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Workplace Answers Updates Unlawful Harassment Course to Reflect Societal Changes; Challenging Topics, Complicated Issues Addressed in Web-based Unlawful Harassment Prevention 4.0.

SAN FRANCISCO & WASHINGTON -- Workplace Answers, an award-winning provider of Web-based training in human resources, unlawful harassment prevention, financial and ethics compliance, has released version 4.0 of its Unlawful Harassment Prevention course. In addition to an updated user interface that takes advantage of Macromedia Flash to provide even more interactive content including video messaging, graphics, animation, and simulations, Unlawful Harassment Prevention 4.0 tackles workplace situations that reflect changing societal issues.

Twelve story lines and numerous scenarios provide employees with relevant training on the difficult, uncomfortable, and often murky issues they face in the modern workplace. In addition to helping employees at all levels of the organization successfully handle new situations and create an employee-friendly environment, Unlawful Harassment Prevention 4.0 provides organizations with the ability to establish an affirmative defense by ensuring training content reflects the latest state and federal requirements and changes to case law.

Unlawful Harassment Prevention 4.0 covers topics including:

--When are compliments about clothing or hairstyle appropriate in the workplace, and when are they not?

--Is joking about someone's failure to drink alcohol unlawful harassment?

--Can employees discuss movies about sexual orientation, such as "Brokeback Mountain" or "Transamerica" around the water cooler?

--Can an "Over the Hill" birthday party be considered unlawful harassment?

"Workplace Answers is not afraid to deal with the more gray areas of harassment," says Lynn Lieber, Esq., CEO of Workplace Answers. "Our mission to provide training that reflects what is happening in the workplace, and that includes addressing issues such as transexuality, plastic surgery, or workplace discussions about reality TV shows.

"In developing an affirmative defense against claims of unlawful harassment, companies must be able to prove that their harassment training is of high quality and is complete," explains Lieber. "Workplace Answers has always provided the highest quality content, and we'll continue to push the envelope to cover the most difficult situations."

About Workplace Answers

Workplace Answers is a trusted provider of Web-based training in human resources, unlawful harassment prevention, financial and ethics compliance. Organizations rely on Workplace Answers' solutions to build a strong affirmative defense against litigation while promoting a culture of inclusiveness and respect in the workplace. With a 95 percent customer retention rate and a client roster of almost 1,000 public, private, government, and non-profit organizations, we have trained nearly 1 million employees across the U.S. and internationally. For more information about Workplace Answers, please call 866-456-5301, or visit
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Date:Jun 26, 2006
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