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Working toward competitiveness.

The inauguration of AMERICAN CHAMBER/MEXICO'S National Convention 2005 saw the signing of an agreement of collaboration between AMCHAM and the Federal Commission of Regulatory Improvement (COFEMER).

The signing of the agreement was fixed within the framework of the progress of the Partnership for Prosperity (P-4-P), which represents a clear show of cooperation and coordination between the public sector and private initiative in both Mexico and the United States. Its objective is to promote the creation of more efficient regulation that generates well-being for the consumers and businesses of North America while allowing Mexico to reach a higher level of competitiveness.


"This agreement is signed with the goal of deepening the ties between business and government and to support regulatory improvements in the region of North America," said Larry Rubin, CEO of AMERICAN CHAMBER/MEXICO.

The agreement will be another manner through which AMCHAM will adopt a proactive role in the generation of positive change in Mexico. Specifically, the chamber will collaborate in the opportune and efficient revision of the regulatory projects, which will impact micro, small, medium and large member businesses.

In the words of Carlos Garcia Fernandez, director of COFEMER, "This agreement is not one more, it is not the enthusiasm of signing a document, it is the continuity between the Mexican government and AMCHAM."

Kathleen C. Barclay, president of the Council of the Association of American Chambers in Latin America (AACLA) and Alberto Ortega y Venzor, chief of the Union of International and Business Affairs of the Office of Public Policy of the Mexican Presidency, participated as witnesses of honor of the signing of the agreement.

Ileana Rossell is manager of Government Relations at AMERICAN CHAMBER/MEXICO.
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Title Annotation:AMCHAM AT WORK; AMERICAN CHAMBER/MEXICO signs collaboration agreement with Federal Commission of Regulatory Improvement
Author:Rossell, Ileana
Publication:Business Mexico
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Date:Dec 1, 2005
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