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Working-Age Adults Look to CareOptionsOnline for Education and Solutions to Disability, Eldercare and Long-Term Care Planning.

MADISON, Wis. -- NavGate Technologies (, a pioneering industry leader and developer of technology-based care solutions, has created CareOptionsOnLine (COOL) to educate working-age adults about the necessity to plan for their present and future care needs - an area that is vastly misunderstood and lacking in accessible information and tools. COOL helps people understand the issues, anticipate the costs and identify the resources necessary for the short- or long-term care needs for themselves or a loved one.

Providing easy-to-find, useful information and educational tools concerning short- and long-term care issues is critically important, particularly as the "Baby Boomer" population and their parents age. According to a just released study (Dec. 2006), researchers at AARP concluded that Americans know no more today about how long-term care is paid for or the costs of care compared to five years ago. Findings state, "Little has changed regarding public perception about long-term care since our original survey in 2001." One of COOL's primary goals is to educate consumers about long-term care issues and to plan appropriately. Unlike other websites that are simply referral services or confusing long lists of links to other sites, COOL offers relevant education, useful information and tangible solutions including costs of care.

NavGate's CEO, Robert Pearson, explains, "We have developed COOL because just finding the information people need can be an overwhelming task. It can seem as though there is nowhere to go for real help and real answers. COOL, however, is a convenient, single-location source for the answers and the help people need. People sacrifice a lot of time and money when they are disabled or need to help a loved one recuperate; they deserve a comprehensive resource to help, plan and work through these situations. It's simple. It's educational. It's everything they need, all in one place."

"One of the significant advantages of CareOptionsOnLine is its availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week," says Michael Bina, Principal, Intellectual Marketing ( "People can log on at any time and from anywhere - it provides the flexibility people need in today's hectic world. In addition, COOL users value the ability to keep the situation private. COOL's confidentiality encourages people to use it, as opposed to a call-in program which may result in call-reluctance. Consequently, people may not seek the help they need or plan for care before they need it."

COOL is a subscriber-based, proprietary internet application offering a unique combination of interactive care solution tools with a nationwide care resource knowledgebase containing over one million records. The comprehensive nature of COOL is unmatched by any care resource site found on the internet - it's complete, unbiased, and free from advertisements and pop-ups. COOL offers subscribers easy access to obtain information and solutions for a wide variety of issues including:

* Accurately projecting the costs of care for financial and retirement planning purposes well into the future

* Creating a health care advanced directive expressing end-of-life wishes

* Creating an individually-tailored care plan to address the care needs of a family member

* Calculating the financial impact on personal wealth if they are forced to reduce their work schedule or take a Family & Medical Leave Act absence to meet caregiving responsibilities

* Locating medical facilities, physicians and other care providers anywhere in the country

* Assessing the care needs of a family member using cognitive, daily activity and behavioral assessments

* Researching the availability, quality ratings and costs of long-term care, short-term care, rehabilitation, nursing homes, adult day care, home health care, assisted living facilities nationwide and more

"CareOptionsOnLine is an extraordinary educational and solutions tool for the 21st century, offering a vast array of information and a comprehensive set of solutions for the care issues facing consumers today," according to Pearson.

Disability, Life and Health carriers, TPAs, HR or employee benefit managers can request more information about COOL solutions for their clients or employees by visiting, emailing or contacting directly Lea Fosz, MBA FLMI, CCRS, LTCGS at 800-252-5410 or emailing or Robert Meister, CCRS, LTCGS, 866-637-2617 or emailing
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Date:Dec 18, 2006
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