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Workflow Performance Learning Tools (WPLT) to support the acquisition workforce.

The objective of any WPLT is to simplify a specific task in a process and provide a tool that enables workers with the ability to perform a specific task more easily, quickly, and effectively. Our tool concept integrates formal learning assets and other aids into a comprehensive tool that not only supports the task but provides secondary training. Although a task or process may be complicated, the use of a WPLT should not. Generally, a complicated workflow process has the potential for being simplified with a well-planned, -developed, and -deployed WPLT resulting in a successful end product or outcome. As workers, we are too busy to focus on learning a new complex system; the focus should be on the required work task we are performing, not the system or tool we are using. DAU now offers two new WPLTs to support the logistics and contracting user communities.

Performance-based Logistics Toolkit

The PBL Toolkit, developed by DAU to assist program managers in designing and implementing PBL product support strategies, was launched in October 2005. It is accessible at <>. The Toolkit is aligned with DoD policy and provides program and logistics managers with a comprehensive set of resources and references for integrating PBL into the logistical support of a weapon system.

The Toolkit is based on a Web-based 12-step process model that guides users through the development, implementation, and management of PBL arrangements. Each step contains directions to support the successful completion of a key PBL implementation activity, identifies desired output, and brings together the best resources and materials applicable to each step of the process. Performance-based logistics is the DoD-preferred product support strategy to improve weapons system readiness by acquiring a desired level of operational performance through capitalizing on integrated logistics chains and public/private partnerships. Its primary tenets are documentation of warfighter performance requirements as measurable metrics in performance-based agreements; designation of single-point accountability for performance with a product support integrator; and development of support metrics and accompanying incentives to ensure that the performance objectives are met. In short, PBL is buying performance, not transactional goods and services.

Pricing Support Tool

The objective of the Pricing Support Tool is to provide technical assistance, policy guidance, and refresher information primarily focused on assisting the contracting community in conducting cost or price analysis. This tool also describes analytical tools and techniques used in deriving fair and reasonable pricing. The target audience is contracting professionals who have completed DAU's basic and intermediate pricing courses. The Pricing Support Tool includes decision-tree technology for three types of pricing: commercial, modified commercial, and noncommercial. The Pricing Support Tool also includes descriptive text and special considerations about the three types of pricing models. The tool was launched in September 2005, and is available at <>. To increase the visibility and awareness of the available DAU knowledge sharing resources and other learning assets, we offer the DAU Online Resources Tour, which is available from the DAU home page at <> and <>.

Contributed by Jeffrey Birch and Jill Garcia at the DAU Capital and Northeast Region campus, Fort Belvoir, Va.
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Title Annotation:Spotlight on DAU Learning Resources
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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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