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Workholding, assembly, material handling.

Workholding, assembly, material handling

This section contains chucks, vises, modular fixtures, indexing tables, robots, conveyors, brazing systems, welding equipment, riveters, and feeding devices.

Pallet vise

Cluster-lock [TM] is designed with multiple vising stations on a rigid pallet base. It increases small-part productivity by reducing the number of tool changes per part and shortening spindle travel between parts.

Cluster-lock is suitable for precision machining complete families of parts and components requiring one or more machining sequences. Parts can be set up in vise-holding stations in a consecutive pattern to allow progressive machining on all sides.

Designed for high-accuracy part holding, Cluster-lock incorporates the original Anglock principle, ensuring zero part lift and near-zero deflection during clamping operations. All Cluster-lock surfaces are accurate to 0.0001 ipi, and the pallet-base way-surface to 0.001" total.

Kurt Mfg Co, Minneapolis, MN.


Four products recently introduced by Hytec will be among the hydraulic workholding equipment to be displayed. A hydraulic work support designed for manifold mounting, eliminates external fittings and hoses to keep fixtures clean and easier to service. With a capacity of 2100 lb, the spring-loaded support is hydraulically connected through its bottom bushing, which seats leakfree in a port in the fixture.

Two hydraulic clamps can be converted from a right-to left-hand swing of 90 deg or to a straight pull. The threaded-body units contain integral metering valves so they can be used with any pump at any flow rate, and without being damaged from a sudden release of pressure stored in piping.

An air/hydraulic pump is designed for use with manual pallet valves. Equipped with a treadle for handsfree operation, it performs with air pressure of 40 to 125 psi to deliver hydraulic pressures of 1560 to 4875 psi.

A new system remotely monitors hydraulic clamping pressure on palletized machining centers via infrared light. It consists of a control unit, receiver, transponder, battery pack, and pressure switch--along with visual and audio alarms. The firm offers a CAD Graphics Library which simplifies the design of machining fixtures by eliminating the need to create graphic geometry.

Hytec Products, SPX Corp Owatonna, MN.

Positioning system

The Matrix Positioning System increases machine uptime because there's no need to reverify proved setups. Exact positioning and repositioning controls allow manufacturers to make maximum use of equipment. The matrix system fits most horizontal or vertical machining centers and minimizes setup time with changeover from one part to another in 5 min or less.

Available in cube, T-block, or subplate styles, the systems have three optional surface configurations: Type A combines tapped holes with locating bushing; Type B is a straight slot with drilled and tapped holes; and Type C is a T-slot configuration. Each of the three styles is available in many sizes or can be custom designed.

Tooling is cast in Grade 50 Meehanite with a 32 microinch finish. Blocks are perpendicular and parallel within 0.0005" per 12".

Midwest Specialties, Wapakoneta, OH.

Mechanical clamp

Torque-Lok clamp is designed to provide adjustable diagonal clamping force up to 1300 lb in a low-profile design. Clamp provides workholding application flexibility.

The clamp's low-profile design allows unobstructed surface machining and machine-tool clearance. When used with rest blocks and locator blocks, Torque-lok allows the user to through-drill a workpiece. Clamp's mounting flexibility also provides quick changing for multiple applications.

A choice of jaw inserts accommodates a variety of workpiece surfaces. The clamp base comes with grooved, serrated, or carbide jaws. The clamp is surface-hardened to resist wear and abrasion. The rest surfaces are precision-ground, ensuring that parts placed on the surfaces are level.

Vlier Enerpac, Butler, WI.

Claw clamp

New clamp fits enclosed or hard-to-reach areas. The Bessey claw clamp is designed to exert high pressure from outside the clamping area onto the workpiece. Because the screw is on the outside of the clamp, the device works in areas that normally would be difficult to clamp. The outside screw is coated to protect against welding spatter.

With a nominal throat depth of 4", the claw clamp is available in 12", 24", and 40" openings. Both arm and rail are galvanized. The pad tilts to 30 deg for maximum contact when clamping at an angle.

James Morton Inc, Batavia, NY.

Workholding grippers

Metric gripper line is used for workholding chucks, jigs, and fixtures. Line includes adjustables from 6 mm to 20 mm and round or square in 10, 12, 16, 20, or 25 mm. They are available in hardened tool steel and carbide-tipped varieties.

Replaceable serrated grippers come in round, square, counterbore, adjustable, angle-grip, adjusta-grip, and accu-grip. They are made from high-speed steel, carbide-tipped, and solid carbide.

Accugrip is an assembly that uses a replaceable adjustable gripper and locking screw for precise and positive chucking.

Fairlane Products Inc, Fraser, MI.

Arc-welding robot

MR V-6 vertically articulated six-axis arc-welding robot features a compact, symmetrical three-axis wrist to provide unusual flexibility and access for difficult welding operations. The small head and wide range of torch-position choices permit welding in tight positions normally inaccessible to conventional welding robots. The unit is fast, easy to operate, and designed to provide high productivity.

A companion robot, the MRH-5, is a hybrid five-axis welding robot combining horizontal and vertical articulated arms. Both employ rigid arm construction, large work envelopes, and direct-drive mechanics for high welding repeatability and reliability. Each is compact and easily installed in limited space. Mounting can be horizontal, vertical, or overhead.

Both models use a direct-data, hand-held programmer with a keyboard labeled in welding language, not computerese. There are no function codes or complex programming routines to memorize, and no external computer keyboarding or CRT screens are needed for programming.

Miller Electric Mfg Co, Appleton, WI.

Precision air chucks

High-speed, precision air chucks are designed to hold close tolerances and increase turning productivity at speeds up to 10,000 rpm.

One model in the series, the HST (High-Speed Titanium), incorporates titanium components to reduce overall weight and cycle time.

HS precision air chucks use a non-rotating air tube system that optimizes chuck performance by eliminating air tube vibration.

Microcentric Corp, Plainview, NY.

Turning automation

Hydrobar Mini-Sprint is an automatic barfeed system for CNC turning centers using bar stock from 1/8" to 1 1/4" dia. High-speed operation and automatic loading from an integral stock magazine make it suitable for continuous turning operations and unmanned or cellular operations.

Auto-rest work supports locate and support a workpiece exactly on-center during turning operations. Hydraulically actuated, they feature a three-roller contact and a sliding-wedge design to prolong operation accuracies. Standard models cover a range of workpiece sizes from 0.19" to 20" dia.

LNS America Inc, Cincinnati, OH.

Precision and power chucks

Stace-Allen will display a full line of chucks from 3" to 12" dia.

Pallet systems with multiple chucks allow quick changeover. Spring clamp and air release allow full use of machining time while another pallet is being loaded.

Chucks for turning and grinding centers are also available.

Stace-Allen Chucks Inc, Indianapolis, IN.

Universal benders

New Series 3000 universal benders machine sections bars, tubes, and plates. Model 3025 CN2R NC bender has a bending capacity of 2 [in.sup.3]. Standard on all Series 3000 machines are three driven shafts with hardened, smooth-finished, universal rolls for bending all standard profiles, independent regulation of the lower bending rolls for double prebending, rotation on high dynamic load bearings, and lateral guide rolls adjustable in six directions. An adjustable torque limiter on the central shaft protects machine components from damage during overloading.

Comac srl, Villanova d'Asti, Italy.

Workholding devices

Keyless chucks and precision tool and workholding devices have been added to Jacobs' industrial product line. The keyless chuck, with capacities from 1/4" through 5/8", increases machine-tool productivity by permitting rapid tooling changes while providing high gripping force to resist tool-shank slippage. Chucks can be used on high-accuracy drill presses, jig borers, milling machines, and production drilling equipment.

Drill sleeves and extension sockets are designed for use with Morse-taper-shank tools. Sleeves are either oil-toughened and externally precision-ground with hardened tangs, or, through-hardened and precision-ground.

Completing the line are internally-and externally-ground Morse taper turret sockets with inside taper sizes ranging from 1 through 4, and a selection of hardened, tempered ejecting drifts for ejecting Morse taper sizes 0 through 6.

Jacobs Chuck Mfg Co, Clemson, SC.

Sleeve-type mandrels

Tobler sleeve-type mandrels have special sleeve characteristics that allow 50,000 clampings while maintaining a maximum 0.0004" tir concentricity over the entire range of expansion. They also allow up to 0.200" expansion on diameter.

This standard line of expanding mandrels is available with knock-on, manual or drawbar activation, and with between-centers, Morse taper, and flange mountings. Tobler also features a segment-type mandrel with sleeves capable of up to 200,000 clampings while maintaining 0.0004" tir concentricity.

The line also includes Cameron hydraulic chucks and arbors, Sabertooth expanding mandrels, and quick-change workholding systems.

Madison Cameron, Providence, RI.

Brazing system

Twelve-station rotary-brazing system can produce two-piece, brass and copper assemblies at 400/hr with one operator. This is made possible through the use of a Fusion paste-brazing alloy. The brazing alloy consists of powdered filler-metal, compatible flux, and a paste binder for smooth application. Homogeneous nature of the mixture allows accurate measurement and eliminates the need for separate fluxing.

Fusion Inc, Willoughby, OH.

Full grips

Full grip top jaws offer a workholding solution to machining thin-wall and irregular-shaped parts. Manufactured with a 1" center hole, full grips are capable of holding a 1" part of accepting a 1" boring plug. Full grip jaws wrap around thin-wall parts, distributing clamping force 360 deg to eliminate part distortion.

Jaws are also used as workholding fixtures for irregular-shaped parts, because they allow full-surface contact and positive part location. They are available from stock in aluminum or cast iron, from 6" to 24" dia in either standard or extra heights.

Huron Machine Products Inc, Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Power chucks

The Workholding Alliance is a new holding company comprised of Buck/Logansport, Buck/Matsumoto, and Buck Chuck Co. The Workholding Alliance was formed to simplify customers' search for workholding products with domestic and foreign capabilities and can supply standard, custom-designed, and replacement chucks and hydraulic cylinders.

Ajust-Tru manual chucks, by Buck Chuck Co, have an accuracy of [+ or -] 0.00025. The Buck combination two- or three-jaw chuck will also be shown.

Power-operated chucks and rotating hydraulic cylinders, by Buck/Matsumoto, provide high accuracy and reliability.

Buck/Logansport Super-Life will display power chucks with the Ajust-Tru design, along with air and hydraulic cylinders. Workholding Alliance, Logansport, IN.

Modular fixturing

Tooling suits temporary fixturing. Use the components for one-time jobs, short or prototype production runs, trial fixturing, or while permanent fixtures are built or repaired. A wide variety of fixtures can be assembled with a small assortment of modular components. Locators and clamps are similar to those used for permanent fixtures.

Precision tooling plates and blocks have a standard grid pattern with multipurpose positioning holes every 2". Two sizes of tooling plates and components are available: standard, with 1/2" dia holes and 1/2-13 threads; and heavy, with 5/8" dia holes and 5/8-11 threads.

Tooling plates have two 1.1875" dia locating holes on each axis; four holes total. Edge-locating strips, using side-tapped holes, allow for easy locating of blocks on machine table. Plate and block surfaces are machined flat to 0.0004" tir per 6" square, parallel to 0.0016", and square to 0.0008" per 12". Locators, clamps, adaptable power workholding, and mounting accessories are also available.

Carr Lane Mfg Co, St Louis, MO.

Euro barfeeds

Cucchi barfeed systems are available in two basic models: an MC model for single-spindle machines, and an AN-BN model for six- and eight-spindle machines. The AN-BN multispindle machine system is available in two versions. The AN model has the bar magazine located over the drum, and the BN model has the bar magazine under the drum.

All systems are loaded from the side, so there is no need to allow space at the end of the system for bar loading. The barfeeders feature a shock absorber that absorbs bar vibration during machining. Rather than using continuous liners in stock tubes, the system uses segments that function independently in absorbing vibration.

Barfeeders handle up to 2 3/4" dia stock. Hex, square, and profile-type bars are easily accommodated. All barstock is stored within the frame of the barfeed system for enhanced safety. Short part remnants are automatically retracted and ejected.

MTA Inc, Cincinnati, OH.

Multiple-collet fixtures

Two new 5C collet fixtures each provide ten collet cells to save time when performing secondary operations on machining centers.

Fixtures are available with mechanical or hydraulic locking. Both models are designed with two rows of five 5C collet cells each, with center-to-center distances of 2" in all directions. Mounting can be vertical or horizontal.

Beere Precision Products, Racine, WI.

Welding safety

Widdervac spot fume elimination system uses a mechanical filter and HEPA media. Spot fume elimination is a method by which fumes are collected 3/4" from their generation point. Pickup nozzle designs allow adjustment of suction so that shielding gases are not interfered with. The system is portable and is operable with all arc welding methods.

Fab-Tech Inc, Colchester, VT.

CNC riveting cells

Programmable CNC riveting cells are suitable for use with a rotary-index tables or as part of nonsynchronous palletized systems. CNC-controlled riveting allows use of the same machine to perform complex sequences of riveting, flaring, or swaging operations on many points, along three-axes, and on different assemblies without stopping.

Electronic sensing system allows CNC riveting cells to recognize different types of assemblies brought to the machine, and to implement the correct sequence of operations automatically. Standard control unit has a computer-link interface for changing, modifying, and uploading and downloading programs.

CNC riveting cells are available with horizontal working envelopes of 8" x 8", 12" x 12", and 24" x 24". Vertical travel is 3". Riveting capacity is 0.020" to 0.875" for solid CRS rivets, and up to 3" for tubular CRS. Machine features horizontal positioning repeatablility of 0.0005" and travel speed of 360 ipm. Vertical repeatablility is 0.0002" with a speed of 200 ipm.

Bracker Corp, Carnegie, PA.


Available as a clamp-base assembly or as part of a complete clamping system, this riser clamp uses a patented cam-action lock. A socket cap screw with an eccentric head rotates inside a square clamping element, moving the element into contact with the side of the workpiece. The riser clamp's base unit has a T-nut, allowing direct mounting in the T-slot of a machine table. It provides a 10 deg angle, so final tightening creates both a sideways and downward clamping force, and the mounting surface holds the workpiece 0.5" off the machine table.

Mitee-Bite Products Co, Center Ossipee, NH.

AC drive decoilers

The PD/40/DC pallet decoiler comes equipped with an AC variable-frequency drive mechanism with enclosed wet clutch to absorb shock and prevent coasting. Capacities are 3500 lb, widths up to 6", thickness from 0.004" to 0.060", and speeds up to 100 fpm.

The PD/48/PLC pallet decoiler features precision loop control to regulate speed. There is also a powered rubber roll that takes up slack without pulling on material. It's suited for thin stock (0.004" to 0.040"), and polished or prepainted material.

Dynamic Feeds Inc, High Point, NC.

Modular conveyor system

Crescentine modular conveyor system's 3"-wide chain can be turned in a 1.875" centerline radius, allowing the system to squeeze into tight places.

The low-profile aluminum-extruded conveyor bed, measuring 3" x 1.5", allows infeeding access to machines and robots. Frictionless curves provide for longer chain pulls. The conveyor chain, constructed of acetal thermoplastic, has a tensile strength of 1400 lb.

The modular unit can be expanded to create a custom-made conveyor system.

Garvey Corp, Blue Anchor, NJ.

CMM clamp kit

CMM-clamping kit consists of a 58-piece assortment of clamps, studs, nuts, and step blocks to provide holding and positioning flexibility with workpiece heights up to 15".

Aluminum step blocks and toggle pads with nylon spacers are provided to protect the CMM table surface. Studs are available in 5/16-18, 3/8-16, or metric thread sizes of M8, M10, and M12. A holder is provided for easy storage and organization of components.

TE-CO, Union, OH.

Steel-belt chip conveyors

Hinged-steel-belt chip conveyors feature a low-profile design and are made of 12-gage steel. They have belt widths ranging from 6" to 33", with incline angles of 30 deg, 45 deg, or 60 deg. Coolant tanks can be separate units or integral to the conveyor. Belt speed is 40 ipm.

Hennig Inc, Rockford, IL.

Tool posts and holders

Standard piston-style and high-precision wedge systems are available. Advanced design of wedge system provides built-in quick-tool-change versatility with positive rigidity to meet exacting tolerances. Wedge-type posts are precision engineered to assure highly repetitive accuracy.

Phase II +, Moonachie, NJ.

Material manipulators

The pneumatic manipulator is used for handling automotive, electrical, and electronic components; for loading and unloading machines; and for assembly, conveyor transfer, and packaging furniture, film, plastic products, and consumer goods. Operating only on plant air, the unit allows operator to float a payload into the space waiting for it. Suitable for loads from a few pounds to over 900 lb, manipulator comes in 17 models, including a low-headroom unit for use in confined spaces.

The hydraulic manipulator features 360-deg rotation around the main post to allow freedom of movement when positioning heavy, awkward, or delicate payloads into hard-to-reach locations. Available in 500-, 1000-, and 1500-lb models, each provides 55" of vertical travel and 112" of radial reach.

Positech Corp, Laurens, IA.

Lift-truck scale

Barcode-reading lift-truck scale includes software to support uploading and downloading inventory-adjusting transactions between the lift-truck scale and inventory-control computer. The standard barcode scanner wand or optional gun can automatically discriminate between Code 3 of 9, UPC/EAN, interleaved 2 of 5, and Codabar or Code 128.

DataBridge software used in conjunction with Mega-8 instrumentation is compatible with IBM PC's and Personal System/2 computers. A duplex RS-232C serial-link is used for uploading and downloading transactions. All transactions are stored in nonvolatile memory in case of power interruption. Interactive software allows operators to walk through weighing or counting transactions with minimal training.

The lift-truck scale's shock-mounted Mega-8 instrument operates from the lift-truck's battery power of 12 V to 24 V or 36 V to 96 V. The lift-truck scale for parts counting is accurate to one piece in 2000, and ranges in capacity from 1000 to 10,000 lb.

Allegany Technology Inc, Cumberland, MD.

Safety systems

Zone Gard Mat System's fail-safe operation is an alternative to the inconvenience of fences, gates, guards, and other forms of security.

Zonar is an awareness signal designed to warn personnel that they are coming close to potentially hazardous areas. Through the use of ultrasonic presence-detecting technology, awareness is achieved by one or more of three signals: a highly visible amber strobe, a distinctive alarm of greater intensity than the ambient noise level, and a microcomputer-activated voice-alert to the area. Zonar can also be activated using pressure-sensitive Zone Gard mats.

Lanson Industries Inc, Muskego, WI.

Friction welders

Model 90 inertia-type friction welder and a direct-drive model are used for welding bimetallic engine valves. The machines have variable-speed controls to 9000 and 3000 rpm, respectively. Computerized data-acquisition units with built-in SPC programs are available as attachments.

Manufacturing Technology Inc, Mishawaka, IN.

Finishing boring head

Garflex finish boring head for small-diameter boring bars features built-in balancing rings. The head can be adjusted to run at up to 20,000 rpm cutting speeds with bars up to 5/8" dia. Micrometer adjustment allows precise finishing with final adjustment of 0.001" on dia. Coolant is delivered through the bar. Also on display will be a modular tooling system and dual-insert boring heads.

EPB Inc, South Bend, IN.

Eliminate machining

Basic contour for a shape is achieved by cold rolling a bar of 4140 steel between rolls profiled to approach the desired final shape. The final shape, tolerances, and surface finish are attained when preformed stock is cold drawn through small dies.

Dies are designed on CAD/CAM using manufacturer's drawings and specifications. Die is then cut on computer-controlled wire-EDM equipment or formed from individual, precision-ground carbide segments.

Benefits include elimination of machining, reduced labor and scrap cost, reduction of throughput time, increased tensile and yield strengths, tolerances to [+ or -] 0.0005", and enhanced appearance and durability of parts.

Rathbone Precision Metals Inc, Palmer, MA.

Safety light has 50-ft range

Thin-line infrared safety light is designed for heavy industrial environments. It measures 1 1/2" x 2 1/4" wide, is available in 6" increment lengths up to 48", and has a standard 50-ft range.

The light is made with a 3/16"-thick extruded aluminum housing that is oil and dust tight.

Protech Systems, Chino, CA.

Vertical storage file

Easi File is designed for vertical storage of engineering documents, maps, and films. The file offers quick and easy access, space savings, and large filing capacity.

The vertical-suspension filing system uses a special suspension system and hangers for individual filing of documents, films, tape-ups, artwork, mylar and regular vellums. File allows intermixing of document sizes and types to eliminate excessive handling. Stores up to 1000 E-size vellums in 4.5 sq ft.

Easi File Corp, Irvine, CA.

Engineering copier

A mid-volume plain-paper engineering copier, the Xerox 2520 offers numerous features to enhance workflow. An optional roll-media cutter automatically cuts and disperses copy media matched to the size of the original. Copies can be made on ordinary bond paper or unsensitized vellum and film. Acceptable originals include diazo blueline prints, sepias, CAD plots, and cut-and-tape composites. It also has a partial-copy feature for copying selected areas of a document.

Xerox Corp, East Rochester, NY.

Premachining services

Firm offers premachining of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper. Services include wet deburring of TCI or customer-furnished aluminum, wet-belt sanding of aluminum, and a new surface-improvement process. The process removes surface imperfections, improves surface finish, and reduces grinding-finishing time.

TCI Aluminum, Gardena, CA.

Clamping components

Work-clamping components of many shapes and styles, include plain clamps, step clamps, fork clamps, block clamps, pin-end fork clamps, and shoe-fork clamps.

In many cases, the support blocks work with the clamping components and are available in several styles such as: step blocks (in several widths), serrated blocks, serrated heel blocks, universal step blocks, and wedge blocks. Screw jacks are available in a variety of styles, along with a large selection of T-bolts in metric kits. Rolled threaded rods from 6 m to 42 m come in lengths of 32 mm to 500 mm. Strength classes are of 8.8 mm and 10.9 mm. Spring clamps, T-nuts, toggle clamps, and self-centering vices for horizontal or vertical milling of shafts and tubing complement the line.

JW Winco Inc, New Berlin, WI.

Micro-precision holders

Mass Symmetry DR-32 Micro Precision Collet Chuck is designed for high-performance precision applications. These heavy-duty toolholders offer operating accuracies to 0.0002" for precision long-run repeatability of CNC milling, drilling, and reaming operations.

Eighteen standard collet sizes from 0.079" to 0.787" are available in both V-Flange and BT-Flange tapers.

These collet chucks clamp their full length, nose to heel, so the gripping area reaches flush to the compression nut. Single-angle design transfers torque on the compression nut into gripping force on the tool. Collets are self-releasing, fully-ground, and collapse a full 0.40".

Command Corp Int'l, Minneapolis, MN.

Versatile vise

Kurt Versa-Lock [TM] vise quickly and easily adapts into twelve different vises using field retrofit kits.

Standard Versa-Lock [TM] converts into a reverse vise, and a short vise which is 2" shorter in length. All models can be equipped with hydraulic or air-power clamping assist. Using retrofit kits, one model can be changed to any of the others.

Versa-Lock [TM] is available in a standard 15" length model that will clamp a 6" workpiece. A short 13"-length model is available for workholding requirements on smaller pallet machines. Versa-Lock [TM] is the only precision vise incorporating Anglock and pull-type designs which pull the moveable jaw down and against the stationary jaw.

Kurt Mfg Co, Minneapolis, MN.

Safety clamp

AMLOK [R] safety clamp is used on shafts to provide safety for personnel and avoid mechanical crashes during power failures.

Device uses a Spieth clamping sleeve in conjunction with disc springs to provide a positive locking force. During normal operation, hydraulic pressure is applied against the release piston to compress the disc springs and release the clamping sleeve. In the event of a power failure, pressure is lost to the release piston, allowing the disc springs to safely lock the clamping sleeve on the rod or shaft. The AMLOK [R] device can be mounted in conjunction with standard NFPA cylinders.

Standard designs are available for application on 0.62" through 3.5" shaft sizes. Special designs are available for shafts as large as 24".

Advanced Machine and Engineering Co, Rockford, IL.

High-accuracy power chuck

The new PBL (Precision Ball-Lok) chuck offers repeatability of 0.001" tir for machining second operation parts. It's a high-accuracy version of the (UBL) Universal Ball-Lok chuck that uses a variety of jaws that are quickly changed for different workpieces. External to internal chucking is accomplished in minutes.

Both the PBL and UBL have positive pull-back throughout the chucking range, a jaw-homing device that centralizes the jaws to compensate for variations, and complete sealing against chips, dirt, and other machining contaminants.

ITW Woodworth, Detroit, MI.

Rotary tables

RNCX M-function, NC rotary table and control packages feature highspeed 33.3 rpm AC servomotor, heavy-duty 400-kg clamping force, high (60%) transmission efficiency, improved waterproofing, [+ or -] 15-sec accuracy, [+ or -] 2-sec repeatability, and TPC single-axis numerical control. Optional flanged chuck and tailstock are available.

Koma Precision Inc, Warehouse Point, CT.

Three million-pound isolation

The HLM6800 is a 16,000-lb Micro/Level [R] isolator antivibration leveling mount designed for machines weighing up to 3,000,000 lb. The design contruction provides optimum machine support, maximum isolation, and precision leveling. Mounts are equipped with Hydra/Level [TM] system internal hydraulic assist.

Vibro/Dynamics Corp, Broadview, IL.

Cables for C-tracks

Flexible shielded cable is used in C-tracks of gantry robots and machine-tool components that are in constant motion. Construction design results in a smaller outer diameter that permits a small bend radius. Light weight of the cable puts less strain on conductors. Optimal conductor stranding increases reliability and prevents individual strand breakage at connections.

Construction features include flexible, stranded, tinned-copper conductors; PVC insulation; conductors cabled with reverse lay; talc; textile wrap; thin inner PVC jacket; tinned-copper braided shield; and oil-resistant PVC jacket.

Lutze Inc, West Caldwell, NJ.

Chip-handling systems

Portable and central vacuum systems range from 1/2 to 60 hp and are capable of conveying metal chips weighing as much as 500 lb/cub ft. Continuous-duty vacuum can accommodate up to 2.5 cubic ft of material in a built-in dump bucket, or a larger volume of chips can be collected in vacuum-tight auxiliary tanks or self-dumping hoppers. A chip screen is available to separate coolant from chips for reuse. Systems can be tailored to automatically vacuum chips generated from one or multiple machines.

Invincible AirFlow Systems Inc, Dover, OH.

Pallet decoiler

The PR-2 pallet decoiler with large pallet capacity is well-suited for electronic and lead-frame stamping. A programmable controller regulates table speed, and acceleration and deceleration curves needed to maintain loop control. Control arm is counterbalanced for easy movement, even with thin material.

Fifteen models of Servo Roll feeds are available for metal stamping and flexible fabrication. Feeds are capable of processing a wide variety of materials, including prepainted, bright-finish, and standard commercial grades. Models are available from 4" to 60" in width, and continuous speeds to 400 rpm using both AC and DC drives.

Frames are cast to ensure stability and alignment. Upper rolls are housed in compensating frames to maintain parallelism regardless of coil quality. Dual pneumatic cylinders adjust clamping pressure, pilot release, and strip insertion.

P/A Industries, Bloomfield, Ct.

Changeover accessories

An expanded line of manual pallet changers, offered by SMW Systems, permit switching pallets on vertical machining centers in less than one min. By allowing loading, unloading, and setup operations to occur off-line, these systems double the output of the average machining center. They are easily retrofitted to existing machines.

An expanded line of modular vector vise fixturing systems is also available. These units allow more workpieces to be positioned and clamped on machine tables than conventional machine vises. Versatile clamp, guide, and nesting details accommodate a variety of workpiece configurations and multiple-workpiece setups.

SMW Systems Inc, Santa Fe Springs, CA.

Vise fixturing

Quik-Lok is a workholding system based on the use of snap-on/snap-off machinable jaws, allowing vertical milling machines to profit from advantages of the vise fixturing workholding method.

Vise fixturing allows workstops and holding shapes to be machined directly into the body of removable jaws on the milling machine. This converts the jaws into dedicated fixtures for accurate workpiece positioning, and also assures alignment. Snap-on installation of the jaws reduces setup time to about one min/workpiece.

Quik-Lok modules can be installed in many configurations including back-to-back and side-to-side. For machines equipped with fourth-axis or for horizontal machines, modules can be mounted on-end in groups. Parts can then be machined from several sides in one operation.

Quik-Lok can be converted to hydraulic activation by replacing the clamping assembly, which increases overall length of the module by only 3/4".

Chick Machine Tool Inc, Warrendale, PA.

Magnetic chucks

Blue Chip Chucks [TM] are magnetic workholding chucks designed for milling and machining operations. Chucks offer fast, accurate placement of ferrous metal parts and replace standard mechanical workholding fixtures like clamps, grippers, and vises. For machining of nonferrous metals, a magnetic chuck can be used as a baseplate.

Standard and custom-made electromagnetic and permanent-magnetic chucks are available in a wide variety of sizes. Types of chucks include low-profile interloc electromagnetic chucks, fine-division electromagnetic chucks, full-length bar pole and transverse bar pole electromagnetic chucks, and high-power electromagnetic chucks for heavy stock removal.

The electroperm option uses electrically-energized permanent magnets for fail-safe holding. The holding force is supplied by permanent magnets so the chuck will not release in the event of a power failure.

O S Walker, Worcester, MA.

Anyform magnetic base

The Anyform magnetic base can adhere to metal surfaces of almost any shape. Seventy steel segments conform to metal objects, providing the user with many possibilities for fixture applications. The Anyform can be used for shields, lights, indicators, and automotive applications.

HDT International, Paramount, CA.

Ear clamps

Oetiker clamps are good for tamper-proof connections and are currently used by the welding, beverage, automotive, and irrigation industries. Varieties of clamps include one-ear clamp, two-ear clamp, and one-ear stepless clamp for a complete 360-deg seal.

Oetiker Inc, Marlotte, MI.

Fast chuck changer

Automatic chuck-changing system allows chuck changes on the spindle within 20 sec without the need for further adjustments. The system indexes the unit 180 deg to effect the automatic chuck-changing operation on a stationary spindle.

The firm also will display automatic-indexing chucks for parts with various turning operations at intersecting axes that allow for machining in one setup with a high degree of accuracy. Retractable-jaw chucks eliminate multiple-chucking operations for shaft turning, so complete rough- and finish-turning can be accomplished in one opertion without unclamping the shaft.

Forkardt Inc, East Granby, CT.

Magnets hold 200 lb

Magnetic assemblies provide holding forces up to 200 lb and are suitable for fixtures, latches, controls, panels, and other part-holding applications. Often they eliminate the need for mechanical clamps and latches. Ceramic holding assemblies resist demagnetization by vibration and electrical fields and can be mounted directly in steel with no insulation. Alnico magnetic assemblies are also available for high-temperature applications up to 800 F.

Bunting Magnetics Co, Newton, KS.

Index tables

Three index-table variations will demonstrate PDC's adaptation of the Geneva-motion principle. Transparent dial plates allow full view of the tables' various mechanisms. The JIC-3A eight-station model mounts both vertically and horizontally, and includes a skip-station feature that converts the table to a four- or two-station unit on demand.

These Geneva index tables can serve a wide range of applications, including rotary assembly systems, drilling and tapping, robotics, and transfer tasks.

Precision Detroit Co Inc, Subsidiary of Fusion Inc, Willoughby, OH.

Adapting fixtures

Part distortion, normally associated with conventional clamp fixturing, is eliminated with the SAFE (Self Adapting Fixturing Elements) System. It's a system of supports and clamping points using a special flattened and hardened steel ball. Free to swivel within its socket, the self-aligning ball offers precision and distortion-free fixturing that's adaptable to any workpiece configuration.

Modular in design, the SAFE system includes horizontal and vertical adjustable support and clamping components that quickly mount on angles, base plates, and grid plates. Vertical and horizontal clamping units are available in either mechanical or hydraulic version, in both inch and metric sizes.

Precitec Corp, Mundelein, IL.
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