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Workers forced to use toilets at pool, malls, tennis courts.

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Dubai Residents of posh communities in New Dubai area are demanding developers to set up separate toilets for security guards and workers as some of them have been spotted dashing to the bushes for a leak.

A quick scan by XPRESS to different communities in the area revealed security guards and workers being forced to use toilets in shopping centres, swimming pools, tennis courts or sometimes heading to the bushes to answer nature's call.

"This is not correct as all these are facilities for residents and clearly they are encroaching upon it. But we cannot stop them as poor guys do not have any other option at the moment. Developers in the area must build separate toilets in every community so they don't have to walk long before finding a toilet," said a German expatriate of The Lakes.

At one of the entrance to The Lakes, the security guard said the toilet inside his cabin next to the parking barrier was not usable as there is no water connection here. "We go to the toilet near the tennis court," he said adding other workers and gardeners in the area do the same.

A security guard in Springs 14 also said his toilet inside his security cabin does not have water connection. "Whenever we need to go to the toilet we take the bridge and cross over to the other side of the road and use the toilet at the Town Centre there. If it is very urgent we just cross the road and avoid taking the bridge," he said.

Asked if thinks there should be a dedicated toilet facility for guards and workers in the area -"Of course, every community must have toilet facilities for security guards and workers as otherwise, they have to walk a long distance before finding a toilet," he replied.

At Meadows 7, the security guard confirmed his toilet was in good condition. "Gardeners and other workers are not allowed to use our toilet."

In one of the entrances to Jumeirah Islands (from the Meadows side) a temporary make-shift cabin here does not have a toilet facility either. "We go to the club or the spinneys nearby to use the toilet."

A resident of the area also caught a worker last month urinating at one of the bushes in the community.

"Workers and security guards in the area are working for community residents and we must do something to enhance facilities for them," said and Emirate Living resident.

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Publication:XPRESS (United Arab Emirates)
Date:Feb 27, 2014
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