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The art of reduction. Thompson, Damian Jun 1, 2021 795
'Raymond Erith's work holds important lessons'. Holland, Charles May 1, 2021 1188
A new New Delhi? Ray, Debika May 1, 2021 2087
King of the castle? Timothy Brittain-Catlin on Louis Kahn. Brittain-Catlin, Timothy Mar 1, 2021 1078
Palladio's monument to the plague in Venice: William Aslet on the church of II Redentore. Aslet, William Jul 1, 2020 1110
It's time to come back down to earth: Gillian Darley in praise of an ancient material. Darley, Gillian Jun 1, 2020 1018
'James Wines is surely due a revival'. Heathcote, Edwin Feb 1, 2020 1176
When Palladio came to Cheshire--in the 1980s. Brittain-Catlin, Timothy Oct 1, 2019 1054
The furore over the Notre-Dame spire competition has echoes of the Louvre overhaul, covered by Apollo in 1989. O'Byrne, Robert Jun 1, 2019 784
How to Avoid the Big Head. Brief article May 20, 2019 203
'Thomas Mawson's designs are never nostalgic'. Holland, Charles Feb 1, 2019 1100
Turkish newcomer looking to make his mark on new skyline. Chen, Jackson Sep 26, 2018 1051
The Aesthetic of Suzhou. Dunaif, Anya Jul 1, 2018 2283
These Honored Dead. Leigh, Catesby Mar 22, 2018 4822
FICTION/NON-FICTION, OR: MYTH AND THE ARCHITECT'S ARCHITECTURE. Brown, Alexandra; Steen, Andrew P. Report Mar 1, 2018 8934
A criminal genius: Gavin Stamp on the career of J.L. Pearson. Stamp, Gavin Nov 1, 2017 1268
A Critical Analysis of the Exploratory Art of Kunle Adeyemi. Olaleye-Otunla, Olufemi Joseph Report Oct 1, 2017 5762
Modernizing Michigan: the work of Minora Yamasaki: with more than 250 projects to his name, including the former World Trade Center in Manhattan, architect Minoru Yamasaki left an impression around the world through the buildings he designed--many of which reside in Michigan. Wagenaar, Amy Sep 1, 2017 2168
Burkinabe architect Kere's unique vision celebrated in London. Highet, Juliet Aug 1, 2017 1869
Art Adventures in the Genius Belt: Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Brooks, Iris May 1, 2017 3118
Two proposals by two very different architects: Gavin Stamp on a bitter historical dispute in the City of London. May 1, 2017 1329
Shattered Landscapes: Revolutionary Ruins in the Virginian Watercolors of Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Sienkewicz, Julia A. Report Jan 1, 2017 9330
Wright's iconic home houses eclectic artwork. Wecker, Menachem Nov 18, 2016 1250
'A magnificent, beautiful compromise': Gavin Stamp on London after the Great Fire. Stamp, Gavin Nov 1, 2016 1193
When the future functioned: Gavin Stamp on a unique French utopian scheme. Stamp, Gavin Sep 1, 2016 1194
The mushroom houses of Earl Young. Rinck, Jonathan Jul 1, 2016 1597
The Sainsbury Wing's postmodern riffs on classical architecture, noted in Apollo in 1991, have an appeal that has endured. O'Byrne, Robert Jul 1, 2016 735
Zaha Hadid: 1950-2016. Wigley, Mark; Vidler, Anthony; Libeskind, Daniel; Rabbat, Nasser; Tschumi, Bernard; Gehry, Frank Jun 22, 2016 6744
Top Brand: WW/Topmarke WW. Mar 1, 2016 548
Typology and participation: Kenneth Frampton on the architecture of Alvaro Siza. Frampton, Kenneth Critical essay Mar 1, 2016 2102
Developers of The Fondren ready for spring start on hotel tower: project's groundbreaking likely to come as construction starts on neighboring Hampton Inn. Carter, Ted Interview Jan 22, 2016 1172
Twisting tower for San Diego. Brief article Oct 2, 2015 194
The Exeter drawings of John Carter: a rare book in a private collection in New Zealand. Marshall, Simone Celine Essay Jul 1, 2015 11606
The non-conformist: Barry Bergdoll on the architecture of Lina Bo Bardi. Bergdoll, Barry Jun 22, 2015 3527
Kalamazoo County's Usonian Communities. Ferraro, Sharon; O'Connor, Pamela May 1, 2015 2133
Beyond belief: David Huber on the architecture of Lacaton & Vassal. Huber, David May 1, 2015 2502
Architecture. Stamp, Gavin May 1, 2015 1207
Designing the future: Africa's creative industries are finding a global appetite for innovative design. Dalby, Alexa Apr 1, 2015 824
Value in restoration: modernization planned for Thunder Bay heritage site. Kelly, Lindsay Mar 1, 2015 834
Let us build with joy: President, Union of Architects of Angola, Victor Leonel A.C. Miguel. Mar 1, 2015 646
Designing for the future: Luanda's grand master plan, designed to turn the capital of Angola into a city fit for 21st century living, is in the works and should be completed by mid this year. Mar 1, 2015 717
Plan with the people, not for the people. Omisore, Tokunbo Mar 1, 2015 1293
Thin-shell roofs in Haiti: a rediscovered concrete covering could replace the common corrugated metal roof on houses in the tropics. Dec 1, 2014 352
Museum opening of the year: Tadao Ando's extension and Annabelle Selldorf's refurbished galleries now display the Clark's collection at its best. Nicholson, Louise Dec 1, 2014 613
Architecture. Stamp, Gavin Dec 1, 2014 1278
Geometric prints: Frank Lloyd Wright. Mazur, Matt Nov 1, 2014 612
A nest for one: with her children grown, a Portlander downscales in style. Sep 1, 2014 347
The long view. Sep 1, 2014 856
Undercover operation. Bernstein, Fred Sep 1, 2014 918
Architecture. Stamp, Gavin Sep 1, 2014 1300
Rustic edge: the ranch house rides again--this time with a dash of old world character. Jul 1, 2014 811
Grand designs. Nicholson, Louise Jul 1, 2014 2499
Architecture. Stamp, Gavin Jun 1, 2014 1247
Fresh start: by ditching the lawn and turning their yard into a series of outdoor rooms, a couple finds themselves living alfresco. May 1, 2014 503
Bright now: previously dark and cluttered, this 40-year-old California rambler is finally cast in its best light. Engler, Sarah May 1, 2014 696
Counting inches. Linberg, Joanna May 1, 2014 451
Architecture. Stamp, Gavin May 1, 2014 1274
Small wonders. Heeger, Susan Apr 1, 2014 1074
Sustainable Arctic construction: challenges inspire creativity: re-purposing a reindeer facility into a new necropsy lab in Nome. Seely, Nichelle Column Feb 1, 2014 1375
Heroes and victims in modernist memorials. Leigh, Catesby Essay Jan 1, 2014 2957
Structures of everyday life. Roskam, Cole Critical essay Nov 1, 2013 4305
Architecture. Stamp, Gavin Nov 1, 2013 1183
Determination pays off with success. Monti, Lisa Oct 25, 2013 816
Citation award. Brief article Oct 14, 2013 122
The great outdoors. Eyring, Teresa Oct 1, 2013 935
Architecture matters. Brief article Sep 14, 2013 131
The new ranch: it's prefab and fab, modular and modern, eco- and kid-friendly. And this Montana update of a 1950s icon makes the most of its Big Sky views. Amelar, Sarah Sep 1, 2013 1086
Azerbaijan architecture leaps forward. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 146
Tomb of the four freedoms: New York's cold monument FDR's internationalist vision. McCrary, Lewis Jul 1, 2013 1324
Long before I last visited. Cohen, Jean-Louis May 1, 2013 1393
In some ways. Rocha, Paulo Mendes Da May 1, 2013 952
Since the end of the German revolution in 1923. McElheny, Josiah May 1, 2013 675
Vasari's Michelangelo: Vasari's life of Michelangelo has often been criticised for its self-interest. But a closer look at Michelangelo's letters to his biographer should make us reconsider this assessment, since they provide evidence of how far Vasari strove to protect his friend's reputation as an architect. Bambach, Carmen C. Essay May 1, 2013 8737
Architecture: the work of John Nash has often been overshadowed by that of his contemporary, John Soane. But his pragmatism, as well as his experiments with the picturesque, make him one of the most significant of all British architects. Stamp, Gavin May 1, 2013 1104
Landmark living: the legacy of forgotten but indelible architect Leland Bryant looms large in L.A. lore. Friedlander, Whitney Apr 9, 2013 487
F&J tote board. Brief article Apr 5, 2013 199
Facing the City: Todd Reisz on Benthem Crouwel's Stedelijk Museum expansion. Reisz, Todd Mar 1, 2013 1868
Building innovations in Alaska: reaching ultimate efficiency. White, Rindi Feb 1, 2013 1852
Bauhaus: the experiment that changed the world of design. Stern, Fred Nov 1, 2012 1606
Twitter, poetry, and architecture merge? #Amazing. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 178
Louis Kahn's Timeless Vision for an FDR Memorial on Roosevelt Island in New York. Tower, Michael Brief article Oct 22, 2012 144
New encounters: Renzo Piano has designed an impressive new home for the Astrup Fearnley collection in Oslo. With its unusual spaces and current focus on contemporary American art, the museum promises to engage and challenge visitors. Eastham, Benjamin Oct 1, 2012 1899
Starring Iraqi design. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 101
A tough brief is overcome using the power of nature. Bailey, Spencer Brief article Jul 1, 2012 155
"Women who build": Julia Morgan & Women's Institutions. McNeill, Karen Essay Jun 22, 2012 14906
Artistic flare: public art is a mainstay behind Thunder Bay's waterfront revitalization. Ross, Lan Jun 1, 2012 1046
Architecture: in 1898 Edwin Lutyens remodelled a brick building in Varengeville, near Dieppe, for a wealthy Anglophile client. Le Bois des Moutiers is a superb example of British Arts and Crafts design in a surprising location--but its future remains uncertain. Stamp, Gavin Jun 1, 2012 1237
Caesar's Palace: Bernard Tschumi turns an epic upset into a triumph of design. Bailey, Spencer May 1, 2012 474
Langarita-Navarro composes cinematic structures. Bailey, Spencer Brief article May 1, 2012 250
Architecture: Iceland is more renowned for its recent financial crash than for its architecture, but its capital is home to some remarkable buildings, including a dazzling concert hall in Reykjavik designed by Henning Larsen Architects and Batteriio. Stamp, Gavin May 1, 2012 1126
A community home: the residents of Winter Park, Fla., rallied around Casa Feliz to preserve a historic gem. Mirel, Diana May 1, 2012 1110
Like polished stones pulled from a river, the smooth curves of this chalet draw man closer to nature. Bailey, Spencer Brief article Apr 1, 2012 265
Architecture: despite its vulnerability to fire, damp and rot, wood is a durable material that, over time, can become almost as hard as steel. From medieval barns to 17th-century log churches, timber structures have survived across Northern Europe over centuries. Stamp, Gavin Apr 1, 2012 1076
Escape from neutrality: a designer of theatres visits 4 great perform spaces you have to see before you die. Dachs, Joshua Mar 1, 2012 2631
Zig-zagging ziggurat. Toscas, Mariana Mar 1, 2012 765
Starchitech Rem Koolhaas brings subtlety to an intimate cancer center in Glasgow, delivering a therapeutic setting for clients who need it the most. Bailey, Spencer Brief article Feb 1, 2012 279
An architech rethinks modularity by marrying color with form. Volner, Ian Brief article Feb 1, 2012 119
Arata Isozaki: MISA SHIN GALLERY. Chung, Shinyoung Feb 1, 2012 590
Serpentine gallery pavilion: serpentine gallery, London. Cooke, Lynne Dec 1, 2011 1024
Architecture: New Delhi was inaugurated in 1931, just 16 years before the fall of the British Raj. Long dismissed as grandiose imperial pomp, it is only in recent years that Lutyens' elegant fusion of Western classicism with Eastern features has been triumphed. Stamp, Gavin Dec 1, 2011 1091
Admirer of cardinal's work preserves house. Miller, Heather Andrews Nov 1, 2011 462
Barbara's homecoming: Peyton Skipwith reports on the mixed successes of the Hepworth Wakefield in Yorkshire. Skipwith, Peyton Oct 1, 2011 1108
Architecture: Ernest George's opulent terracotta facades are too fanciful for the ascetic tastes of many modern architects, but his legacy can be traced in Eric Parry's ceramic-fronted extension to the Holburne Museum in Bath. Stamp, Gavin Jul 1, 2011 1184
High times. Hatherley, Owen Essay Jun 22, 2011 1805
Patronage of a theme: the Jesuit Apotheosis. Tita, Silvia Critical essay Jun 1, 2011 4998
Futuristic and Eco-Friendly: A Tiny Home that Transforms into 24 Rooms. Brief article May 10, 2011 184
Gaudi goes green. Thomas, Suzanne May 1, 2011 641
Reflections of empire: glittering monument to Britain's colonial achievement or fragile symbol of a fragmenting imperial dream? Jan Piggott charts the efforts to make Joseph Paxton's Crystal Palace flourish as an 'Acropolis of Empire'. Piggott, Jan Apr 1, 2011 4158
Athletes Village block N15. Gregory, Rob Apr 1, 2011 1272
Building a better toothbrush ... case. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 203
Architecture is at the heart of Colombia's reconnection with civil society. Slessor, Catherine Brief article Feb 1, 2011 250
John Pawson plain space. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 179
WAF delegates celebrate the transforming power of architecture. Slessor, Catherine Dec 1, 2010 518
183 the longest bench. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 267
Mezuzah Pop. Small, Len Brief article Nov 9, 2010 180
A pizza with Rem Koolhaas, the Lion of Venice. Finch, Paul Oct 1, 2010 730
Steven Holl's exhibition shows he's a man on a mission. Gregory, Rob Oct 1, 2010 448
Search for the national style in Vladimir Dubenecky's public interiors/Tautinio stiliaus paieskos Vladimiro Dubeneckio visuomeniniuose interjeruose. Preisegalaviciene, Lina Report Sep 1, 2010 4998
Modernizing a postmodern marvel: sustainable initiatives at the controversial Portland Building give Oregonians something they can agree with. Mirel, Diana Sep 1, 2010 931
Wroclaw's concrete controversy: a project to restore one of the Polish city's 20th-century monuments has turned into a cultural battleground. Moorhouse, Roger Aug 1, 2010 630
On history and culture of Belarusian Roads/Apie Baltarusijos keliu istorija ir kultura. Leonovich, Ivan I. Critical essay Jul 1, 2010 1309
In design with nature: Chilean architect German del. Sol. develops structures in harmony with their surrounding landscapes. Jul 1, 2010 2198
Julian Rose: designer and critic, New York. Jun 22, 2010 1425
NewBridge on the Charles: 1 million-sq.-ft. facility provides sense of community. Hrehocik, Maureen Editorial Jun 1, 2010 896
Letting in the light: this month the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts re-opens following a massive expansion and renovation of its galleries and grounds. Philippa Glanville reports on architect Rick Mather's latest museum transformation. Glanville, Philippa May 1, 2010 2187
Can radically abstracted architecture sustain encounter and engagement? Slessor, Catherine Brief article May 1, 2010 239
Form follows friction: how architecture can both heal and inflame urban trouble spots. Brand, Ralf May 1, 2010 500
130 water museum. Slessor, Catherine May 1, 2010 718
Iannis Xenakis: DRAWING CENTER, NEW YORK. Licht, Alan May 1, 2010 984
Johan Celsing's 'stone in the forest' treads carefully in the Woodland Cemetery. Waern, Rasmus Apr 1, 2010 413
Magazine masterminds efforts to rescue art museums from stagnation. Brittain-Catlin, Timothy Apr 1, 2010 445
DHK Architects, Twothink Architecture. Lee, Stupak Company overview Apr 1, 2010 840
Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects. Webb, Michael Apr 1, 2010 541
Exploring eye: the Casbah in Algeria's capital Algiers is a World Heritage Site steeped in history, but overcrowding and neglect now threaten this ancient neighbourhood. Gilbert, Dennis Apr 1, 2010 836
Competition: the AR reveals the five winning entries for the triennial CAA Student Design Competition, which called for a fitting memorial to a significant past event. Slessor, Catherine Apr 1, 2010 834
Japan is now all original, producing some of the world's most creatively charged work. Apr 1, 2010 615
A sequence of theatrical spaces that played with scale, atmosphere and colour. Apr 1, 2010 559
Sacred spaces: in January, the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art opened in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jorg Zutter visited its architect, Mario Botta, at home in Lugano, to talk about the way this bold building embodies his ideals. Zutter, Jorg Apr 1, 2010 2035
Signature Gehry. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 180
Student housing competition winners named. Gregory, Rob Brief article Mar 1, 2010 223
Buildings. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 133
Art sleuth: an expert uses high-tech tools to try to solve the mystery of a missing masterpiece. Adams, Jacqueline Feb 20, 2010 1558
It would have taken Japanese-style levels of seismic design to withstand such a quake. Slessor, Catherine Feb 1, 2010 581
Skill osnaburgh street pavilion. Feb 1, 2010 791
Controversial Stockholm library extension is cancelled after protests. Waern, Rasmus Jan 1, 2010 573
Juhani Pallasmaa calls for an 'architecture of resistance' in the face of globalisation. Davey, Peter Jan 1, 2010 551
Foreign companies wade in on African construction forcing local tradesmen out. Beswick, Jon Jan 1, 2010 949
Embarrasment and disappointment in Sao Paulo. Duarte, Frederico Jan 1, 2010 341
Exhibition / Fat: duplicate array. Ferguson, Francesca Jan 1, 2010 539
Zaha Hadid's architecture leads into the future. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 226
Southern tall buildings artistically considered: Francis Palmer Smith and Louis Sullivan's Legacy in Dixie. Craig, Robert M. Jan 1, 2010 6762
The new Neues: Berlin's Neues Museum has reopened. How justified was David Chipperfield's determination to repair the building rather than restore it? Stamp, Gavin Dec 1, 2009 928
082 Li Xiadong Atelier. Dec 1, 2009 512
084 Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia. Occupation overview Dec 1, 2009 554
092 John Lin. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 288
099 Kochi architect's studio's. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 279
100 school of architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dec 1, 2009 314
104 Sanjeev Shankar. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 254
Reflections on Louis I. Kahn insights/Pamastymai apie Louis'o I. Kahn'o izvalgas. Palekas, Rolandas Report Dec 1, 2009 2050
Festival weaves a royal web. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 187
Marginalia: the interaction between, people, architecture and the surrounding land is the focus. Gassner, Robert Brief article Nov 1, 2009 289
The Ashmolean transformed: on 7 November the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford unveils its new building. Designed by Rick Mather, its 39 galleries break down the curatorial boundaries in England's oldest public museum. Glanville, Philippa Nov 1, 2009 2185
Manhattan yards: two major artists came under the spotlight with the opening of a museum by Maya Lin and three new versions of Alan Kaprow's yard'. Katz, Vincent Nov 1, 2009 986
Dreaming towers: George Oatley's monumental wills tower for Bristol University was the final flowering of secular gothic in England--a tradition that lasted longer in the USA. Stamp, Gavin Nov 1, 2009 995
San Diego. Kolb, Jaffer Oct 1, 2009 1471
068 Rimrock ranch. Kolb, Jaffer Oct 1, 2009 687
Nothing is impossible but everything is difficult. Dawson, Layla Oct 1, 2009 515
Frank Lloyd Wright: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. Wang, Michael Oct 1, 2009 1063
062 Brookes Street North Office. Gregory, Rob Occupation overview Sep 1, 2009 411
063: Brisbane Girls Grammar School Creative Learning Centre. Gregory, Rob Sep 1, 2009 486
The battle for affordable housing sends squatters to the skies. Dawson, Layla Jul 1, 2009 597
Tribute to a visionary architect ahead of his time: Arthur Erickson, 1924-2009. Lambert, Phyllis Jul 1, 2009 796
054 crane house. Slessor, Catherine Jul 1, 2009 532
Art of light: Renzo Piano as the Art Institute of Chicago: Renzo Piano's newly unveiled Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago is both ingenious and practical, as well as an elegant addition to America's second-largest art museum. Nicholson, Louise Jul 1, 2009 1586
Well-tempered Piano. Keller, Sean Jun 22, 2009 4339
Laura Moffatt reports on Pritzker Prize winner Peter Zumthor, the Kolumba Art Museum and Gerhard Richter's window in Cologne Cathedral. Moffatt, Laura Jun 22, 2009 1322
Casa A Smiljan Radic. Kolb, Jaffer Jun 1, 2009 816
Pezo von Ellrichshausen. Kolb, Jaffer Jun 1, 2009 738
Francisco Mangado. Slessor, Catherine Jun 1, 2009 981
Kyu Sung Woo. Gregory, Rob Jun 1, 2009 487
Forgotten prophet: the acclaim given to the remodelled whitechapel gallery has neglected its remarkable architect. Stamp, Gavin Jun 1, 2009 1202
Felix Burrichter. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 223
How to design hygienic toilets for 2.6bn people. Levenson, Sheli May 1, 2009 605
From the Seagram Building to the big screen: Lambert retains her fighting spirit. Murray, Christine May 1, 2009 999
Louis Sullivan's Symphony of Colour: Elaine Olafson Henry explores the history of the building of a bank in Owatonna, Minnesota. Henry, Elaine Olafson Cover story May 1, 2009 1622
The flight of Lieb House is an extreme example of the possibilities of post-occupancy architecture. Jacob, Sam Apr 1, 2009 603
A new Corb? Kingwell, Mark Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 1951
'Green' neighborhood garners national honors. Brief article Feb 23, 2009 194
Vanbrugh's Indian villa: how did a country house by Vanbrugh become the prototype for a nawab's hunting lodge in Lucknow? Stamp, Gavin Feb 1, 2009 1021
Shakespeare in stone: the national trust's plans to acquire Seaton Delaval Hall are a tribute to a genius who has inspired writers and artists for centuries. Stamp, Gavin Jan 1, 2009 1099
The good doctor, the social engineer, and the golfing gems of California. Brawley, Edward Allan Essay Dec 22, 2008 8962
Inside the home of Joseph Pell Lombardi. Ferris, Marc Nov 3, 2008 1171
Navigating systems. Keller, Sean Nov 1, 2008 4031
Thommayne on Morphosis. Mayne, Thom Nov 1, 2008 799
On Animal Estates and edible estates. Haeg, Fritz Nov 1, 2008 1039
Kevin Pratt on geoengineering. Pratt, Kevin Nov 1, 2008 1141
Koolhaas defies gravity. Cutler, Steve Oct 3, 2008 1452
Mathematical water magic: an exotic London theatre funded the building of the first Eddystone lighthouse. Alison Barnes has discovered what kind of shows it staged. Barnes, Alison Oct 1, 2008 1361
Dynamic hybrid: a cluster of towers ingeniously linked by a vertiginous bridge inverts the conventional relationship between tall buildings and the public realm. Oct 1, 2008 385
Green giant: consolidating his reputation as the doyen of eco-towers, Ken Yeang's provocative vision of vertical urban design continues to evolve. Oct 1, 2008 361
The Prefab House comes under Scrutiny at New York's MoMA. Oct 1, 2008 710
One to watch. Haeg, Fritz Brief article Sep 1, 2008 198
Man and machine: Daniel Birnbaum on Renzo Piano's Pontus Hulten Study Gallery. Birnbaum, Daniel Sep 1, 2008 936
Spence's charm: Basil Spence's centenary is an opportunity to reassess the achievements of an architect who knew how to charm clients and please the public. Stamp, Gavin Sep 1, 2008 1168
Poles apart: Junya Ishigami uses slender columns as spatial moderators. Sumner, Yuki Sep 1, 2008 535
Stone cool sober: Carmody Groarke create an intense spatial experience in a new basement in Limerick. Gregory, Rob Sep 1, 2008 505
Open-air lounge: this master bedroom in L.A. comes with a bonus: a private outdoor retreat. Nunn, Jennie Brief article Aug 1, 2008 116
Hawksmoor redivivus: Hawksmoor's genius, barely recognised until the 20th century, is triumphantly confirmed by the newly completed restoration of St George, Bloomsbury. Stamp, Gavin Jul 1, 2008 1126
Resetting an old Candela gem. Luby, Abby Jun 30, 2008 892
The world,COs 1st turning timepiece building. Jun 24, 2008 594
New Monuments; Keller Easterling on Norman Foster's Crystal Island. Easterling, Keller Jun 22, 2008 1565
In reflection; Andrew Hultkrans on the Glass House Conversations. Hultkrans, Andrew Jun 22, 2008 1284
LFA Pavilion, London. Brief article Jun 1, 2008 175
Toyo Ito. Brief article May 1, 2008 264
Zaha Hadid. Brief article May 1, 2008 187
Alberto Campo Baeza. Brief article May 1, 2008 165
Antoine Predock. Brief article May 1, 2008 222
Gigon/Guyer. Brief article May 1, 2008 185
Niall McLaughlin. Brief article May 1, 2008 168
Sean Godsell. Brief article May 1, 2008 190
Edward Ng. Brief article May 1, 2008 181
Carmody Groarke. Brief article May 1, 2008 179
Jun aoki. Brief article May 1, 2008 160
Klein Dytham. Brief article May 1, 2008 178
Mario Cucinella. May 1, 2008 306
Sauerbruch hutton. Brief article May 1, 2008 127
Will Bruder. Brief article May 1, 2008 158
Odile Decq. Brief article May 1, 2008 189
Jorn Utzon's 90th birthday is the subject of an elegant Festchrift, with Sydney to the fore. Slessor, Catherine May 1, 2008 373
Starck for rent on Wall Street. Cutler, Steve Apr 30, 2008 1310
NYC gets Dutch treat with new condo tower. Cutler, Steve Apr 29, 2008 1137
RIBA winner floating on air. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 158
Mary Jane Colter: architect: called "the best-known unknown architect in the national parks," Mary Jane Colter left her mark on a profession and on our parks. Rennicke, Jeff Mar 22, 2008 1825
Homes alone: historically, the house has been a vehicle for experimentation and today's young architects continue this quest. Mar 1, 2008 1062
X marks the spot: with no site, Arquitectura X create a generic framework. Gregory, Rob Brief article Mar 1, 2008 203
Shelf life: interlocking pine planks create this delightful house cum library. Gregory, Rob Mar 1, 2008 309
Adapt ... Re-use: five projects by emerging architects that show how to make the most of existing structures. Gregory, Rob Mar 1, 2008 510
Less is more: this remodelled old house has an elegant economy. Mar 1, 2008 436
Fine lines: the application of a well considered line of reasoning extends a protected friary in County Kilkenny. Gregory, Rob Brief article Mar 1, 2008 266
X-box: Boyd Cody's copper cube connects house and garden. Gregory, Rob Brief article Mar 1, 2008 200
Roof light: unconventional ideas produce surprising results, as seen here in Innsbruck. Gregory, Rob Brief article Mar 1, 2008 270
Urban ... infill: working within the constraints of as-found urban sites, this section shows how to make the most of residual land. Gregory, Rob Mar 1, 2008 512
Plain speaking: a rigorous spirit bears surprising fruit in a small Austrian town. Mar 1, 2008 422
Well pressed: sharp lines build on the essential qualities of winepress and store. Gregory, Rob Brief article Mar 1, 2008 199
Starchitect tide lifts apprentices. Appelbaum, Alec Feb 5, 2008 586
Lake Galapagos gets a makeover in Dumbo. Abramowicz, Lisa Feb 5, 2008 526
Room of silence: Peter Hubner's latest building demonstrates how the process of participation can generate an architecture enriched by both the human condition and a clear sense of ecological responsiveness. Jones, Peter Blundell Feb 1, 2008 924
America Town: Building the Outposts of Empire. Loftus, Gerald J. Critical essay Jan 29, 2008 1264
Giving the Prado space to breathe: Rafael Moneo's extension has transformed the experience of visiting the Prado, writes Xavier Bray, especially as it returns much-needed space to the collection's display. Bray, Xavier Jan 1, 2008 1746
The anarchitectures of Matta-Clark and Eliasson. Janku, Laura Richard Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 1649
The temporal nature of Zaha Hadid's ramps at the Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati. Olson, Kristina Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 3825
Designing the Niemeyer Way. Wohler, Till Dec 1, 2007 615
Accessible Frank Lloyd Wright? Lopez, Carol Peredo Dec 1, 2007 1122
Oswald Mathias Ungers 1926-2007. Brensing, Christian Obituary Dec 1, 2007 483
The energy of the mob: two architects seek to convert pedestrian movements into electricity. Tucker, Patrick Nov 1, 2007 528
Everything is illuminated: Aaron Betsky on Steven Holl's Bloch Building. Betsky, Aaron Oct 1, 2007 1731
From the ground up: clean lines, abundant light, and a connection to the outdoors redefine a Southern California family's way of life. Harris, Kathryn Sep 1, 2007 1031
Open up the kitchen: improve flow with function-specific zones and a visually unified palette. Gregory, Daniel Sep 1, 2007 458
Margaret "Meg" Wicker Azzoni. Aug 1, 2007 349
Stone and feather: the Bloch building at the Nelson Atkins: Steven Holl's Bloch building at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is a triumph, writes Patrick McCaughey. Its delicacy memorably contrasts with the original building, and the galleries serve the museum's collections with great imagination. McCaughey, Patrick Jul 1, 2007 1671
Art and environmental panic. Hall, Michael Jun 1, 2007 605
'Let it wrap itself around you': Philip Johnson's Glass House: on 23 June the National Trust for Historic Preservation opens the Glass House in New Canaan to the public. As Brian Pfeiffer explains, this icon of modernism, designed by Philip Johnson for himself in 1946-49, was conceived of as a villa in the classical tradition, set in a landscape park with monuments, follies and art galleries. Pfeiffer, Brian Brief biography Jun 1, 2007 5036
EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURE AWARD. Brief article May 3, 2007 113
4 points to consider with clay tile roofing. Vigener, Niklas W.; Piteo, Nicholas A. May 1, 2007 638
The architectural legacy of Charles H. Wheeler. Bugailiskis, Giles Feb 1, 2007 4009
Liverpool's St Peter's? Brief article Jan 1, 2007 130
Knut Henrik Henriksen: Standard. Larsen, Lars Bang Jan 1, 2007 508
Buildings that speak: Carl Laubin's paintings of Ledoux's 'architecture Parlante' are a fine celebration of the bicentenary of the architect's death. Stamp, Gavin Dec 1, 2006 1135
Quality, not size, counts: residential trend signals smaller houses, architects say. Friedman, Mark Nov 13, 2006 1216
Taking the plunge: Nicholas Grimshaw's new spa at bath is a fine building, but its clinical austerity is surely at odds with its purpose. Stamp, Gavin Oct 1, 2006 1168
The second greatest Briton? The celebrations of Brunel's bicentenary ignore his dark side, but he has much to teach today's architects. Stamp, Gavin Sep 1, 2006 1211
The bridge of Venice: Charles Freeman visits a city that has been defined by its waterways--and above all, by its bridge. Freeman, Charles Sep 1, 2006 1418
New fields of architecture: Hal Foster on Zaha Hadid. Foster, Hal Sep 1, 2006 3886
Architecture and Utopia in the Era of the French Revolution. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 99
Dreaming of cabin life: smart ideas for small spaces, plus the hottest spots to buy or build a getaway. Dowell, Susan Stiles; Whiteley, Peter O.; Laughlin, Joyanna Aug 1, 2006 2119
Qatar news: the centrepiece of nine new museums proposed for Doha, the Museum of Islamic Art opens next year. Mark Fisher was given a preview. Fisher, Mark Critical essay Aug 1, 2006 1853
Pugin's home restored: the Grange in Ramsgate, Kent, designed by A.W.N. Pugin for himself in 1843, was the most influential house of its age. Rosemary Hill assesses its controversial restoration by the Landmark Trust. Hill, Rosemary Aug 1, 2006 2119
Museum of Contemporary Art Denver breaks ground. Jul 1, 2006 336
Tragic triumph: Lutyens's "Memorial to the Missing of the Somme" at Thiepval is one of his greatest works, but new research has revealed the difficulties he faced in its creation--and the telling silence that greeted its unveiling. Stamp, Gavin Jul 1, 2006 1027
Make it new: Aaron Betsky on Atelier Bow-Wow. Betsky, Aaron Jun 22, 2006 2027
Peter Cook: The architecture of fast food kiosks gives specific identity to streets and cities. Peter, Cook Jun 1, 2006 748
Architecture as Philosophy: The Work of Imre Makovecz. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 88
Renzo Piano & the Morgan Library. Lewis, Michael J. Jun 1, 2006 1829
New York news: Louise Nicholson visits the Morgan Library, which has just reopened with a triumphant new extension. May 1, 2006 1167
First of two buildings at Jefferson Gateway completed. Brief article May 1, 2006 146
Spain reigns: Terence Riley wound up his MoMA career with a Spanish tour d'horizon. Deitz, Paula May 1, 2006 766
Peter Cook: reflections on Spanish lunches, Heidegger, and the gap between practice and theory. Cook, Peter May 1, 2006 740
Diplomatic relations: a new embassy complex in Addis Ababa is an imaginative response to local conditions. Slessor, Catherine May 1, 2006 921
No fishy tale: a true account of the Fishing Room at Kedleston: built in 1770-72 as a picnic room, boat house and cold bath, Robert Adam's fishing room at Kedleston, Derbyshire, is one of his most enchanting designs. Eileen Harris traces its history and Alastair Laing proposes an attribution for its mysterious paintings of fish. Harris, Eileen; Laing, Alastair Apr 1, 2006 4828
Peter Cook: from London to Vienna via Paris and Norway--the style is international. Cook, Peter Apr 1, 2006 799
Semper hilaris. Lyall, Sutherland Brief article Apr 1, 2006 182
Pin-ups & Packaging collage, collecting and Peter Blake: intimately linked with his art, Peter Blake's collections are the subject of an exhibition at this year's Olympia Fine Art, Design & Antiques Fair. Bevis Hillier visited him in his London studio to talk about collecting. Hillier, Bevis Cover story Mar 1, 2006 2947
Peter Cook: Peter Cook explores the buzzing architecture and viticulture of Melbourne and Tel Aviv. Peter, Cook Feb 1, 2006 713
The language of architecture. Finch, Paul Jan 1, 2006 541
Peter Cook: which architects are top of the pops on the lecture circuit? And what makes for a good speaker? Jan 1, 2006 750
Vittorio Gregotti. Jan 1, 2006 418
John Miller. Jan 1, 2006 424
Fumihiko Maki. Maki, Fumihiko Jan 1, 2006 440
All of a dither. Lyall, Sutherland Brief Article Jan 1, 2006 323

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