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Workplace poll by icWales.

MORE than two-thirds of people feel pressurised into working long hours, according to a straw poll conducted on The Western Mail's dedicated website The workplace/lifestyle poll found that 77pc felt pressurised by employers into working longer hours than they felt they should.

The poll also found that 77pc felt that working long hours had a negative impact on family life.

However, the survey also found that 77pc believe that flexitime is suitable for managers, while 57pc believe wearing a suit and tie should be compulsory attire for managers.

Head of content of Simon Newsam said, ``The response to our first online business-related straw poll was very encouraging.

``The poll is a perfect example of a two-way channel of communication between the business pages of The Western Mail and its website, in association with the South Wales Echo and Wales on Sunday.''

Poll Results: 1 Do you feel pressurised by your employers into working longer than you feel you should? Yes 77pc No 23pc 2 Do you feel your family life suffers because you work too long hours?

Yes 77pc No 23pc 3 If you had the choice would you choose More holiday time?

49pc Shorter working hours? 28pc Higher pay?

23pc 4 Do you feel suit and tie should be compulsory attire for managers?

Yes 57pc No 43pc 5 Do you feel flexitime is suitable for managers?

Yes 75pc No 25pc 6 Do you feel job sharing is suitable for managers?

Yes 55pc No 45pc 7 Do you feel part-time working is suitable for managers?

Yes 47pc No 53pc 8 Do you feel your contribution at work is sufficiently valued?

Yes 66pc No 34pc 9 Do you feel your contribution at work is sufficiently rewarded? Yes 58pc No 42pc 10 Over the past five years has your workplace stress level Increased?

81pc Decreased? 15pc Stayed the same? 4pc
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 31, 2002
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