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Workhorses of Refrigeration Systems: You Can't Live without Compressors.

Here's a selection of some of the latest models and accessories.

Compressors are the Alpha and Omega of any refrigeration system, and when you need one -- as original equipment or a replacement -- it's about the most important investment you're going to make besides the building itself.

Manufacturers are always coming up with new models, improvements to existing models, or accessories like control systems. It's hard to keep up, but Quick Frozen Foods International can help with a few examples of what's coming down the pike.

Vilter Corp., Cudahy, Wisconsin (Fax: 1-414-744-3483) is applying more than a century of industrial refrigeration experience to new families of products that can address today's increasingly complex cooling applications.

Vilter's VSS line of single screw compressors claims higher performance than twin screw compressors. Combined with fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors, the key to its reliability is a balanced design concept.

This design advantage allows Vilter to offer the "5/15" -- a five-year warranty on internal components and a fifteen-year warranty on bearings, the industry's longest. Besides ultra-low bearing wear, the balanced design reduces vibration and sound levels. The addition of Vilter's exclusive Parallex slide system allows the compressor to nm at optimum efficiency.

Also new from Vilter is the Mini Screw (VSM), latest in a long line of compressors for industrial cooling applications. The VSM features Vilter's signature single screw design, with one main rotor and either one or two gate rotors, depending on the model.

It is said to be quieter than twin screw models, especially gear-driven versions, and its compact design doesn't have any external tubing on the compressor or even a gear box. An optional oil pump (based on application) makes the VSM very cost efficient, and the unit also features the new Vission micro-controller. Plus, it comes with that 5/15 warranty.

Vilter Rotary Screw Compressor units (VRS) offer a multitude of industrial performance features evolved over a century of refrigeration design experience. They are available in a number of sizes and can operate on any of the commonly used industrial refrigerants. The company also offers four different lines of reciprocating refrigeration compressors, including the VMC 440[R], VMC 350 ES[R], VMC 320[R] and the flagship VMC 450 XL.

The 450 XL incorporates all of the features of the Vilter VMC 440, offering substantial savings per ton of refrigeration produced. It can operate at compression ratios up to 14:1 with certain refrigerants, and can be belt-driven up to 300 bhp or direct driven up to 375 bhp. It is capable of operating at pressure differentials up to 250 psi, actual discharge pressures to 350 psi, and suction pressures to 150 psi.

Grasso NV, s'Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, the Netherlands (web site:, is known for compressors, and it is easy to shop its Grasso Refrigeration Equipment Catalogue covering the complete reciprocating and screw compressor range, and its COMSEL compressor selection program.

Thanks to intensive work with Grasso Japan, that selection software program is now also available in Japanese. The program combines refrigerant properties with compressor data, offering a quick and accurate selection of the optimum compressor and main accessories including oil separators and oil coolers.

Comsel works in Windows 95 and higher versions and can be downloaded from the Grasso Website: Further information is also available from Grasso's office in Japan (telephone: 81-6-6306-58-58; fax: 81-6-6306-5866; e-mail:

Sister company FES Systems, York, Pennsylvania, USA (Fax: 1-717-764-3627), meanwhile, has introduced the G Series rotary compressor line, which offers a number of compressor and package features aimed at making it one of the most efficient and reliable in the industry.

An exclusive rotor profile improves efficiency while reducing noise, and a service-friendly design allows for quick and easy maintenance of most package components. All FES G Series compressors are equipped with an advanced Micro III microprocessor control panel with options for refrigeration system control.

FES has been providing standard and custom refrigeration designs for more than 50 years. Its products include screw compressor packages, reciprocating compressors, plate/flame and shell/tube heat exchangers, flake ice makers, valves, purgers, controls and supervisory systems.

Hasegawa USA, San Antonio, Texas, USA (Fax: 1-210-494-9680), has broadened its Surely[R] range of reciprocating compressor applications by introducing the VZL4 and VZ6 single-stage compressors as well as the new VZL31 and VZ42 two-stage compressors.

The VZ compressor is available with six or eight cylinders for single-stage applications and 4-2 and 6-2 cylinders for two-stage applications. Hasegawa Surely VZ compressors have a 5 13/64-inch bore, 4 11/64-inch stroke and 1,200 RPM maximum operating speeds.

The VZL compressors are available with four and eight cylinders for single-stage operation and 3-1 and 6-2 cylinders for two-stage applications. The Surely VZL compressors have a 5 13/64-inch bore, 5 13/6-inch stroke and 1200 RPM maximum operating speeds.

Both the VZ and VZL reciprocating compressor series are available for R-717, R-22, R-134A, R-502, R-507 and most other HCFC refrigerants, and are available for belt-drive or direct drive configurations. The VZ and VZL compressors are also available close-coupled to a drive motor for deep sea fishing vessel installations and applications with considerable space limitations.

Hasegawa has been a leading manufacturer of reciprocating compressors since 1921 with over 10,000 installations in more 40 countries through the world. For more information, check out the company's web-site at

A CP-1 controller is the latest compressor accessory from Mycom North America, Torrance, California, USA (Fax: 1-310-782-6759). The controller features upgraded functions in line with needs of today's operators.

By setting it to suction pressure, for example, the unit allows automatic capacity control of the compressor in response to load changes. Two modes of capacity control can be selected by punching a key:

* Mode A: Set up target suction pressure for each capacity control step.

* Mode B: Set up a single target suction pressure.

Compressor failure is detected automatically, and the CP-1 now includes external alarm input and an emergency stop button on the front panel. External alarm output is also available. In case of failure, all movement of the solenoid valve stops, and all data from the time of failure are held to help determine the cause.

Through cascade connection of controllers, compressor auto-staging is available when additional units are installed in a multiple-unit plant. External monitoring of controller state is possible using RS-485 communication. The motor and motor starter are protected with both an interval timer and a hunting prevention timer with restart function.

"Parts is parts" may be true for chickens, but for compressors you want reliability -- and Compressor Engineering Corp. (CECO), Houston, Texas, USA (Fax: 1-713-664-6444) guarantees same for leading brands like Vilter, Frick and Mycom.

The company can even improve on some models, with items like a suction valve for Frick compressors that eliminates valve plates. CECO makes valves for Vilter units that are laser-cut, ground parallel fiat and hand polished for prefect sealing. The company keeps most of its parts in stock for immediate shipment.
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