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Workholding/Toolholding Buyers Guide.

Workholding/Toolholding Buyers Guide

MAN-Modern Applications News presents its annual workholding/Toolholding
Buyers Guide, an alphabetical guide to manufacturers and distributors of
Workholding/Toolholding equipment and supplies for the metalworking
industry that have responded to requests for company and product
information. For your convenience, the Guide includes each company's
product, fax lines, contacts, and phone numbers. Our Web site,, also presents this Buyers Guide with
company and product information.

  Company Name                   Management/Contacts
Address/Phone/Fax                    Products

Kansas                           Manager
Tel 800-528-6459                 Manufacture aluminum, steel, and
Fax 785-587-0004                 cast iron chuck jaws for all   foreign and domestic chucks;        Aluminum tooling columns
                                 (tombstones). sub-plates, angle
                                 plates, and platfarm riser plates

ADVANCED MACHINE AND             Kris Drennen, Marketing
ENGINEERING                      Assistant
Illinois                         Tring- high density fixturing,
Tel 815-962-6076                 precise repeat clamping;
Fax 815-964-1446                 Amforce-force cartridge,                     clamps manually, unclamps                      hydraulically; S.A.F.E. --
                                 modular workholding components;
                                 Amrok -- tombstones, assorted
                                 shapes and materials

AJAX INDUSTRIES                  David De Matteo,
Ohio                             President
Tel 800-543-5998                 Manufactures chack jaws for
Fax 800-552-5320                 Kitagawa, Howa, Matsumoto.                 Cushman, Beck, Bison, and SMW                 lathe chucks; available in
                                 serrated, tongue and groove, and
                                 Acme and Square master key styles

ALORIS TOOL TECHNOLOGY           Pete Brushaber, Operations
New Jersey                       Manager
Tel 973-772-1201                 Super precision quick change
Fax 973-772-8606                 tool posto, indexable tool                posts, tool holders, and related                   lathe tooling; Threading,
                                 knurling, and boring tools;
                                 Single carbide insert
                                 replaceable tip drills

BILZ TOOL COMPANY                Allan Molsbee, Managing
Illinois                         Director
Tel 800-227-5460                 ThermoGrip thermal test clamping:
Fax 800-937-7752                 High-frequency tool fault                     detection system; Toolholding for
                                 drilling, tapping, reaming,
                                 with quick-change, floating,
                                 tension, compression, and
                                 reversing tapping heads; Morse
                                 taper products

BLUCO CORPORATION                Robert Ellig, President
Illinois                         Modular fixturing for welding;
Tel 630-637-1820                 Modular fixturing for
Fax 630-637-1847                 machining; Expanding mandrels

CARBIDE TOOL SERVICES, INC.      Pot Hjelm, Sales Manager
Minnesota                        Repair ef damaged indexable
Tel 763-421-2210                 tools
Fax 763-421-2686

CARBOLOY INC.                    (Name omitted by request)
Michigan                         Full range of rotary toolholders;
Tel 800-832-8326                 Seco Capto quick-change modular
Fax 810-497-5627                 holders; EPB toolholders,            including HSK and Induflex                 shrink-fit system

CARR LANE MFG., CO.              Tom Smith, Customer Service
Missouri                         Manager
Tel 314-647-6200                 Alignment pins, toggle clamps;
Fax 314-647-5736                 Modular fixturing,                spring-loaded devices

CARR LANE ROEMHELD MFG., CO.     Swiftsure Engineer
Missouri                         Swiftsure [R} power workholding,
Tel 636-349-1123                 precision machine vices,
Fax 636-349-1191                 concentric clamping devices

CO-OP TOOL WORKHOLDING           John Hammill, Vice President
 SYSTEMS                         Custom workholding products
Ohio                             including tumbstone and
Tel 419-476-9125                 production fixtures, power chuck,
Fax 419-476-7568                 collet chucks, diaphragm               chucks, ball lock chucks

DE-STA-CO INDUSTRIES             Caryn Hall, Marketing and
Michigan                         Communications Manager
Tel 248-397-6700                 Manufactures manual toggle
Fax 248-397-6734                 clamping products, pneumatic            and hydraulic workholding                  systems, Rabohand and EOA
                                 brand rubotic tooling and
                                 accessories, and CPI brand
                                 end-effector systems

EAGLE ROCK TECHNOLOGIES, INC.    Tom Green, Sales Manager
Pennsylvania                     Manufacturer of specialty
Tel 800-324-5376                 tooling and accessories;
Fax 610-759-4340                 Wettstein Tool, Knurlcraft,         Redmer air chucks, and          Wahlstron float-lock safety
                                 vises, and automatic drill

EDI TOOLING SYSTEMS              Rob Pierson, Sales and
Illinois                         Marketing Manager
Tel 800-959-1410                 Master Jaw System -- 3 jaw
Fax 815-877-1410                 chuck to 5c collets; Center             drill holder; Toolholder               bushings; Multi-stop chuck

ELSEWORKS, INC.                  Wolfgang Bitterolf,
Pennsylvania                     President
Tel 800-968-0851                 Arnold high pressure/high
Fax 412-968-0851                 precision vises for machining               centers and milling machines

ERIEZ MAGNETICS                  John Mackowski, Manager
Pennsylvania                     Magnamation Division
Tel 814-835-6000                 Manufacture and marketing of
Fax 814-838-4960                 permanent and Electro Lifting                  magnets, magnetic coolant                    cleaners and filters,
                                 vibratory feeders
                                 and conveyors, and magnetic
                                 chip and parts conveyors

EXSYS TOOL INC.                  Jill Young, Sales Manager
Florida                          Rotary and fixed toolholders;
Tel 813-637-8556                 Workholding and accessories:
Fax 813-637-8065                 FR collets, wrenches, collet nuts

Connecticut                      President
Tel 860-828-0595                 Sales and Marketing
Fax 860-828-6704                 Milling, drilling, grinding          spindles, and spindle             remanufacturing

HAAS AUTOMATION, INC.            Scott Rathburn.
California                       Marketing
Tel 805-988-6922                 Product Manager
Fax 805-988-6918                 Manufactures a complete line              of programmable rotary                  indexers, rotary tables, and
                                 trunnion tables

HARDINGE INC.                    (Name omitted by request)
New York                         Collets for lathes, mills,
Tel 800-843-8801                 grinders, and fixtures;
Fax 607-734-3886                 New bar loader collets for                bar loaders used with          Swiss-type CNC lathes;
                                 Toolholders, toolholder collets
                                 and bushings for Swiss-type, CNC
                                 and manual lathes, CNC machining
                                 centers and manual mills; R8
                                 Collets for Bridgeport and other
                                 brand knee mills

HARIG MFG.                       Tad Eckert, Vice President
Illinois                         Grinding fixtures, v-block and
Tel 847-647-9500                 5C collet indexers, wheel
Fax 847-647-8351                 dressers, EDM tooling, magnetic                chucks including new                 Kool-Grind system keeps parts
                                 cool during dry grinding

HEARTECH PRECISION INC.          Preben Hansen, Sales
Illinois                         Manager
Tel 847-593-6000                 Accessories her machining
Fax 847-593-6005                 centers including, toolholders,         powered or manually driven 4th             and 5th axis rotary tables,
                                 presetters, shrink fit, and

HERMANN SCHMIDT CO. (THE)        Peter Schmidt, Vice
Connecticut                      President
Tel 860-289-3347                 Manufacturer of precision
Fax 860-289-4846                 workholding components for the                EDM, grinding, and inspection                 processes

ISCAR METALS, INC.               Julie Loose, Marketing
Texas                            Communications Manager
Tel 817-258-3200                 Iscar Shortin; short holder
Fax 817-258-3221                 designed for ER32 spring             collet and for shrink collets,              maximum rigidity and reduced

ITI TOOLING COMPANY INC.         Carl Mockert, Product
New Jersey                       Manager
Tel 201-934-6333                 EWS/Sauter - high quality static
Fax 201-934-6488                 and live tooling for most              American, Asian, and European               CNC lathes

KENNAMETAL INC.                  Rudy Frank, Marketing
Pennsylvania                     communications Manager
Tel 724-539-5000                 KM quick-change tooling
Fax 724-539-5022                 reduces time needed for tool               change operations; Km
                                 Micro - quick change tooling
                                 system, small and compact,
                                 fits most Swiss-style turning
                                 centers, smaller lathes, and
                                 screw machines

KOSMEK (USA) LTD.                Mike Casselman, Sales
Illinois                         Hydraulic clamping; Pallet
Tel 708-598-5772                 clamp system
Fax 708-598-6215

KURT MANUFACTURING COMPANY       Steve Kane, Sales and
Minnesota                        Marketing Manager
Tel 800-328-2565                 Provide and develop quality
Fax 612-623-3902                 workholding products and                   solutions, new products, and                     services

LASSY TOOLS INC.                 William Lassy, President
Connecticut                      Gang vise-multiple part
Tel 860-747-2748                 workholding vise that
Fax 860-747-2749                 compensates for variation             in part size

LOGANSPORT MATSUMOTO             Jay Duerr, Sales and Marketing
 COMPANY                         Manager
Indiana                          Chucks/Cylinders: Rotary tables;
Tel 574-753-3104                 Neidlein face drivers/centers;
Fax 574-722-6559                 Alting steady rests

MICRO CENTRIC CORP               Terry Kerndoerfer, Sales
Connecticut                      Manager
Tel 516-349-7220                 Precision air and draw the operated
Fax 516-349-9354                 jaw chucks, quick change collet           chucks, diaphragm chucks, and special             application chucks designed to
                                 customer specifications

MIDACO CORPORATION               Jon Johnson, Sales and
Illinois                         Marketing Manager
Tel 847-593-6429                 Pallet systems up to 120" x 40" to
Fax 847-593-8451                 reduce set up tijme at machining              centers; Lift hoist; Automatic door
                                 systems for mills and lathes; Grit
                                 Grabber [R] dust collection system and
                                 Grinder Guard [R] for asfety at all
                                 bench or pedestal grinders

MITEE-BITE PRODUCTS INC.         Elle Prudehomme, Marketing
New Hampshire                    Coordinator
Tel 603-539-4538                 Gripping rails--for holding on ferrous
Fax 603-539-2183                 material on magnetic chuck; ID               expansion clamp--machinable clamps                hold on internal diameter; Pittbull
                                 clamps; Locating rails-low carbon
                                 steel, precision ground in various

NORTHWESTERN TOOLS, INC.         Jim Thomeczek, Manager
Ohio                             Full line of mark clamping devices;
Tel 937-296-9994                 The clamping kit includes blocks,
Fax 937-298-3715                 clamps, studs, and nuts for
drobertson@northwestern          positioning a fixture or work piece                        to a table

NSK AMERICA CORPORATION          Sherryann Kincaid, Customer
Illinois                         Service
Tel 890-585-4675                 Industrial Division
Fax 800-838-9328                 Mold polishing and grinding hand          tools; Pneumatic and electric           machine-attached tools for
                                 micro-machine and micro-drilling
                                 and tapping

PALMGEN STEEL PRODUCTS           Rob Eakins, Sales
Illinois                         Manufactures heavy-duty
Tel 800-621-3145; 773-265-5700   operated vises for drilling,
Fax 773-265-5740                 milling, machining; precision               vises, angle vise, rotary                 and indexing tables, arbor
                                 presses, bench tool stands,
                                 material support stands

PHASE II                         Neil Gitter, National Sales
New Jersey                       Manager
Tel 201-933-6300                 Phase II offers three-jaw, four-jaw,
Fax 201-933-3801                 and six-jaw lathe chucks in plain back                 and other popular direct mountings;               ER, TG, and MT collets

REID TOOL SUPPLY COMPANY         Bonnie Lipan, Advertising Manager
Michigan                         Handwheels, handles, knobs, spring and
Tel 800-253-0421; 231-777-3951   ball plungers, leveling pads, clamps,
Fax 800-438-1145; 231-773-4485   setup accessories, thread inserts

RICHMILL U.S.A., INC.            Curly Toyomoto, Vice President
California                       Tool holders for machining centers
Tel 562-699-8008
Fax 562-699-3650

ROBERTS BALL SCREW               (Name omitted by request)
Michigan                         Precision ballscrews, rolled
Tel 800-530-0794                 ballscrews, metric and inches, foreign
Fax 517-623-6558                 and domestic brands repaired, single
                                 and double nut, internal and external

ROHM PRODUCTS OF AMERICA,        Jurgen Schleicher, General
 INC.                            Manager
Georgia                          Key type and keyless drill chucks;
Tel 770-963-8460                 Live centers and face drivers; Manual
Fax 770-963-8407                 and power chucks--standard and special              design; Mandrels

California                       Expanding collets; Mini expanding
Tel 800-423-5145                 collets: Chuck jaws; Vise jaws
Fax 805-582-1530

ROYAL MACHINE AND TOOL CORP.     Bernie McAloon, Sales Manager
Connecticut                      Building and design of custom and
Tel 860-828-6555                 standard workholding devices including
Fax 860-828-1591                 simple manual fixtures, modular units;       Standard chucks, all types for         rotating and non-rotating applications

S.D. WHISTLER & SONS, INC.       Brendan Whistler, Vice
New York                         President Sales
Tel 800-828-1010                 Modular bard die systems fer punching
Fax 716-542-4226                 and notching; Miva--vacuum clamping         system

SNAP JAWS MFG., INC.             Tonya Boyer, Controller
Michigan                         Quick-change vise jaws; Piston jaws;
Tel 248-588-1099                 step jaws; soft jaws; plate jaws; top
Fax 246-588-2235                 jaws; serrated jaw; horizontal V

ST. MARY MANUFACTURING CO.       Sharon Voelker, Marketing
New York                         and Sales
Tel 716-695-2040                 Spin roll workholding fixtures, spin
Fax 716-695-3815                 roll rotary V-block concentricity,                 and straightness inspection device

STEVENS ENGINEERING              Gordon Coope, Director of Marketing
Arizona                          and Sales
Tel 602-272-6766; 800-635-0557   Modular tooling system--modular
Fax 602-272-0717                 fixturing for vertical or horizontal               mill machining operations

SUPPLY INTERNATIONAL             Jeff Williams, President
Illinois                         Forster welding fixtures and tables
Tel 217-698-7111
Fax 217-698-7957

TE-CO                            Amy Moeder, Marketing Services
Ohio                             Administrator
Tel 800-543-4071                 Tooling components; Modular fixturing;
Fax 937-832-1274                 Vise workholding systems

TECHNIKS INC.                    Nick Tuttle, Marketing
Indiana                          Toolholders for CNC machining centers,
Tel 800-597-3921                 and CNC routers; Deburring and
Fax 877-776-9994                 polishing machines; Surface grinder             accessories

TECNARA TOOLING SYSTEMS, INC.    Tak Yoshimoto, Product Manager
California                       High precision toolholders including,
Tel 562-941-2000                 Vectron balanceable toolholders,
Fax 562-946-0506                 Slimline heat-shrink holders,              Rite-angle attachments, and Kitagawa             NC rotary tables

US SHOP TOOLS                    Greg Stoddard, Marketing
California                       Chuck jaws--soft, round and hard jaws;
Tel 800-243-7701                 Retention knobs; Toolholders--for
Fax 800-342-3311                 endmills, collet chucks, shell mills,            CAT and BT tapers; Jaw and Collet              chucks, vises

VEKTEK INC.                      Michele Janorschke, Marketing
Kansas                           Manufacturer and direct sales of the
Tel 913-365-1045; 800-992-0236   VektorFlo hydraulic and VetorAir
Fax 816-364-0471                 pneumatic clamping devices and                accessories for holding parts during                   machining

WAYNE PRODUCTS, INC.             Dick Segermark, President
Pennsylvania                     Ezy-Clamps [TM] one piece clamps for
Tel 800-255-5665; 610-251-0933   t-slot tables; grade 17-8 stainless
Fax 800-252-0948; 610-251-0218   steel and heat-treated to 150,000 lbs.
wayneproductsinc2@world          tensile

WEN TECHNOLOGY, INC.             John Powell, President
North Carolina                   Magnetic workholding and lifting
Tel 919-954-1004                 systems; Magnetic chucks, magnetic
Fax 919-954-1009                 milling chucks, magnetic lifters, and                electro-permanent magnetic chucks

WMH TOOL GROUP                   Katie Vaughn, Marketing Specialist
Illinois                         Wilton machinist vise safely holds
Tel 847-934-6000                 machined parts, assemblies,
Fax 847-934-6730                 fabrications, forgings, castings, and         components; Double-V precision kit             includes two sets of precision
                                 V-blocks and clumps; Quick measure 6"
                                 kit designed for measuring, layout,
                                 and comparison

ZAGAR INC.                       John Zagar, President
Ohio                             Manufactures multi-spindle (gearless,
Tel 216-731-0500                 geared, and machining center) heads,
Fax 216-731-8591                 quill type feed units (pneumatic,               hydraulic, and servo mechanical),                    collet type workholding and standard/
                                 dedicated machines for all production
                                 hole making operations drilling,
                                 tapping, reaming, counter boring, and

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