay Jan 1, 2019 4211
Ulli Beier's "Poetry of the Yoruba" (Delos 2,1968): A Bibliographic Note. Sep 22, 2018 1306
Expressing authorial self in research articles written by Polish and English native-speaker writers: A corpus-based study. Hryniuk, Katarzyna Report Sep 1, 2018 8146
Twinned careers: Public sector practitioners in public administration teaching and research. O'Neill, Michael A.; Wilkins, John K. Report Sep 1, 2018 7299
Black Scholars Matter: Celebrating Black academicians and their scholarship. Hudson, Walter; Pennamon, Tiffany Feb 8, 2018 3154
Jane Marcus in the Archives: Politics and Pleasures. Camarasana, Linda; Foster, J. Ashley; Hackett, Robin; Jones, Clara; Mills, Jean Jan 1, 2018 1745
W.E.B. Du Bois Papers: Special Collections & University Archives University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts. Oct 1, 2017 1645
Boniface I. Obichere Papers: 1959-1996. Jul 1, 2017 915
Congratulations to the 2017 dissertation fellows. Jun 22, 2017 259
The Cultivation of Citizens: Degeneration, Sexuality, and Nationalist Biopolitics in Zhu Guangqian's on Cultivation. Judy, Ron S. Report Jun 1, 2016 10207
Review essay: The Worldwide Web of Erasmus. van Herwaarden, Jan Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 4453
Fernando Oliveira's Art of War at Sea (1555): a pioneering treatise on naval strategy. Monteiro, Luis Nuno Sardinha Sep 22, 2015 6244
World War I: the closing period of the childhood of humanity. Levinson, Martin H. Apr 1, 2015 2960
The time binders in Korzybski's manhood of humanity. Daiya, Krishna Essay Jan 1, 2015 2168
Form, substance and difference. Bateson, Gregory Essay Jan 1, 2015 6609
Waiting to exhale. Plaviose, David Editorial Jan 1, 2015 855
Dave Kopel: Bill of Rights safeguards "pre-existing human rights". Armstrong, Ari Jun 22, 2014 539
Sharon harris: Scholar, mentor, friend. Belasco, Susan Essay Jun 1, 2014 2272
Editor's introduction. Beasley, Vanessa B. Column May 15, 2014 1324
Mending boundaries: how three African countries are overcoming tensions between parkland conservation, threatened wildlife and humans on the periphery. Steino, Anne Mar 1, 2014 1068
Electronic Journals, Prestige, and the Economics of Academic Journal Publishing. Tötösy de Zepetnek, Steven; Jia, Joshua Mar 1, 2014 8572
A moral education from C.S. Lewis. Meilaender, Gilbert Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 3704
Make an Entrance: "The Gates of Harvard Yard," an iBook by Blair Kamin, NF '13, profiles Harvard's 25 portals. Jan 1, 2014 385
World literature after Orientalism: the enduring lure of the occident. Hafez, Sabry Essay Jan 1, 2014 11423
Sleepwalk to suicide: hubris no greater than America's led Europe to World War I. Gottfried, Paul Jan 1, 2014 1148
Beginning again: rereading Edward Said. McCarthy, Conor Sep 22, 2013 3359
Edward Said as a Lukacsian critic: modernism and empire. Brennan, Timothy Essay Sep 22, 2013 9470
Edward Said's imaginative geographies and the struggle for climate justice. Dawson, Ashley Essay Sep 22, 2013 9231
Said, Lukacs, and Gramsci: beginnings, geography, and insurrection. McCarthy, Conor Essay Sep 22, 2013 15722
Edward Said and third-world Marxism. Parry, Benita Essay Sep 22, 2013 10633
Dr Roderic Alley. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 250
Brian Lynch ONZM. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 285
Antisemitism in UK academia. Heni, Clemens Essay Jun 1, 2013 7066
Tributes to Frances Smith Foster: recipient of the SSAWW'S Karen Dandurand lifetime achievement medal, 2012. Tuttle, Jennifer S. Jun 1, 2013 632
A riff, a call, and a response: reframing the problem that led to our being tokens in ethnic and gender studies; or, where are we going anyway and with whom will we travel? Essay Jun 1, 2013 6998
52-year Summa translation project wrapped up. Mar 1, 2013 395
The radical evolution of Du Boisian Pan-Africanism. Ratcliff, Anthony J. Mar 1, 2013 8578
Practicing what we preach: the geographic diversity of editorial boards. Harzing, Anne-Wil; Metz, Isabel Report Mar 1, 2013 8699
Cultural studies: Kellie Jones talks with Robert Farris Thompson. Interview Feb 1, 2013 2277
Continents adrift? Suturing the cultural and political divide in Assia Djebar's Femmes d'Alger dans leur appartement, L'amour, la fantasia, and Vaste est la prison. Vallury, Rajeshwari S. Essay Jan 1, 2013 6406
Ibn Firnas and his contribution to the aviation technology of the world. Jamsari, Ezad Azraai; Nawi, Mohd Aliff Mohd; Sulaiman, Adibah; Sidik, Roziah; Zaidi, Zanizam; Ashari Report Jan 1, 2013 3603
Berry opened eyes to the God infused within the universe. Fox, Thomas C. Dec 7, 2012 856
Bernard Lewis' Stubborn Hope. Goldman, David P. May 9, 2012 1094
Recent and forthcoming Hawthorne scholarship. Brief article Mar 22, 2012 171
Ecocriticism and Christian literary scholarship. Burbery, Timothy J. Essay Jan 1, 2012 10463
Matteo Ricci: pioneer of Chinese-Western dialogue and cultural exchanges. Wiest, Jean-Paul Jan 1, 2012 4593
Globalizing Comparative Literature. Aslam, Saiyma Essay Dec 31, 2011 4807
The lone wolf in Inner Asia. Speech Oct 1, 2011 8212
Franklin Hamlin Littell: forty years in the wilderness and beyond. Geldbach, Erich Essay Sep 22, 2011 3438
Franklin H. Littell's and Israel W. Charny's early warning systems. Jacobs, Steven Leonard Sep 22, 2011 4110
More than credibility: building on the legacy of Franklin H. Littell. Knight, Henry F. Essay Sep 22, 2011 1988
The vision of Malcolm X. Jun 22, 2011 574
Rethinking Malcolm means first learning how to think: what was Marable thinking? And how? Alkalimat, Abdul Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 5991
Malcolm and Manning. Boyd, Herb Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 1911
From Malcolm Little to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, a life of revolutionary transformation: Manning Marable's Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention. Cha-Jua, Sundiata Keita Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 8223
Manning Marable's reinvention of Malcolm X: the biography that hype couldn't save. Sales, William W., Jr. Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 4947
Congratulations to the 2011 AAAI fellows! Brief article Jun 22, 2011 202
Juozas Eretas (Joseph Ehret) and his work for Lithuania/ Juozas Eretas (Joseph Ehret): darbai Lietuvai. Vasiliauskiene, Aldona Report Jun 1, 2011 4958
Musings and reflections. Hillerbrand, Hans Column Jun 1, 2011 2462
Homer's Odyssey: Penelope and the case for early recognition. Vlahos, John B. Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 35844
Is there early recognition between Penelope and Odysseus? Book 19 in the larger context of the Odyssey. Louden, Bruce Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 11504
Marjory Scott Wardrop and early Twentieth-century Georgian History. Stoyer, Shorena Critical essay Mar 1, 2011 5120
Beyond tragedy: Arendt, Rogat, and the judges in Jerusalem. Gottlieb, Susannah Young-ah Report Jan 1, 2011 5257
Marc Raeff: a bibliography (1993-2008). Molloy, Molly Jan 1, 2011 5945
The market for Luca Pacioli's summa de arithmetica: some comments. Yamey, Basil S. Critical essay Dec 1, 2010 4070
Editing into clarity: a scholar's initial stab at sharing his ideas gets mixed results; his continued effort to clarify his meaning produces a valuable article. Wineburg, Sam Dec 1, 2010 727
Dissident academics and the new right. Dutton, Edward Critical essay Sep 22, 2010 3606
ACCI Memorial Paper: the scholarly legacy of E. Scott Maynes. Geistfeld, Loren V. Mar 22, 2010 4899
Editor's Introduction. Editorial Mar 1, 2010 602
Lost pioneers of science: medieval scholars were the first to make the connection between maths and science and anticipated the discovery of inertia long before Newton. So why have their discoveries been forgotten. Hannam, James Jan 1, 2010 1062
Rebecca Earle: The Return of the Native: Indians and Myth-Making in Spanish America, 1810-1930. Durston, Alan Critical essay Oct 1, 2009 1302
Work and class in the Box Store University: autobiographies of working-class academics. Mazurek, Raymond A. Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 14615
Marcus Aurelius, Henryk Elzenberg, and Zbigniew Herbert: An Encounter. Wilczek, Piotr Critical essay Sep 1, 2009 1647
Remembering Elfreda Chatman: a champion of theory development in Library and Information Science education. Thompson, Kim M. Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 3778
A modern Burke: Lionel Trilling was also a liberal reformer of conservative temperament. Hart, Jeffrey Mar 9, 2009 2625
Reading practices of a Tudor educator: Nicholas Udall's annotated copy of Thomas Linacre's De emendata structura Latini Sermonis libri sex. Juhasz-Ormsby, Agnes Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 10525
The injuries of time: Geoffrey Chaucer, Thomas Speght and Wade's Boat. Trigg, Stephanie Critical essay Sep 22, 2008 4855
Liturgical drama and the "School of Abelard". Wulstan, David Sep 22, 2008 5049
Brief introduction to Joseph Carroll and the special issue of Style: an evolutionary paradigm for literary study. Knapp, John V. Jun 22, 2008 861
Compliments and complements. Cooke, Brett Jun 22, 2008 1897
Beyond words: can literary Darwinism address the unsaid and inexpressible in literary creation and response? Dissanayake, Ellen Jun 22, 2008 1746
What are literary scholars for? What is art for? Gottschall, Jonathan Jun 22, 2008 2474
UCLA scholars receive research award for study of Asian students. Brief article Apr 17, 2008 113
Daniel Lerner, cold war propaganda and us development communication research: an historical critique. Bah, Umaru Mar 22, 2008 6172
The future in the face of militant Islam "understanding and meeting the challenge". Zubrod, Gordon A.D. Critical essay Mar 4, 2008 572
Scholars at work. Ayres, Marie-Louise Feb 1, 2008 1035
Faculty Priorities Reconsidered: Rewarding Multiple Forms of Scholarship. Sorcinelli, Mary Deane; Desantis, Jami Critical essay Nov 1, 2007 1498
Luminary reflections/Reflexions. Hayter, Roger Jun 22, 2007 1952
A remarkable Kushana image-linga from Mathura discovered by Bhagwanlal Indraji. Desai, Devangana Jun 1, 2007 3615
Addition by subtraction: toward a literary history of racial representation. Jarrett, Gene Andrew Jun 1, 2007 2787
Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Erasmus's De Copia, and sentential ambiguity. Yu, Jeffrey J. Mar 22, 2007 10806
Encountering Islam. Valiunas, Algis Essay Mar 22, 2007 6905
Giuseppe Tucci and historical studies on Tibetan art. Bue, Erberto Lo Report Mar 22, 2007 5668
Tragedy or comedy? Boris the visuals and musico-visuals: Juliet Forshaw and Stacy Dubov. Emerson, Caryl Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 2546
The Maya war of words: scholarly theories collide around the disappearance of the ancient Maya. How do you spell collapse? Werner, Louis Nov 1, 2006 3319
Wei Yao's disquisition on boyi. Lien, Y. Edmund Critical essay Oct 1, 2006 7484
Democracy in a sentence. Brief article Sep 22, 2006 236
Reviewer or roadblock? Editorial board members should have an awareness of different cultural worldviews. Ignorance of diversity is no excuse. Marbley, Aretha Faye Sep 7, 2006 654
The progressive credentials of Patrick Henry Pearse: a response to David Limond (1). Walsh, Brendan J. Jul 1, 2006 8299
Mark Van Doren & American classicism. Hart, Jeffrey May 1, 2006 3773
'That Godless Court'? An interview with church-state scholar Ron Flowers. Interview Mar 1, 2006 1623
The politics of dispossession, belonging, and hope: remembering Edward W. Said. Heristchi, Claire Obituary Jul 1, 2005 9901
Conrad and Edmund Candler: a neglected correspondence. Corkill, Rachael A. Mar 22, 2005 4546
Invading other people's territory: The Inheritors. Curreli, Mario Mar 22, 2005 9432
The rover: a post-skeptical novel? Epstein, Hugh Critical Essay Mar 22, 2005 7312
Bad management theories: mistaken conclusion. Ali, Abbas J. Jan 1, 2005 1748
Slumberous mumblement in academe: tortured sentences, strangled thoughts. Fulford, Robert Critical Essay Dec 22, 2004 2409
Origin, operation, and significance: the federalism of William H. Riker. Volden, Craig Sep 22, 2004 9426
From the editor. Editorial Sep 22, 2004 394
Luigi Monga (1941-2004): a bibliography of his writings. Di Biase, Carmine G. Bibliography Jan 1, 2004 4289
Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik and American Jewry's response to the Holocaust. Lookstein, Haskel Sep 22, 2003 2237
Technology and the commodification of higher education. Noble, David F. Mar 1, 2002 5602

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