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Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple.

Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple

edited by Samuel O. Okpaku, MD PhD

Praeclarus Press, LLC: Amarillo. Texas

2015; 360 pages; $18.95 paperback

Breastfeeding can be a challenge for women who work. In Working and Breast Feeding Made Simple, Nancy Mohrbacher provides simplified breastfeeding guidance for working mothers. She clearly examines all aspects of breastfeeding that can be used as a guide to healthcare professionals and working mothers.

Many employed mothers need reliable information on breastfeeding. This book provides a practical, common sense approach and tips for mothers who plan to breastfeed upon their return to work. It delineates what the mother will need to know about breastfeeding at various times during their babies' first year of life.

The book is clearly written and simplifies breastfeeding strategies for working mothers. It offers detailed instructions to help mothers understand how breastfeeding works.

It offers step by step examples of the difference between breastfeeding, bottle feeding and pumping.

Most mothers have difficulty in understanding the importance of a well-fitting pump and how to make the most of their pumping time. This book provides guidance to mothers on how to choose a pump that fits well in different situations. Instructions and examples are provided on storing and handling breast milk. This can be an overwhelming process for some mothers.

Mothers often experience different mood swings after birth. This book addresses different feelings mothers may have in returning to work, and coping strategies for them. It also provides strategies for mothers to keep milk production consistent. It also offers strategies on how to make weaning both comfortable and positive and offers specific tips for making bottle and cup feeding easier.

Mohrbacher includes breastfeeding research studies in each chapter to assist mothers and health care providers to make informed decisions about how breastfeeding affects lifelong health. She also includes a list of breastfeeding resources from websites, free online videos, books, smartphone app, and references.

This book provides significant contributions to the field of childbirth and lactation education. There is a place for this book in conventional childbirth preparation. The best fit for the book would be as a reference for mothers and others providing lactation education to working mothers.

The suggested audience for this book crosses several disciplines such as health sciences, pediatrics, and nursing and lactation specialties. This book can also be used by the graduate level student or students in their last year of undergraduate studies. This book would be best suited for mothers at all levels of education preparation. The book's language level would not challenge the undergraduate student. The book is written clearly. It is easy to read and comprehend.

Given the frame of reference that I have embraced as an educator and nurse clinician I would recommend this book as a resource for the lactation education arena. This book would most likely fit as a reference for International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Fellows and counselors who need to reference lactation guidelines. The book would be a great resource for ongoing debates and conversations on how working mothers can breast feed effectively. This book illustrates that there is no clear pathway for how mothers breastfeed their babies.

reviewed by Windia Urquhart Wilbert, DNP RN NEA-BC

Wilbert has 41 years of experience as a registered nurse in various adult care and administrative settings. She has an educational background in Nursing Administration and Nursing Education. She currently serves as Interim Executive Director School of Nursing at Tennessee State University.
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Author:Wilbert, Windia Urquhart
Publication:International Journal of Childbirth Education
Article Type:Book review
Date:Apr 1, 2016
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